He is not in a good state at this time. Previously, I wanted to try to pursue one by myself, in order to trace the foothold of a mythical organization. At this time, I can give up temporarily! Xu tuitou is not iron enough. And when a person’s strength is not enough. When Xu retreated […]

At present, Su Yonglin, the general of the Guangfu Army, shows great strength. The elite army is very well trained. Can the two armies really win against the Jin Army?

If there is no slight setback, once the main force is defeated, people with malicious intentions will probably tear the Jin Guo apart. It should be clear that people who oppose Yan Hong Liang and are unhappy with Yan Hong Liang are by no means one or two. When the time comes, it is not […]

Chapter 39 Ying Chao

Zheng Changtu is nearly ten years old, even if he has achieved the black iron, his body has gone downhill at this age. He walked slowly out of the city with a hat and a gray mule hunched over his back. It took three steps, one breath, five steps to get out of Li Xu […]

The old man slowly picked up a cigarette rod and took a sip of his cigarette and said slowly, "Dude, you’re not right. How can you say I’m meddling when something happens in our store?" Things can pay for people’s lives, but they can’t pay for killing people. Didn’t it happen to me when you left? "

The pace of talking gradually approached and suddenly it was inserted into the fighting circle! Qi Jianye is an expert in Jianghu. I think this old man must be very unusual. I just want to ask him if he has not exported the other party. At this time, Yang Muzheng chopped Lv Simei with a […]

These creatures are the first to occupy Fumingshi Island. Dragonflies are not affected by the virus. They can eat plants as well as prey, so they reproduce very vigorously.

Dragonflies need water to breed, and with the gathering of water vapor, various puddles appear in some islands. These puddles sometimes merge together and eventually form a huge lake. When the water overflows, they will form waterfalls that rush from the islands and fall back into the twisted jungle. This scene is quite beautiful. These […]

"You left the wind prison and entered the thunder prison."

"You’re in a light prison. This is extremely dangerous purgatory." "Wait a series, I have something to tell you" Gu Qingshan silently. "Say" sequence simply way "Have you checked all the problems in those low-level sequences?" Gu Qingshan asked "Without my energy, be careful not to take care of those low-level sequences." "There are probably […]

"A few grandfathers are very unfamiliar. Is there a old frame?" A few girls, either watery, enchanting, charming or pure, came swaying and struggled in romantic places for several years. They could tell at a glance who was the real uncle. These young people were generous at first sight.

"It’s so dangerous. All the people here are hideous but quite easy to get along with." Looking around at the sexy and enchanting clothes, the girls Wu Hua felt deeply. He and Rowling stared at the woman’s throat and showed peristalsis. Both of them looked at each other’s eyes with excitement, but when the eyes […]

"Stop it!"

"Give me back my wonder!" "So you really know how to pretend." His chaotic spirit began to shout and immediately prepared to shoot. The chaotic spirit-that is, the hen suddenly panicked and cried, "You are mistaken. It’s really not me." It exhausted and said, "What kind of spirit am I? Don’t you guys know?" Someone […]