The Lord of the fragrant cave realized that he had just been influenced by his mind and was enchanted, so he couldn’t help secretly hating him. But at this time, where did she have time to think about it?

The figure is graceful and dancing, and a jade belt flies around the whole body, and soon the sky and the seal collide. The figure flew backwards for dozens of feet, and the owner of the fragrant cave was very embarrassed. His hair was disheveled and his forehead was sunken with a deep red seal. […]

Anyway, we should give them some gifts in return, right

Bessemer opened a muzzle sideways, aimed at a hole in the ground and fired a small art creator. Three seconds after the artist flew into the hole, a violent explosion suddenly sounded! The whole ground suddenly trembled, and several large mushroom trees around the cave mouth also hit the shock wave of the fungal structure […]

Xu tui wanted to ask Sigh, but Xu tui finally resisted the lack of participation and was also a scenic person.

Still have to rise in strength! In this campaign, the importance of personal strength has risen again. Personal strength can determine the outcome of a war and even affect the outcome of a battle! Winners and losers will always have gray results! It is still the first priority to increase strength. However, Xu returned a […]

Besides Nie Xin, Man and Wang Dakang, he couldn’t believe his ears after hearing what Mr. Meng said. Who is Mr. Meng? His spell research level is well-known in the practice circle. Mr. Meng usually answers all kinds of questions of his apprentices without thinking, but this time, Mr. Meng not only thinks about it, but also admits that he can’t figure out how high Nie Xin should be. And inviting Mr. Meng to conduct research together is equivalent to admitting that Nie Xin is a partner who can discuss with each other instead of an apprentice. What level should Nie Xin reach?

------------------------------ PS: It’s a new week. Let’s give some recommendations and encouragement. 【 Chapter 26 shaped XuanYan operator 】 Wang Dakang wondered if this matter was not reported to the sect, then I’m afraid it was really nothing to report. Nie Xin was kind to Wang Dakang, stayed in the shop for a while and […]


He is not in a good state at this time. Previously, I wanted to try to pursue one by myself, in order to trace the foothold of a mythical organization. At this time, I can give up temporarily! Xu tuitou is not iron enough. And when a person’s strength is not enough. When Xu retreated […]

At present, Su Yonglin, the general of the Guangfu Army, shows great strength. The elite army is very well trained. Can the two armies really win against the Jin Army?

If there is no slight setback, once the main force is defeated, people with malicious intentions will probably tear the Jin Guo apart. It should be clear that people who oppose Yan Hong Liang and are unhappy with Yan Hong Liang are by no means one or two. When the time comes, it is not […]