Cheyenne conveniently put the guild token into the warehouse to repair the equipment, and then found that Yan Que was online. He decided not to play virtual games and ran directly to the roaring Woods to plan Yan Que’s death.

There are so many players in Roaring Woods that they must be thinking about Zunbao and releasing a heavy reward. At this time, Cheyenne’s weak state has disappeared, and he directly linked up with a lack of money.
"My coordinates (74,918) are men, so I will come." Cheyenne sent the coordinates of the card strange point in the tiger strange area. After waiting for a few minutes, Cheyenne placed a trap near the coordinate point, and then he disguised himself as a little girl with big eyes and short hair.
Zunbao has no weapon in his hand, just sitting on the ground waiting for Yan to be trapped.
Yan Que is an arrogant person. Maybe he has never regarded Zunbao as an opponent, but his natural fighting talent won’t make him arrogant to the point where he wants to be. Although he is a pseudo-god level at the moment, there is still a slight gap between him and the real god level, Cheyenne believes that Yan Que will grow into a god level at the fastest speed in his education!
Cheyenne doesn’t need to worry about the moon palace, and Bai Hanyue won’t let Cheyenne intervene in her guild. Cheyenne wants to participate in the real league, so she has to form a team, and Yan Que is a member of Cheyenne’s plan. Well, maybe it’s luxurious to get the goods of God Storm and plane aunt.
Soon Cheyenne is a little worried about the future image of the team. Yan is short of thieves. From his previous life, he did a sneak attack and killed a guild’s mind. From the point of view, it is definitely a victory. By hook or by crook, people, gods, storms, and women are all broken, and they have no bones when they see women. It seems that it is up to him to carry the team with Cheyenne’s handsome face and noble people!
I can’t help it. Who can make one of our own handsome and skilled is as responsible as the strength? Cheyenne feels a little tired, so it is good to let the team lose face.
The minimum registration requirement for the team is five people, which means that the team is still short of one person in the Cheyenne plan! This person can neither be too good-looking nor too bad-Cheyenne will soon have a candidate in his mind-Wang Lame! He can set off Cheyenne’s image perfectly. He’s the best candidate!
See, it’s that simple to form a team!
When Cheyenne was immersed in a beautiful fantasy, he suddenly felt a pain in his back and a blood shot out directly!
Sneak attack
Exposed thief figure is Yan deficiency!
It turns out that Cheyenne Guang’s fantasy trap has long failed, and the image of Cheyenne’s big-eyed girl has been restored to his original shape with the disillusionment.
Yan Que is a place where thieves have reconnaissance skills. Cheyenne is not curious at all. He can see the disguise of a transvestite.
Cheyenne showed his kindness to Yan Que, and the blue light in his small white teeth flashed and a blue weapon appeared. This is exactly what Yan Que sold to the Great Devil. Cheyenne is not afraid of Yan Que’s ability to hide his identity with weapons. Anyway, this weapon is common except for the light.
As soon as the blue weapon appeared, I realized that it was not good. According to the damage value just hit, this cargo equipment is not bad!
Yan Que really didn’t expect Zunbao, a shameless man, to have blue weapons!
Lanwu’s acquisition process was difficult, and Yan lacked a deep understanding. Because it took him seven hours to grind a third-grade wild silk, it broke out that Lanwu was sold. At that time, almost no one could collect the sky-high price of 1 gold. Part of his equipment now is that 1 gold.
But at present, this product can be equipped with blue clothes even if it looks like a smirk at ordinary times, which makes Yan lack vigilance. Even if the player reaches level 3, the scarcity of blue clothes will be the mainstream configuration.
As soon as I met Cheyenne, I felt the pressure. This kind of pressure is not only exercise, but also strength. Yan lacks a suit of equipment. Its own attributes are very suitable and it is considered to be a super-class standard. It is almost impossible for Cheyenne to win easily. After Cheyenne decides things, he will spend a lot of money to get a set of top-notch equipment, otherwise it will be too humbled to be crushed by others’ equipment. I am a rich man anyway!
