"Well …" Wang Jiuduo’s mind instantly dissipates after a shock, and many people are like hundreds of years old. The magic weapon she can support is also very helpful.

"This … teacher, what are you doing …" Wang Nan quickly hugged to pour Wang Jiuduo and shouted.
The magic weapon of Wang Jiuduo’s life has been damaged, and the spirit has fallen into silence, but it is just what Lin Dong wants. A hand against the flame demon knife has appeared in his hand and will be inhaled directly.
"No …" Wang Nan saw screaming and wanted to stop but was stopped by Wang Jiuduo. Although Wang Jiuduo is now dying, raising my hand to stop Wang Nan is as simple as an adult stopping a baby
Lin Dong ignored Wang Jiuduo and explained to Wang Nan that his spiritual thoughts had been integrated into the flame demon knife. Now they can benefit from both Lin Dong’s breakthrough and the flame demon knife breakthrough.
"Lord … Lord …" At this time, many family members also came back.
Seeing the nine flowers of Lin Dong Wang, they didn’t take any action. Bian Tianwei thought about it and didn’t immediately ask these people to start work. Because just now, while singing, he said that the main hall would be banned for a while, and it was impossible to play the game. At this moment, Wang Xiaoyi was holding a seal pen, and it was like crazy. If not, how could the Wangs support it until now?
It seems that he has made his own moves, thinking about Bian Tianwei and informing two elders who are at war. Both of them have the elders of the fairy device and three other super strong people who have taken the heaven realm. Bian Tianwei has been thinking about it for a while. Once Lin Dong has action or the main hall is forbidden to fight, he will kill Lin Dong at all costs and then pin down Wang Xiaoyi himself.
Hum, Wang Jia has a magic pen, and his own magic gun is not a vegetarian. Once the two immortals fight against each other in this new world, I’m afraid it will be shorter, but it’s almost the same. There are already many benefits gained by Bianjia here. If you can get another fairy, Bianjia is definitely not much worse than the Oriental family.
Because Wang Jiuduo took the initiative to break the connection and add this magic weapon, it has been damaged, and it is a combined magic weapon. The flaming demon knife swallows quickly.
Wang Jiuduo’s nine flowers are digested, and nine forces are gradually condensed. The flame demon knife is very powerful because of her nine forces.
"Kill, kill, kill … the boss became a good frank to kill them …" A surging force, the flaming demon knife, rioted and blended this magic weapon comparable to the Chinese fairy. The flaming demon knife itself finally reached the Chinese fairy and directly reached a very high level, and it became a kind of excitement and dancing fist at the age of fifteen or sixteen.
In an instant, Lin Dong also opened his eyes fiercely, and his body appeared to laugh directly. The Buddha cut out a knife in the circle of war, and even Tian Wei, who had been staring at Lin Dong’s side, wanted to speak and wake up.
Chapter 322 Fierce trio
People who can reach the realm of strangeness are not surprised but beautiful, and they can seize the sky and seize the life and death to understand life and death. They have a feeling of their own life and death, and they can avoid good fortune and avoid evil. Even if their bodies are damaged, they can repair themselves. Even if their bodies are destroyed, their mental thoughts can be regained or detached. Although they can’t recover with a little mental thoughts like those without falling, it is already a very terrible achievement.
It’s too difficult to kill this kind of person. Some people have designed it, or in a large-scale battle, they may have met a tough generation with fairy power. Even in the fight between Bian Jia and Wang Jiaqian, two super-strong people died on both sides. Even if the number of Bian Jia is slightly dominant, they can’t resist the Wangs until they sing and use that trick to completely hit the Wangs.
Yu Xiao Buddha and Bianjia, the two super-strong fighters, haven’t fought to the death, dragging each other at all costs, but the man didn’t feel anything. By the time he was alert, the flaming demon knife had reached him.
If you want to control Xianjian to come back and rescue, it is not a crisis. The direct operation of the head and arms will instantly condense the firepower controlled by yourself into a shield. He will sacrifice his arm to temporarily delay Lin Dong’s attack and win for himself.
