Tong Na croaked, "My keyboard … my screen … my face A, B and C …"

King Dapeng was completely involved in the fire at hand, but once the flower demon died in the fire, King Dapeng woke up and turned around and danced with a stick. Unexpectedly, one of them was really amazing in martial arts.
A little farther away, this little red snake is a fierce spirit clinging to the flame of the golden fairy fruit, and its snake scales are not even left a gray mark.
When the smoke clears, there is a cloud of ashes left at the original flower demon and a crystal ball.
Dapeng Wang Meng had to kneel before the plane wall "please forgive me! Little Demon doesn’t know that Flower Demon still has the strength to perform illusion! "
"So careless that you almost wiped us out." Lin shook his head or was careless.
"I am willing to be punished!" Dapeng Wang proffering flaming
"Reward your mushroom by half" said Lin Chong, thinking that you really can’t despise a monster who has lived for thousands of years.
Yes! King Dapeng was deeply ashamed of burying his head in a snow shell.
Then Lin Chong asked again to know that this flower demon’s magic skill is powerful but it is pollen sowing.
The so-called worldly desires’s four blasphemies are three talents of the Flower Demon.
Seven emotions are people, worldly desires is the worldly six desires and four profanities are the four perceptual channels of ear, nose, tongue and body.
When you first become a demon, the flower demon’ seven emotions’ can encounter ways to deal with human beings; After 500 years, the six desires can confuse all living things in the world.
After another 500 years, the magical power of "four blasphemies" will be refined, and it will be lost if you come into contact with the flower demon pollen in four ways: listening, smelling, tasting and touching.
But if you don’t listen, smell, taste or touch, you can stop him from exploding.
This is a bit difficult. While listening, Lin Chong thought that there were still so many conditions when King Dapeng was suddenly hammering the Flower Demon. I didn’t see that it was amazing martial arts.
Because he knew what the Flower Demon could do, King Dapeng played very well, and the mountain road also washed the Flower Demon back and forth hundreds of times to make sure that he was pollen again, but he didn’t expect to hide some in his mouth.
That pollen is a bit magical.
But the flower demon is dead, let alone pollen, and the ashes are gone
And what’s left in situ is the flower demon Dan.
If you have a Dan monster, you are not dead. You can find a chance to resurrect. Of course, there is no such chance at the top of Kunlun Mountain.
Lin Chong has seen Dan is round before.
And the flower demon is not only a circle, but also a star, one, two, three … Three stars are like a small universe, and three stars surround the central flower demon.
"The Great Demon of the Great Immortal King has cultivated many kinds of magical powers. Every time there is one more magical power, there will be one more vision. This flower demon has cultivated three kinds of magical powers for two thousand years."
Is worldly desires’s four blasphemies
King Dapeng has already made a clear investigation of the Flower Demon. After all, neighbors have known each other for hundreds of years.
I also know that in another period, the Flower Demon will be transformed into the fourth kind of magical power, that is, the’ one eye’ technique, and even if you look at the Flower Demon, you will be confused.
But Dapeng Wang said that he could beat the flower demon with his eyes closed and his feelings were still no match.
Lin Chong’s eyes lit up after studying a flower demon Dan. It turns out that the magical power of the king-class demon is rooted in Dan. Isn’t it possible to describe the magical power of the talent by obtaining Dan?
I wanted to live the big demon, but now it seems that I don’t have to die, just have Dan.