"Stop it!"

"Give me back my wonder!"
"So you really know how to pretend."
His chaotic spirit began to shout and immediately prepared to shoot.
The chaotic spirit-that is, the hen suddenly panicked and cried, "You are mistaken. It’s really not me."
It exhausted and said, "What kind of spirit am I? Don’t you guys know?"
Someone shouted, "Then you move these strange things! Who the hell are you? "
"My hen!"
The chaotic spirit almost knelt down and looked at the strongest of the seven for help. "Eldest brother, how can I be an apostle? You know there must be something wrong with me! "
The spirit with the strongest strength knows all the spirits well, so he hesitated to stop them and said, "Wait a minute!"
They also have some doubts that they didn’t make moves at the moment.
The spirit said calmly, "Everybody calm down-this fact remains to be-"
Gu Qingshan before he finished his body move with a sword light to hold the hen and fly away.
His sword light is still obscured by the dark sequence, and the spirit root method is aware of it.
The spirit was furious. "It’s gone! It must be all of them! Kill it! "
The hen just flew for a few breaths, but suddenly stopped for half a minute.
It spits out the word, and its heart feels something and looks back.
See six spirits have been chasing towards it.
"Don’t shoot my hen!" The hen hurried way
Everyone tried to shoot six different techniques without mercy-
But there is a sword light from behind them.
It was raining blood, and the bodies were scattered.
Everything is plain.
End of battle
Those strange things suddenly became the main objects.
Gu Qingshan received these wonders and sighed, "The strength is too weak and I always feel that there is something wrong with my mind. This is not enough entropy solution condition …"
He is somewhat disappointed.
-You must defeat the powerful enemy to complete the entropy solution.
When killing the great flood, it was only with the two-way blessing of the dark sequence of the dark continent that the opponent was killed with one sword and was judged to be weak and strong.
Now that you have become the king of eternal destruction, is it the chaotic spirit at the top that gains strength by entropy solution?
Suddenly, a golden waterfall swept away from the virtual appearance towards Fang’s body.
Gu Qingshan froze in situ.
See a line of firefly fine print quickly emerge.
"You killed the enemy and turned the seven spirits into evil."
"These seven spirits are in the process of evil transformation and will soon become evil spirits."
"Evil spirits are eroding chaos and being identified as enemies by many chaotic mysteries"
"Therefore, the evil spirits you slay, regardless of their strong or weak parts, can be entropy solved to obtain chaotic gifts."
I see. No wonder I feel insane!
The golden waterfalls in the void fell down and turned the flesh and blood of the seven chaotic spirits into ashes.
Hundreds of disorderly sounds emanate from Gu Qingshan.
The dark flame of his body once again skyrocketed into several figures, vaguely revealing some mysterious runes that had never been seen before.
He is stronger.
However, he did not have a trace of joy, but his face was dignified and said
"Bad … even these chaotic spirits have become evil …"
It seems that evil spirits participated in this time to destroy Wang Zhengduo forever!
Their numerous chaotic spirit agreements are just a scam.
I’m afraid the chaotic spirits have been transformed unconsciously, and they won’t last much longer, and they will soon completely fall into evil spirits.
When all the immortals are demonized, it’s all over.
And the eternal king-
It’s quite a British life. At the last moment, he decided to give Gu Qingshan the chaotic handle.
This hand of Gu Qingshan won’t surrender and be transferred to evil spirits.
His evil spirits are immortal.
If not, I’m afraid the evil spirits have taken the whole dark continent and become the king of chaos!
Gu Qingshan was thinking about suddenly looking up at the depths of the dark continent.