It’s a pity that he still underestimated the power of the Flame Demon Sword. The root of the Flame Demon Sword was not hindered at all. He directly cut the flame shield and his arm temporarily, and then cut his whole body from the chest. This is the fact that after the promotion, the power of the Flame Demon Sword has actually converged and a crack has appeared. This knife has even been split around. You know, generally, Chinese fairy wares are powerful, releasing and destroying earth-shattering. Once made, the power is amazing, and the earth ratio has reached the point where the convergence power can be completed, and the power will gradually approach a certain regular power.
The Flame Demon Knife has absorbed many magic weapons and powers, and at the same time realized several different rules of heaven and earth. The biggest benefit brought to him by swallowing Wang Jiu’s magic weapons this time is not to ascend to the middle fairy device, but to condense the forces of other departments into a running array. This is a super large array, and there are different small arrays running, which really makes the Flame Demon Knife show that his power has vaguely surpassed that of the general middle fairy device, and the power is so amazing.
"No …" The super-strong man who took the heaven exclaimed, I can’t believe it, but at the moment he has neglected so many busts, and this kind of blow is fatal to Qi Yishan, but it is also a chance for the super-strong man who takes the life and death to recover after the damage is relatively large.
His strength is not Lin Dong’s condition. At this time, Lin Dong’s body has just been hit hard. A moment has already appeared in his bust. The flame demon knife in his hand is dancing for hundreds of knives, and the man’s bust is directly divided into two parts, and then a hand is raised to impact with a surging force. It is the ice force that instantly freezes and freezes the body, and then Ling grabs it.
"Ka-boom, Ka-boom … Hua …" There was a crackling sound. A super strong man who took the sky was completely killed, but his hand was wearing a ring, but Lin Dong was already in his pocket.
It all happened so fast that it was only one thousandth of a second from Lin Dong’s hand to the killing. Normal people didn’t react without waiting for a rotation, but it was enough for Lin Dong to make several powerful attacks.
"Kill him … Lin Dong … you want to die yourself …" Bian Tianwei was finally furious and furious. Every super strong man who took the day is more important to a family, even if five families may take a hundred years to be born.
"In addition to the things left in this hall, 90% of them have been earned by your family. This is not an old playground or to accompany you to play." Lin Dong said that Bian Tianwei had once again rushed to another super strong side who took the realm of heaven.
He didn’t tell Bian Tianwei that he didn’t bother to pay attention to Bian Tianwei now. He was laughing at the Buddha and told Dongfang Tian that as soon as they heard Lin Dong’s words, their strength changed.
"If you want to escape, you old monkey can’t escape …" Laughing at the Buddha’s sudden surge in the ancient Buddha’s golden clothes and faint disappearance around him, this has completely sealed his opponent’s road and seized the sky. The super-strong fix-up alliance has their information. At the moment, this super-strong man named Hou Tiezhi is the five physical names of Bianjia who seized the old one forever.
He also founded a country in the Holy Land in those days, and now he is still practicing with Hou Tiezhi for thousands of years, but it is also common to seize the day and want to take another step. It is difficult to compare with laughing at the Buddha alone and be sure of failure. At this time, Lin Dongzheng is coming.
Hou Tiezhi also experienced a number of killings to get where he is today. In those days, he made a miracle all the way to create a dynasty that lasted for thousands of years. It naturally makes sense to raise his hand directly. There are already hundreds of Dan pills in his mouth. His strength is twice as fierce as usual, and his strength is doubled. That is waiting for terror, but this method will also bring some sequelae and injuries. But at the moment, he obviously has not considered so much.
The imperial seal on the top of the head shows that it is small in size, but it completely envelops him. The nine dragons hover around the middle. This is the result of Hou Tiezhi’s accidental refining of nine pairs of dragon bones. After thousands of years of refining and the help of the border family, it has now reached the peak of the fairy.
At this moment, Hou Tiezhi doesn’t dodge, hide or even resist, which is just a hard laugh. The Buddha and Lin Dong have joined forces to strike a blow, and he has the power to inspire his strength at the expense of his centenary life. He is confident that he can stop the other party if he doesn’t fall.
