Xiao Wu threw the flaming cigarette butt into the sea, and it was swallowed up by the waves in the blink of an eye.

The Golden Shield Twelve emerged from Xiao Wu’s storage bracelet. The golden knife, golden armor, golden face and body are all so cold, so hard and murderous.
Compared with the fairy level, it can suspend thousands of kilograms of metal body in the void without flying swords. Its appearance seems to be a slap in the face for Li Re-shui, Du Jisheng and all the stationmasters of the Six Dynasties yamen.
"Prehistoric Golden Demon" Li Ruo Waterway: "Xiao Wu, it is not a man who goes against heaven. What do you mean?"
Xiao Wu disdained: "Li Ruoshui is the current judge of the Six Dynasties yamen, isn’t he? Thanks to you, you’re still the leader of the school. Where do you get so much bullshit if you want to fight? Aren’t you trying to kill me? Don’t you want to drink my blood and take the inner pill of Qinglong? Come on! "
Li Ruoshui smiled and said, "That’s the condition of the negotiation. The grievances between the Six Dynasties yamen and the rebellious gate have to be solved by the people of the Six Dynasties yamen and the rebellious gate. Everyone else has to get out of the way!"
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Chapter one hundred and six Happy practice process
After all, the needle is made of water, and it is as tough and sharp as a steel needle when it is formed, but it turns into a tiny drop of water when it can, which will not do much harm to Xiao Wu.
Xiao Wu didn’t care much about his injury, but it was Li Re-shui’s dying words that puzzled him.
When a man is dying, his words are good. Xiao Wu is sure that what Li Ruoshui wants to say to him must be very important, but the sniper assassination that was caught off guard blocked his mouth forever.
Li Re-shui’s Yuan God didn’t escape Long Lin’s swallowing, just as Yuan Ying of Kui Zhang was disposed of in Dragon Scale, a city of steel. Xiao Wu didn’t want to be so driven, but Long Lin Jade is spiritual after a fierce water needle attack. It pounced on the Yuan God of Li Re-shui, who was ready to flee without Xiao Wu’s instructions. The situation is just like a little man who will pay for what he has done, and Li Re-shui is dead this time.
Li Re-shui’s death left a big puzzle for Xiao Wu. It is reasonable to say that Li Re-shui’s death will avenge his fate, and he should feel relaxed and happy. But from the moment Li Re-shui died until now, his mood is still very heavy and his thoughts are a mess.
Shaw five don’t understand what is the identity of people hiding in the clouds to hunt Li Re water and what is his purpose.
Everything’s messed up.
The yellow ship went straight to Pearl Harbor, and it didn’t go fast because
The room is warm and the bed in the room is even warmer.
"Kerr." Xiao Wu stretched himself.
"Don’t call Mrs. Qin, no big or small, do you know?" Qin keer gave Xiao Wu a white look. "Tell me what’s up?"
"Blood clan’s main attack is to bite the enemy’s neck with teeth? Well, it’s arterial blood vessels. " Xiao Wu asked him why he would bite Li Re-shui’s neck at that time. He suspected that it was because he had absorbed the bloody substance from Qin Keer, which made him have a blood clan instinct, but this was not certain. Need Qin Keer’s confirmation.
"Why do you ask this?" Qin Keer said, "That’s right. When you make me angry, I also have an impulse to bite your neck."
Tang Lan, Xu Qingqing and be sycophantic son a charming smile.
Xiao Wu sighed that his strength did increase a lot after he reached the first level, but the substance absorbed from four women was always not obvious. To prove and fully master Xiao Wu felt that it would take a long time.
Maybe the more times you do it, the more you absorb it. The more obvious the effect, right? Xiao Wu suddenly had such a brilliant idea.
"Chloe." Xiao Wu had another stretch.
"Oh, why are you acting like a child? Don’t you know if you have something to say? " Although the mouth blames it, Qin Keer’s heart is sweetly warm.
"I still have a water needle on my body." Xiao Wu said.
"eh? Where is it? " Qin Chloe nervous Tang Lan, Xu Qingqing and be sycophantic son also came around.
"Here" Xiao Wu took off his only pair of underwear and shamelessly pointed to an object "I was embarrassed to say it. But the damn thing is that this water needle has been hurting me. Please take a look at it for me. See if you can suck it out. "
My man’s penis is hurt, so what’s the matter? What if the injury affects its majestic function? Four women immediately gather together too much nervously.
Two minutes later, eight powder fists hit Xiao Wu’s head in no particular order.
"Damn it!"
"No." Xiao Wu tried hard to explain things clearly. "There is really a water needle, and perhaps more than one root is many roots. If you don’t believe me, suck it. They will definitely come out. "
Eight pink fists again.
