In the dark, Xiao Mu Jie smiled strangely, and with a wave of his wrist, the black palm print struck the back of Grandfather Sheng Miao again.

This time, grandpa knew that gold silkworm had been fettered by something and dared not neglect his mouth and spit out the box with a black blood. Thirteen corpse mountains came to life instantly, and the trees shook in unison. Thirteen tall seedling warriors broke in unison, and a human wall was formed behind the […]

"You left the wind prison and entered the thunder prison."

"You’re in a light prison. This is extremely dangerous purgatory." "Wait a series, I have something to tell you" Gu Qingshan silently. "Say" sequence simply way "Have you checked all the problems in those low-level sequences?" Gu Qingshan asked "Without my energy, be careful not to take care of those low-level sequences." "There are probably […]

If there is anything wrong in the process of District 13, it is that we underestimated the hostility of aliens to us and were lured by advanced technology and did not choose to destroy it immediately … I am very sorry about this! "

The minister of national defense seems to be very satisfied with the warden’s remarks. "I read the incident report. Is it wrong for you? There is nothing wrong with your practice. On the contrary, you should be rewarded for finally solving the bomb at the last minute!" Everyone looked at each other, although it seemed […]

However, many other disciples in Yunfeng, who are in the process of cultivation, simply can’t feel the situation. At best, they can feel that a hurricane suddenly blows in their place, but the fire energy is still abundant here, which is completely negligible.

The collision between extremely cold energy and extremely hot energy actually produced a vision, and the entanglement of fire clouds and white cold caused a sensation in the whole Chaoyang City. A few moments later, the strong people were flying in awe, and there was a figure in the ghosting which passed, one black and […]

"A few grandfathers are very unfamiliar. Is there a old frame?" A few girls, either watery, enchanting, charming or pure, came swaying and struggled in romantic places for several years. They could tell at a glance who was the real uncle. These young people were generous at first sight.

"It’s so dangerous. All the people here are hideous but quite easy to get along with." Looking around at the sexy and enchanting clothes, the girls Wu Hua felt deeply. He and Rowling stared at the woman’s throat and showed peristalsis. Both of them looked at each other’s eyes with excitement, but when the eyes […]

A touch of sword wind

Demon fighters suddenly disappeared a large area. Wipe the sword wind again A phalanx of war is gone. This is a complete tragedy for the demon army. Ghosts and demons had to turn around quickly in the brotherhood of the wolf. -they turned around again and took out their nursing strength and fled in panic. […]

Others are equally tense and will take the opportunity to surround the spaceship Wu Hua and others. The sea light is that everyone spits at Wu Hua, and they can drown them all, but they can also be sick to death.

Wu Hua, Hua Tian, Luo Lin and others instantly entered the combat state and looked alert and guarded against it. When Xiao Tingwei, Suojun and others were about to attack, Liu Zhe took out a piece of black stuff in an understatement and held up his head proudly and said, "Open your eyes and see […]

Xu Ren attacks one after another very fast, and the spirit is also constantly punching to prevent Xu Ren from attacking its chest and abdomen.

Xu Ren has a new understanding of Ling Jing’s performance, but he can storm now. Of course, he doesn’t mind playing some cleverness when he storms. Xu Ren was also very worried because he could feel that when he stormed Lingjing, Lingjing had already attacked him. If he didn’t do anything else, his superiority in […]