But to his surprise, Lin Dong, a super strong man who took the sky, was fiercely rushed over and instantly avoided him from rushing to the East. Not only Lin Dong was there, but even the Buddha who seemed to have tried to laugh just now disappeared before his eyes with a smirk, and he couldn’t feel it just now.
Hou Tiezhi couldn’t feel the three super-strong men who took the sky beside the Oriental Heaven, but it was unlucky. There was no difference between Lin Dong and laughing at the Buddha’s attack on Hou Tiezhi or attacking their roots, but the two men lied to everyone. Even the Vulcan gun in Bian Tianwei’s hand had already sent out a few firepower to form a fire dragon and hit Hou Tiezhi there. In his idea, Hou Tiezhi would have to hold up a trick and they would have a dead end if they rushed to Lin Dong.
"Stall them …" One thousandth of a second against the Oriental Day, three people, two elders and two elders, Bian Pengshan, have informed everyone through mental thoughts that he has shown his amazing strength and his strong self-confidence.
Bian Pengshan cried and dragged his hands and lifted them at the same time. Just now, he made a flying sword entangled with the Oriental Sky. At this moment, a gun has appeared in his hands. Except for those uniform guns, Bian Pengshan’s gun is called the wooden soul gun. It is a magic weapon refined from ancient soul wood. It has been a medium fairy to make this wooden soul gun play for a long time. It has been damaged in front of this wooden soul gun and has been repaired endlessly. After all, there is no such thing as a ten thousand-year-old soul gun. Every time it is used, it will make this wooden soul gun damaged.
Bian Pengshan actually took the initiative to attack. He chose to laugh at the Buddha. He went to stop Dongfang Tian and Lin Dong one by one. After all, Lin Dong had Bian Tianwei behind him. He included Hou Tiezhi, five super-strong men who seized the sky, and he used wooden soul guns. Bian Pengshan also had a sense of pride. He would like to meet this alliance to fix the truth.
Once he really returns to fix true alliance to take over and teach the statue, it is impossible to do anything to him again. If he can hit him hard this time, he can also make a name for himself in the holy land, and then it will be easier for him to compete for the elders. It is also easier to think of a smile on the corners of Pengshan’s mouth.
This time, the frontier family has gained a lot in the new world. Once he becomes a new elder, there is hope that the impact will not fall, and he will become a frontier family forever.
"I depend on you his mama when I am a soft persimmon! !” Laughing at the Buddha makes him angry. It’s so fucking contemptuous of people. It means to hit yourself hard by yourself. It means to let others drag you but want to hit the old.
"You really think I’m a fat cat if the tiger doesn’t outbursts? Gan Kun borrowed the law from heaven and earth, and the universe was the only one who would never fall." Laughing at the Buddha and waving his hand, the whole new world trembled, and people felt the most obvious tremor.
In the new world, a crack is getting bigger and bigger, like a black flash, which is splitting to the top of Pengshan Mountain.
In fact, it’s a whip. It’s a magic whip of the Fix-the-Truth Alliance. Although it’s all magic weapons, it’s natural for the Fix-the-Truth Alliance to fight against the five big families by itself. This magic whip used to be a magic weapon, and it was almost close to the artifact. Later, it was a big war to drop the magic weapon, but it was also said that the ancestors of the Fix-the-Truth Alliance deliberately suppressed the magic whip to make it less overbearing than the magic weapon, so that the drill could stay.
In any case, this magic whip can be said to be the top three magic weapons in the holy land. The power of the magic whip is far beyond the general magic weapon. At this time, the spirit of the magic whip is asleep, but it is still powerful. Laughing at the Buddha’s display at this moment, the roots are unconstrained and the small world is almost collapsed.
"Beat the whip … he’s crazy. It’s not good to go to the whole new world and collapse. My side is also affected …" At the moment, the fire has become a fire egg with a size of three meters. I feel the breath of beating the whip, and my heart is also dark. At the same time, I feel the firepower around me and the restraining force with the help of this room is also affected
There is some power leakage there, which makes him almost perfect, remoulding his body and strength appear a flaw.