All satyr’s fate is miserable-
Li Re-shui couldn’t figure things out completely, but his head was cut off by Xiao Wu, and then sent to General Mountain by the demon warrior sent by the sycophantic son.
The mysterious man in black focuses on the word "mysterious", so. Xiao Wu couldn’t figure it out even if he wanted to break his head.
At the beginning, after Li Re-shui’s death, the menacing Six Dynasties government retreated like a flood, and Du Jisheng had no intention of revenge or caring more about Li Re-shui’s death. Because Li Re-shui’s death, he was automatically upgraded to the new judge of the Six Dynasties government. He had to seize this opportunity, so he was happy to leave.
The water purification Sect and Shuangxiumen came here to fish in troubled waters. Now that the water is clear, the fish is fierce and abnormal. Who has the mind to fish? So the separation is like nothing happened.
Without the pressure, Xiao Wu, who suffered from hundreds of water needles, will soon relapse into laziness and waste power resources.
But at last, there is one thing that Xiao Wu is very hard-working and diligent, that is, stepping up the absorption of magical substances from his four wives to enhance his powers. After this battle, Xiao Wu finally understood that it was extremely useful for the virtual dragon to let him absorb the magical substances of his four wives, and he had to make himself strong before meeting a stronger opponent.
To be strong, you have to go through hard practice on four wives. Although it is fortunate and bitter, Xiao Wu can persist in doing it as long as he is willing. It seems that the four wives can’t think of taking the lead and often killing Xiao Wu. However, apart from absorbing magical substances, another practice on the hidden dragon tactic is quite another matter. Xiao Wu feels that it is the same practice, but it is the difference between heaven and region.
This night, Xiao Wu sneaked into a vacant barn on the Yellow.
The area is half the size of a basketball court.
When Xiao Wu entered the door, he locked the barn. He came here with a strange idea. Last time he opened the hidden dragon tactic, it was on the flagpole of the uncovered coffin frigate, and the enlarged hide directly carried him to an altitude of 10,000 meters. This time, he planned to open the hidden dragon tactic in a closed space, so it would never fly to the sky, right?
The hidden dragon tactic is still so simple and old, and Xiao Wu has never been able to see what kind of animal skins it is made of.
Shaw’s five generals fought the hidden dragon tactic, as he saw last time. There wasn’t even a word on the hide. Shaw five very flat hide spread out on the barn floor. In a few blink of an eye, the hide really began to get bigger again, and the virtual dragon gradually showed more and more clear shape.
This time, Xiao Wu didn’t take the initiative to jump into the skins. He was still worried about the last lightning baptism.
As usual, the virtual dragon nodded to Xiao Wu.
"Call me up? Aha, forget it, "Xiao Wu waved his hand." Let’s talk about it like this. Forget it, and no one will hinder anyone. "
Xiao Wu’s words just finished. Virtual Qinglong’s tail suddenly rolled, and Xiao Wu didn’t understand what was going on, and he was already on the hide.
"How could you do that?" Xiao Wu immediately jumped out of the hide, but as he did last time, the hide of about one meter square was like an ultimate cage surrounded by invisible walls, and no matter how he jumped, he only hit a wall.
And what’s even more ridiculous is that. Xiao Wu jumped left and didn’t jump out when he was still. He suddenly realized that he was at an altitude of ten thousand meters again.
"my god!" Xiao Wu is completely stupid. He couldn’t figure out how the hide was not Xu Qingqing. How did it get through the gap in the barn and fly to an altitude of 10,000 meters in such a short time?
Xiao Wu has a problem in his heart, but the answer to Xiao Wu’s question is still lightning. Dozens of crazy flashes of lightning.
Xiao Wu was callous because he knew that all resistance and resistance were in vain, and he was also waiting for the last king of lightning. He conservatively estimated that the last lightning bolt would be thicker than the last one.
Crazy fierce lightning bombardment end tsing lung again appeared in the nose of the shaw five.
"I knew you would come out at this time," Xiao Wu said with a toothache. "Won’t you say a word and tell me what’s going on? Ah? "
Virtual Qinglong didn’t answer the meaning of Xiao Wu at all. It blinked and changed the form of Xiao Wu.
"You want to give Lao tze demonstration to absorb those at sixes and sevens? Tell you I’m not interested if I don’t look at Lao Tzu! " Xiao Wu’s voice suddenly turned low again. "What do you mean to make Lao Tzu know that he is going to make light look hairy?"
Surprisingly, the virtual Qinglong did not demonstrate intercourse this time, but did a set of strange exercises, which made Xiao Wu’s eyes look straight.