Right, I have hard power, too!
Cheyenne’s insidious smile released the gold and silver bear. When one person and one bear attacked Yan deficiency, he immediately felt the pressure increase. As soon as he saw the strong hidden cooling, he immediately disappeared in front of Cheyenne.
"You can’t hide from being busy, but come out quickly and happily and die!" Cheyenne rest said.
Yan Que didn’t run away. Now he hasn’t fallen to that point. He is waiting for the right opportunity to attack. Patience is something that every assassin and thief must have. Yan Que obviously doesn’t lack patience. Otherwise, he couldn’t have dissolved a big guild by sneak attack in his previous life.
Cheyenne is not short of patience. He has long expected that Yan’s battle will be a protracted war, but now it is said that the right time and place are on his side. Unless Yan runs away, he will be able to challenge Cheyenne!
Yan Que Qiang Yin is out of combat, looking for opportunities while recovering the life he just lost. Cheyenne simply lies on the ground and can’t help but sneer, and Yan Que Jin Yin Xiong is loyal to the side.
Yan Que saw that the gold and silver bear was convulsing and jumping around, while Zunbao was asleep, lying on the ground with his hands behind his head. He suddenly rushed forward and stabbed Cheyenne with his dagger on the ground.
"Oh, you still can’t help it. I knew you would * *! Haha, to tell you the truth, you became a hunting pet because I deliberately let it go away! " After Cheyenne was attacked, he jumped up from the ground and laughed. The gold and silver bears also returned to their places to attack Cheyenne again.
Cheyenne has never made high-end gymnastics skills basic because of his status as a respected treasure, but his timing is too accurate. He perfectly cooperated with the gold and silver bear to attack. On the surface, Yan deficiency was pushed back by the gold and silver bear. In fact, this is the result of Cheyenne’s hard work.
Cheyenne often seems to be inadvertently attacked, which always creates the best attack opportunity for the gold and silver bear. Therefore, Cheyenne’s performance is covered up by the strength of the gold and silver bear, and hunting the gold and silver bear is a tender dish compared with Cheyenne!
"Despicable actually depends on hunting pets!" Yan’s lack of heart is defiant, but hunting pets is also a part of strength. Yan’s lack of nature is not such a person who makes excuses in every way. He once again hides his body and takes a short break, then finds another opportunity to sneak attack.
The two sides have played against each other until now, and Cheyenne has been running around the gold and silver bear except for occasional knife cuts. Most of Yan’s attacks have been blocked by the gold and silver bear, and Cheyenne’s life is almost intact.
This is also Yan Que’s humbled heart, because Cheyenne can push him to the immediate situation. It is the strong attack and tough defense of the gold and silver bear!
In Yan Que’s view, Cheyenne Wan is a crafty villain.
Chapter 13 It’s hard to pretend to be a rookie
Yan Que certainly didn’t know that this was exactly what Cheyenne wanted.
Cheyenne positioned Zunbao as a rookie. If he exerted his strength, Yan Que would have been turned over by him, but he couldn’t blow Yan Que’s confidence too much and he couldn’t expose his master’s strength. Gold and silver bears bullied Yan Que.
The gold and silver bear is really strong. It also inherited a bear growling skill from the father of the Golden Bear King. After it was triggered, it directly called Yan Que confused. Cheyenne seized the opportunity and severely cut Yan Que. Unfortunately, the thief was too able to escape, and he finally escaped.
Cheyenne seems to be easy to consume, but she is not short of equipment, which narrows the gap between the two people’s strength, especially Cheyenne has not changed his job successfully. It is obviously not difficult for Cheyenne to do more exercises to make up for the departure of the Great Devil.