"These young people are crazy, so the new world will collapse within an hour …" Wang Jiuduo marveled at Lin Dong and laughed at the Buddha. They were crazy and looked back at the main hall. It was impossible to ban it so quickly. Don’t they even want things in the main hall?
Even the householders such as Bian Tianwei and Wang Xiaoyi have rarely seen the whip of God really make moves. This time, they feel that the power of the fairy in their hands is suppressed, just like a wolf may not be scared when he sees a tiger, but he is somewhat afraid.
"This guy is a tragedy! !” Oriental day saw this scene and laughed in my heart. At the same time, suddenly, my hands were "Don’t delay, you are not worthy to swallow the sky."
Oriental day unexpectedly appeared a giant shadow in this empty mouth, which was formed by the integration of rules and forces. The super strong man who wanted to stall him and seize the day was directly inhaled by him.
"Pa … pa … pa …" Looking around, the fracture was like a flash, and the crack split to him, and Pengshan cried.
There is no information that this laughing Buddha has inherited the palm teaching. Without it, how can he walk around with a whip and be so skilled after he has integrated it?
It’s difficult to see the body directly by beating the whip. Every time it appears, it breaks through the crack around the body, which gives people a sense of fear.
Pengshan, who was full of confidence and wanted to cry, now urged him to use his wooden soul gun to stop the laughing Buddha from attacking.
After a crisp sound, the wooden soul gun in the hand of Bian Pengshan appeared several times, and the whole person of Bian Pengshan had already flown out. After all, it was the parents of Bian, even though the incident was suddenly hit hard by the laughing Buddha, but it was not life-threatening.
It was the wooden soul gun that was damaged, and he was also hit hard by the whip, and he has lost his fighting power again.
"Bang …" Just then, the Oriental sky condensed out and swallowed the sky, and it has also been broken by the super strong man who took the sky, but his situation is no better than that of Bian Pengshan. The whole body seems to have jumped into sulfuric acid, and there is no human being. What spiritual thoughts are corroded and damaged.
Just now, it seems that a virtual shadow has condensed and swallowed him up in the East, but it is a unique skill of the East and the secret method. This skill is amazing. Even the intelligence of major families has not recorded the specific situation of the swallowing day. There are also Oriental Days and the swallowed people who know that it is now that the swallowed people can no longer speak.
Oriental day didn’t pay attention to people who have lost their fighting capacity. When they raised their hands, they went to support Lin Dong. At this moment, Lin Dong has been surrounded by Bian Tianwei and them.
Laughing at the Buddha and the Oriental Heaven, Lin Dong was not idle when he hit the super-strong neighbor. Although he was prepared, he was still cut off by an arm. If he hadn’t attacked Lin Dong from behind, he would have been able to kill him in an instant.
"Boom …" The flaming demon knife collided with the Vulcan Gun. The flaming demon knife has the support of Lin Dong’s strength and a variety of rules to unite and make it hard to touch the Vulcan Gun. Of course, at this moment, the Vulcan Gun is temporarily out of the hands of Bian Tianwei and never stops exerting its strength.
Even so, the flame demon knife has been quite severe, trembling and excited.
Bian Tianwei caught the Vulcan gun and came with four super strong men who took the life and death by surprise, but it was already too late to smile. The Buddha and Dongfang Tian also appeared beside Lin Dong, and the momentum of three people completely suppressed Bian Tianwei’s five people here
"Ha ha ….. Bian Tianwei, are you happy this time?" Wang Xiao, who is trapped by his family, laughed more than Shu Shuang. Just now, his Wang family was calculated and almost destroyed, and his heart was holding a silent breath.
Other people’s hearts are not full of emotion. Bian Tianwei is about to vomit blood at the moment. Just in the blink of an eye, Bian Jia was killed. One super strong man took the sky and hit three or four super strong men. This loss is too great. At the moment, Lin Dong and the three of them are in front of him. Although there are nearly 20 people here to make it, this kind of fighting is not good enough for the five of them. Bian Tianwei has no confidence at the moment.