There was a sudden strange fluctuation in her body, which gradually changed.

The palace, the garden and the peaceful world dispersed in front of them.
utter darkness
Then a strange and vague world appeared at the end of the line of sight
It rapidly towards two people.
Gu Qingshan frown suddenly drew a sword across Princess Maria’s neck.
"Who the hell are you?" He asked.
Princess Maria showed no color.
As soon as Gu Qingshan’s long sword is closed, it will be changed into a six-world mountain sword, and a pressure will be exerted on the other side’s neck.
-Excalibur is broken!
The princess’s white neck immediately gushed bright red blood.
Then her figure suddenly changed and she looked like a maid.
The maid laughed and said, "I didn’t tell a lie just now. How did you find out I wasn’t a princess?"
Gu Qingshan’s sword held her still and said lightly, "You and I have not signed a contract. According to you, we are not old enough to enter the fault world. This is one."
"Second, when you cast the technique just now, you were practicing the lateral technique power."
The maid sighed and said, "I can’t wait any longer. I must kill you as soon as possible, even if I destroy these maid chess that have been buried for years."
A figure in a red mask rose from her body.
Red ghost
It was him!
I can’t believe that the evil spirit Roland imperial palace also has chess!
"It’s not right," said Gu Qingshan. "Everyone in the palace has been tested again, and no one has deceived you."
"Of course not. These maids are clean. They were trained by me for so many years and didn’t contact me until the palace was tested." Red Ghost said.
Gu Qingshan said, "You killed me with such precious dark chess …"
The red ghost stared at him with a complicated face. "I can’t help it. The more I contact you, the more I feel that you are horrible. I finally decided not to wait."
"This is a trap for King Roland."
The ghost disappeared from Gu Qingshan.
The maid immediately read out a strange spell.
Her body directly burst into a ball of blood and fog, and a red symbol was drawn in the void.
Gu Qingshan looked at the ofuda heart naturally know bad.
The shadow of death completely engulf his spiritual consciousness.
But here, a world is coming, and in the middle of it, there is still a blood painting of evil spirits.
Flint Gu Qingshan turned several thoughts in his heart only to find that he didn’t know what the world was, and he didn’t know what effect ofuda would have.
-this should be like a response?
Who would have thought that even the Royal Palace of Roland Empire would hide such a killing?
Gu Qingshan couldn’t think of an idea in his mind at the moment.
In an instant, I saw a light of gold and silver emerging from his body and coming to his palm along his arm.
A coin light and shadow appeared in the hand.
Land coins!
The moment the coin appeared, the bloody spell had moved.
Lotus flower flash into Gu Qingshan body.
Gu Qingshan felt vaguely conscious and said at the end, "I probably need some luck."
The local coins issued a strong response.
Real luck is on!
A golden light flew out from the coin and enveloped Gu Qingshan and gradually disappeared into his body.
For a second, the world appeared far away, and Gu Qingshan was involved around him.
Gu Qingshan fell down and fainted.
Chapter three hundred and thirty-five Life operator VS Four Gods ()
Princess Maria and crow appear in the garden.
Soon King Roland appeared.
More and more strong people gathered to surround the Central Garden.
in ten minutes