"Leng Shao, you belong to us all day. You want to go shopping with me. You want to kiss with her. You want to sleep with her …" Hearing this, Leng Guan really wants to hit the wall. This kind of thing must be Miss Yi Qing!

Miss Yi Qing, why are you doing this … You really can’t help it if the young master is angry … But when he thought so, his blue eyes had already made waves, which was a terrible message. "Master! Master, you should calm down! Impulse is the devil! " Cold housekeeper will stop him at […]

"Patriarch must not gloat" said a man with a beard and eyebrows on the hill. "I heard that those two kids from different continents are not raptors, but maybe they have some intention …"

"Ryukyu and the sea, you are really getting more and more timid." Ryukyu and sword gently hum one or another. "Aren’t they two little guys? Who else in the mainland is worthy of my fear? " See oneself can’t persuade patriarch ryukyu and sea can sigh a retreated aside. A young man said viciously, "Dad, […]

"Are you the leader of the West Lake gang Yan?"

There is a man’s voice in the words, and there is a trace of anger in it. "And you are?" Yan Shaogu, of course, recognized the words, and the voice inside was angry, but he was also unusual, and he would not be angry for the time being when he didn’t find out the identity […]