With a Lei Guang suddenly fell from the virtual to stung Qin Xiaolou and smashed him out of a deep pit along with his weeks.

Robbery of thunder-
Gu Qingshan looked up and saw a flash of the road in the ruins, and countless thunder was about to fall.
"Bad brother to Du Jie" Gu Qingshan lost his way.
Then please come out of nowhere and make a debut. "Du Jie people, you wave me, and I have the skill of dispelling the apocalypse, which can make you directly promoted."
"There are such wonderful things!"
Qin Xiaolou was overjoyed and the sound sounded from the deep pit.
I saw him crawling around with a wave of his hand, asking the magic charm to cover the roof with layers of lead clouds
However, I saw that Fuzuo exuded a golden phoenix sound, which changed the Gangfeng style.
Gangfeng suddenly robbed the cloud and was blown away.
The apocalypse disappeared.
"Ha, ha, ha, good ofuda, that was a really handsome move just now!"
Qin building clutching please rune triumphant way
He suddenly remembered something, but I turned around and saw Gu Qingshan and Curtain looking at him silently.
"Brother, you are quite good at this."
Gu Qingshan said
-this is reassuring.
It’s more appropriate to ask the charm to be intimate with Brother Xiaolou.
"Brother, I’ll leave it to you-don’t worry about anything. Just fly to the sky and keep waving the ofuda." Gu Qingshan said.
"Slow down! Teacher younger brother "Qin building hurriedly way
"why?" Gu Qingshan asked
Qin Xiaolou primly said, "I don’t know something. Although I made a slight breakthrough, Xiu is still too low to think about it. This symbol is incompetent-"
Boom ! !
An exaggerated spirit pressure from him.
Qin Xiaolou’s momentum can’t stop rising, as if the horse is about to break through again.
At the same time, the roof was immediately covered with layers of lead clouds again.
"What’s going on-"he lost his way.
The realm has broken through again!
Qin xiaolou couldn’t help turning around to see Gu Qingshan and the curtain was watching him silently.
As soon as his eyes turned and his tone changed, he suddenly laughed and said, "Have I succeeded in practicing for a long time?"
Act "…"
Gu Qingshan thought for a moment and hesitated, "… Brother, this tactic is very strong?"
"strong!" Qin xiaolou serious way
-What happened in the future? Our strength has been awakened?
It seems that we still have to find a way to cover it up.
He was not sure about his face, but he made a dignified way. "You don’t know something, Third Younger Martial Brother. My magic formula allows me to skip the heavy card and reach the sacred realm directly."
"So strong?" Gu Qingshan does not believe it.
-I haven’t heard of this tactic
"That is, of course, I have a total of 6.1 million words in these days." Qin Xiaolou calmed down.
"So many words …" Gu Qingshan way
At this time, Qin Xiaolou has been unable to suppress his breath and reluctantly said, "Yes, you are optimistic-"
The number of spirits is like a substance, and the filaments are constantly flying around the Qin building by condensing into mysterious runes.
His strength has risen rapidly-
Yuan baby deities the sacred gods, and according to thousands of robberies, the mysterious stars return to Yuan God to see 90 rounds and 3000 worlds!
Three thousand worlds!
Qin Xiaolou arrived in the three thousand world as soon as he arrived!
Have you ever heard of such a thing?
This is simply a miracle in the history of practice!