Besides Nie Xin, Man and Wang Dakang, he couldn’t believe his ears after hearing what Mr. Meng said. Who is Mr. Meng? His spell research level is well-known in the practice circle. Mr. Meng usually answers all kinds of questions of his apprentices without thinking, but this time, Mr. Meng not only thinks about it, but also admits that he can’t figure out how high Nie Xin should be. And inviting Mr. Meng to conduct research together is equivalent to admitting that Nie Xin is a partner who can discuss with each other instead of an apprentice. What level should Nie Xin reach?

------------------------------ PS: It’s a new week. Let’s give some recommendations and encouragement. 【 Chapter 26 shaped XuanYan operator 】 Wang Dakang wondered if this matter was not reported to the sect, then I’m afraid it was really nothing to report. Nie Xin was kind to Wang Dakang, stayed in the shop for a while and […]


"Dad, we can’t let people remit money to Tang Zhishan’s account. Isn’t it just five hundred million? We are also out." At this time, Gao Zhenzong’s room Gao Wu heard that his father was going to send him away, so he couldn’t sit still immediately. Although such a big thing happened, Gao Zhenzong still didn’t […]

Zhuang not far smiled.

"Don’t know me? You have to call me second aunt … " Not far from the "Second Aunt" Zhuang, please ask people to continue to see it. "Xiaoyuan, have you graduated? Where do you work?" "virtual city" "Virtual city is a good place. What unit?" "A private enterprise" "Hey, how much is the salary?" "not […]

Li Xiuning sighed. She knew that Yangmei, though seemingly weak, had a stronger personality than others. If she forced her, she might really commit suicide. Besides, although she thought Yin Yuyi was good, she always felt that this person was young, but sometimes it seemed very gloomy. It was always very uncomfortable for Shu Yangmei to be bullied if she married him.

"Get up and I’ll ask you what you mean. It’s not true. What are you doing on your knees if you don’t want to? "Li Xiuning said to pull Yang Mei up. Chencang Fang De has been waiting for two days. Several beggars guard the city gates, hotels and other places at any time to […]

And it’s only a matter of time before she hangs him visually.

For a moment, a white shadow flashed directly towards Yun Tianqing. "What? !” Yun Tianqing leng quickly lifted the sword block, but the biting force of the other party was extremely fast, and it was also amazing. Instead of letting go, he directly flew out! "What a monster!" He backhand agitate several firm but gentle […]

But it’s just that Fan Chou should tell Niu Fu’s mind. Seeing a crowd staring at himself, Niu Fu stood up and said, "Who said that I want to be the commander in chief of everyone, but the father-in-law has developed a little bit. Now that the father-in-law has fallen, the west cool army must choose a commander in chief, and this commander can be the father-in-law’s descendants."

With that, Niu Fu looked up at everyone with a guilty look and said, "How can it be said that Niu is wrong?" I never thought that Niu Fu would have such a remark. Suddenly, everyone looked at me and I looked at you. Everyone kept silent. If Dong Zhuo’s descendants are really surprised, they […]