"Burst ~" kruse Alsace fell to the ground.

"So … I killed me …" He muttered with a wry smile the answer to Yun Nie’s question, but it’s a pity that this question is meaningless to him.
“Bing! Congratulations on your correct answer! "
With this answer, Arthas’ consciousness finally plunged into darkness …
Chapter two hundred and ninety-six Catherine
"Cheer up for me. Two enemy ships behind us are still chasing us. At this time, we can’t relax our vigilance. The radar should pay close attention to the surrounding anomalies!" Lieutenant Arthas is meticulously guarding the bridge instead of the rest captain.
"Yes!" The surrounding control personnel should be
Generally speaking, when the captain is resting, the adjutant is the replacement of the captain’s duty officer, which can be said to be an emergency "replacement captain" and the second-in-command of the "quasi-captain" warship in the future officer training body
This adjutant has been following Arthas’ old department for many years, and he has also drawn his confidant all the way. It turns out that Arthas will definitely be promoted to a higher level after this sun, and naturally, a rising tide lifts all boats, and his promotion to captain is just around the corner.
It’s a pity that the sudden violent attack of the sea clan made this matter complicated.
No matter how bad his political wisdom is, he realizes that this incident is unusual, and it also involves the high-level struggle between the two ethnic groups. He is not sure whether it is a blessing or a curse that a trivial little person is involved in it.
As he frowned and worried, his wrist personal terminal suddenly shook. He raised his wrist and glanced at it, and suddenly he was stunned.
"You have a good look at me!" Adjutant commanded a hurried away from the bridge.
Soon after, he came to the captain’s lounge and was awarded the post-award, and the gate hit him.
"Captain, you wanted to see me?" The adjutant looked at the captain Alsace sitting opposite, and his tone was more respectful than before.
He has made up his mind to go further in this matter, and this golden thigh in front of him is absolutely necessary to hold tight!
"Well … how many years have you been with me?" "Arthas" asked the adjutant with a smile.
The adjutant was stupefied and then his face lit up.
How many years have you been following me? This line is either trying to win me over or pull me out!
"It’s been five years, Captain!" He held out his chest and said, "You have been my chief since I joined the army!"
"Well … incredibly so long? So … you should know me well? "
"eh? This ….. "Adjutant some don’t know their captain so ask meaning, after all, some leaders don’t like to be" see through "feeling.
But say I don’t understand … Will it seem too dismissive of leaders?
"Captain’s adult is my role model in every word and deed, but your vast wisdom is not an enterprise!
For example, this time, if you hadn’t seen through the conspiracy of the sea clan before your eyes were shining, the safety of our ship would be worrying! "He kowtowed to a face of worship tunnel a little.
Hmm! Perfect answer!
"Really …" Arthas’s eyes narrowed. "What a pity!"
"What … what?" The adjutant hasn’t understood his captain’s meaning "whoosh!" After a red laser
"Burst!" The adjutant kneeled over his heart. He looked up and looked at Arthas in disbelief.
"… what? !” Adjutant difficult way
"Let’s kill people!" "Alsace" stand stand hand.
Kill someone to keep them quiet? ! But I don’t know anything! What is to be silenced?
"alas! Even I study every word and deed every day. You really … know too much! " Fake Arthas or Captain Nie shook his head with regret.
After not understanding this sentence, the adjutant can finally take "what do I know?" This puzzling question is dying …
Yes, the last step of Yun Nie’s "Rebirth" plan is to enter the Double Star Department through the identity of "Alsace, kruse"
Doing so can not only obtain a large number of first-hand information of double stars, but more importantly … it’s a higher-level document for yourself!
How can Yun Nie let go of the so-called "friends coming from afar" in terms of science, technology and knowledge … Ahem! Something like this.
Yun Nie, who ate other people’s rice, didn’t hesitate to kill them in the rice jar this time …
This kind of thing to replace one’s identity is naturally not easy.
It is easy to detect the problem of the mechanical worm, but Nie Yunshen has biological properties and can mechanically worm and switch organisms.
At the same time, he can also control himself 100% and change his appearance. He needs to be disguised by the pretender’s biological data. He can do it in a flaw!
Of course, if you want to "reincarnate" and not be seen through for a short time, it is not only the appearance and biological characteristics, but also the behavior and conversation habits of the pretender.
This point can be solved by a large number of video recordings of Alsace people in the host brain. It is not difficult for Nie Yun, a powerful player who once played the role of "Knights".
However, it is ok to deceive ordinary people by this means. If you want to deceive the adjutant, who is an inseparable friend, you can’t get away with it by simple imitation.
If you encounter the ultimate cheating question "Do you like sweet or salty mooncakes", Yun Nie is expected to kneel!
So Yun Nie decided once and for all! Kill this guy directly!
Fortunately, because the binary star has just entered the era of great navigation in the universe, the continuous expansion of the star has also brought about the shortage of population and troops
Double star is now desperately trying to expand its fleet with new ways, so there is a great mobility of personnel. Many of this warship are newly recruited, otherwise the adjutant’s five-year qualifications will not be able to get into this position.
To put it bluntly, this is the double star and second line troops.
According to the resume and information obtained by Yun Nie, Arthas is a guy with a remarkable family background and is quite arrogant. Except for this adjutant confidant, he belongs to the category of "casual friends"
If the Alsatians are approachable and have a wide range of friends, I’m afraid Yun Nie will have to consider adding a scene to let the "sea clan" have a surprise attack and then kill a river of blood to make all the guys who know the question of "sweet or salty" disappear …
"This ….. who knows whether I like sweet or salty? Wow ha ha ha ….. "NieYun laugh!
Mechanical worm "…" (-_-|||)
Soon after, there was a little commotion in the battleship!