Fortunately, some military bases in the sparsely populated areas of central China are still left because of their relatively strong construction.

And some people in the areas frequented by hurricanes in central China are lucky to hide in the basement. But that’s all. The rest of the world is gradually echoing. But Neng Manor remained silent without any news. "The third search team continues to advance to the D4 area." The search team members sorted out […]

I’m afraid they wouldn’t have surfaced so soon if the treasure wasn’t too important, "Cloros analyzed."

"well! I’m afraid the other side’s scientific and technological strength will never be ours from the fact that they can defeat Caron with only one warship and have the ability to control Leviathan in turn! But since you dare to reach out to us, you have to leave your claws! "Shadow sneer at one. Although […]


That is, knowing the sea and gv 10. Once broken, even if you don’t die, you will be stupid for life. Hu Peng was a white-faced man. "Ahem!" Shi Xi gently coughed a pair of twins in the field at the right time "These two young ladies are famous for their lock soul, and it […]

If there is anything wrong in the process of District 13, it is that we underestimated the hostility of aliens to us and were lured by advanced technology and did not choose to destroy it immediately … I am very sorry about this! "

The minister of national defense seems to be very satisfied with the warden’s remarks. "I read the incident report. Is it wrong for you? There is nothing wrong with your practice. On the contrary, you should be rewarded for finally solving the bomb at the last minute!" Everyone looked at each other, although it seemed […]

How many people in the post-modern people who are immersed in the country’s gratitude can have this persistence? What’s more, they have just come out of the cage and suffered a lot.

After hearing her words, Xie Cunguan felt his eyes moist for a while. He took a deep look at this woman, who was called Little Little Lioness. In her enchanting and charming face, she was almost affectionate on her daily life, but she had a patriotic heart. "The country is behind the home!" Xie Cunguan […]