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The admiral immediately retorted, "Then send your plane to shoot at close range. I think it’s easy to hit and the Russians have repaired the airport."

Speaking of this, Commissioner Liu suddenly said, "Is it true that Moscow said that Xijiang city-state and Chen martial arts school occupied their military base?" He hid the hate trap well. Since the resume of his youth human development research society fell into Chen Zhongguo’s hands, almost a bad thing can be planted on the […]


他顾不得浑身大汗转头就推门而入 代表着巴黎、纽约门都闪着另外6扇门暗淡光——准确说是五扇门暗淡光一扇门涌着暗淡流光 陈易立于前一张世界地图便闪了出来正如先前所见到去巴黎和纽约前景象 莫非又有新基因补? 陈易诧异看向隔门仍旧是不再升1% 虽然想不白但他还是很快点在了世界地图 自然扩大地图缓慢旋转着展现出众多国家 “德国索伦霍芬……”陈易没有太多思考就做出了选择 一刹那地铁再次速减速精致 早有准备陈易安稳在那里一动不动 门 …… 第一百五十章 索伦霍芬 索伦霍芬是一个小镇 这里仅有几千居民从发现化石前到发现化石后今天主要营生都是采矿和石印刷据说所能发现祖鸟和众多古生物学化石是因严谨到病态德国人会认真检查每个石片纹路 陈易盯着太阳从一个采石场废旧房中走了出来 房外就是悬崖峭壁和火热太阳路标横七竖些着些什么好在箭头方向是一致 陈易顺着它走了一段就看到了有人气小镇 毕竟是世界文地方论是居民还是游客都没有去注黄皮肤陈易这些年来欧洲玩亚洲人太多了虽然白种人还是分不清日、中国和越南人区别 Chen Yi walked slowly and bought a bottle of coke cans, which almost tasted like German and Chinese. When the coke is finished, an English signboard tour guide also comes into view. Chen Yi threw […]

Don’t say it’s Zhang Yanqian, but Chu Yi’s action at the moment is not at all. Many people who noticed the change of Chu Yi’s breath rushed over.

Yu Dayou, Lin Ping is Jihu, but Chu Yi is surrounded at the moment. Look at that posture. It’s Chu Yi’s dharma. "This is the temple …" See ChuYi that look Yu Dayou and Lin Ping is some scratching their heads to listen to a speech all the people to react look more dignified. The […]

Chapter 39 Ying Chao

Zheng Changtu is nearly ten years old, even if he has achieved the black iron, his body has gone downhill at this age. He walked slowly out of the city with a hat and a gray mule hunched over his back. It took three steps, one breath, five steps to get out of Li Xu […]


"Dad, we can’t let people remit money to Tang Zhishan’s account. Isn’t it just five hundred million? We are also out." At this time, Gao Zhenzong’s room Gao Wu heard that his father was going to send him away, so he couldn’t sit still immediately. Although such a big thing happened, Gao Zhenzong still didn’t […]

Fortunately, some military bases in the sparsely populated areas of central China are still left because of their relatively strong construction.

And some people in the areas frequented by hurricanes in central China are lucky to hide in the basement. But that’s all. The rest of the world is gradually echoing. But Neng Manor remained silent without any news. "The third search team continues to advance to the D4 area." The search team members sorted out […]

Zhuang not far smiled.

"Don’t know me? You have to call me second aunt … " Not far from the "Second Aunt" Zhuang, please ask people to continue to see it. "Xiaoyuan, have you graduated? Where do you work?" "virtual city" "Virtual city is a good place. What unit?" "A private enterprise" "Hey, how much is the salary?" "not […]