Seeing Ye Han looking depressed, Lengling’s heart suddenly moved and immediately pulled his arm and smiled. "Cold son, don’t be so discouraged. If you hadn’t concentrated on practicing, even if Grandpa helped you more, there wouldn’t be that night!"

"Ha ha, well, you won’t comfort me. Now that we have reached the Nine Realms of Yuan Ling, let’s quickly condense Yuan Dan so that we can enter the ice forest faster!" Listen to Lengling exhort Ye Han didn’t continue to be depressed to take out the condensate Dan jade liquid and ice yuan spirit […]

"Moer, bring me the milk in my drawer." Ann said to Liu Ximo.

Now she’s in the front row It’s also more convenient to ask Moer to pass things. Don’t let Mo Er turn around. "…" NingZiXuan language. This sister is really … There are milk drawers in the classroom. The teacher didn’t speak. She couldn’t speak … "Amber, come and get it yourself," Liu Ximo said casually. […]

At that time, the two men gritted their teeth and said, "Be careful!" Without hesitation, he turned and rushed out to be continued

Chapter 55 Clever wisdom outweighs blood courage The strategy is complicated, saying that it is strategizing and winning a thousand miles. It sounds really awesome, but in fact, in a simple way, it is to recognize the situation and make the right choice. It’s as if Xie Cunguan was going to break through with a […]

"I also want an egg with an inflammatory interest." Wu Ji is also very interested in this matter. "Now that the demand has exceeded the actual profit, it means that the price of the profit is underestimated, so it will enter the process of raising the price. Do you have any objections? In order to be fair, the prices of three Dan must be the same. Now Wu Mou will ask who wants 6.1 million eggs? "

As a result, even Wu Ji needs to be throbbing in four people, but he is not interested in this thing. First, he already has an advanced soul-eating shadow tiger. Second, this thing is not big. Second, this thing is so ugly that it is not as beautiful as his shadow tiger. It’s also a […]

Shinohara snow was thinking of refuting the second burn, but she didn’t think of herself. This bite suddenly burst into nausea. She hurriedly turned around and kept retching while covering her mouth!

In this case, Lou Zhan’s face turned completely green before striding! "Xia Xiaoxue, do you hate me so much?" ….. Hate to throw up? ! This is so fucking hurtful! Shinohara snow and Lou Zhan are both one leng, but no one has an explanation! Anyway, he wants to think so, so think so. If […]

Suddenly Xiao Yueer exclaimed and turned around. I didn’t think that the three green vines had just entangled her and smashed her dress. Now she’s naked. No wonder the teenager can’t bear to move his eyes when he looks at her?

Xiao Yueer blushed and immediately called out the amethyst armor to cover her spring scenery, and then took out a white dress from Najie to wear. When she wore a new dress, she turned around and looked at the teenager and realized that the teenager had already disappeared. Xiao Yueer gritted her teeth and stood […]