Yan Que’s thief would be stronger if he learned to sap. Cheyenne, even with the help of gold and silver bears, would probably win or lose. Unfortunately, Yan Que didn’t learn sap skills. If he had strong hidden sap skills, if he was equipped with back attack and throat cutting skills, the thief would have professional characteristics, which had comparable advantages in the early stage.
It is also necessary to learn the thief’s logo skill in the summer plan. He still loves the despicable tricks of sneak attack, but unfortunately he can’t create it because of insufficient materials.
Cheyenne still follows the past habits. Whether it is the control route or the team league or the individual hegemony requires Cheyenne, a key figure who can control the situation at any time. Cheyenne likes to be the hidden savior. It must be very cool, well, just like the present situation.
"It’s too cheap to be short of you. Even if I can’t stand a little bear blow, you still dare to challenge me. You’d better save it and come to me again and again when you can pass the bear blow!"
"Haha, how cool is it? You’re stunned by the little bear claw again, rookie!"
"Look at my furious blow and you will die!"
Yan Que attacked Cheyenne back and forth several times, but every time he was forced back by the gold and silver bear, Zunbao, a sinister villain, gloated behind the gold and silver bear and teased Yan Que from time to time. Yan Que, a virtuous and powerful master, was humiliated like this. He gnashed his teeth but tried his best to get close to Cheyenne, which really made him understand something.
Of course, Yan Que won’t recognize that this is Cheyenne’s outstanding technology, but because the gold and silver bear is too strong. I have to say that sometimes the concept of "first in the house" is terrible. Yan Que is misled by Cheyenne’s second-rate breath and fooling around. He thinks that Cheyenne is just a despicable person who bullies people with his pets, so that Yan Que, a forever rational master, ignores Cheyenne’s real strength.
However, it is also because Cheyenne’s rascally performance is too insulting to the master. Even if someone is watching the battle, he will never realize how good Cheyenne is. Instead, he will confirm his true face as a rookie from his many times.
Cheyenne’s acting skills are not only the point of winning the Oscar for male pig’s feet, but also the problem of winning several Oscar for best male pig’s feet. So Cheyenne can be said to be very familiar with such scenes.
Unconsciously, this battle has been going on for an hour, but Yan lacks the strength to try every way, but every time he fails, he will naturally get more irony from Zunbao.
At this time, Yan’s ischemic volume is less than half, but Zunbao’s blood volume is still full
Yan kui feels like a burning anger in his heart than humiliation, which may burst at any time, but the strength of the gold and silver bear is like a breakthrough iceberg that covers him forever, making his anger ignite even a small flame.
I am extremely wronged!
Yan Que must find a way to send out his humbled heart, otherwise he will probably suppress something wrong. The most ideal way, of course, is to pull the smiling statue Bao out and beat him up. Unfortunately, Yan Que has to admit that he can’t seem to do it!
Don’t really want to give this base to be a younger brother at any time?
Don’t be ashamed, you can’t stand such failure!
Since we can’t defeat him, it’s obviously impossible to escape the thief’s ability and treasure. It’s impossible to catch him! This does not violate the original gambling agreement between the two men, and Yan Kui will not feel that there is anything wrong with this.
I have decided that Yan Que is about to start strong concealment, but suddenly I feel that my feet are moving!
Yan Que bowed his head and saw a circle of frost. Bai Jian froze his feet. This skill he had seen in the battle of the Great Devil was a freezing trap!
The sudden trap made Yan lack the method to act, and just then Cheyenne, gold and silver bears both pounced on Yan lack and launched a storm, attacking Yan’s ischemic volume as if it had been sucked away by a water pump.
How can Zunbao know the skill of the Great Devil?
Yan Que pondered that this is actually the biggest flaw for Cheyenne to pretend to be a rookie. After all, this skill has been used by the Great Devil, and his conversation is easily reminiscent of that of the Great Devil. But just now, Yan Que’s retreat made Xia Anxin alert and realized that Yan Que would probably run away. He immediately released the trap and then launched a storm to kill Yan Que.