"Two Taoist friends, I have a seat here." It is that honest man hongyun.

After listening to the quotation, I quickly ran over and made a ceremony: "Thank you, Daoyou."
"Taoist friends are polite!" Hongyun repeatedly reciprocated.
"Daoyou, I’ll give you this seat, too." Kunpeng got up and gave up his seat and went to find a place to sit down alone. Thank you quickly.
Suddenly, Hung-jun said, "That’s it. It can’t be changed in the future. I will preach for 9,000 years, this sermon will last for 3,000 years, and I will talk about it after 6,000 years. "
When Hongjun finished speaking, everyone saw that Hongjun’s tongue was full of lotus melodies, and the extraordinary fragrance attacked Sanqian Avenue and poured out from Hongjun’s mouth. The people present listened with rapture. So after three thousand years of Hongjun preaching, everyone woke up.
Most of what Hongjun said in these three thousand years is the basic way. Everyone is happy or sad, or suddenly or confused. Everyone has his own experience to deepen the understanding of Tao in the past.
"Let’s call it a day and talk about it in three thousand years." Hong Jun finished and left.
Everyone got up and left this time, and when they heard that everyone had gained a lot, they began to retreat and practice.
Kun Peng studied Zhang Wen’s "Mixed Yuan Tactics" in Penglai. Now, after listening to Hongjun’s sermon, Xiao Cheng has made clear what was unknown in the past. That "mixed yuan tactic" is a method of cultivation that evolved with reference to the jade dish and Pangu in Zhang Wen’s chaos. After practicing to Dacheng, you can get mixed Yuan Xuanqing’s practice. It is this achievement method that has only been heard in the Xuanhuang Tower for so long. After that, Zhang Wen pointed out today and even Dacheng. Although Kun Peng also heard what Zhang Wen said when he pointed out Xuanqing, the profound place was always incomprehensible. After all, the foundation of Xuanqing is much stronger than that of Kunpeng.
Kunpeng returned to Beihai to close the door.
So for three thousand years.
Hung-jun preached the Taoism for the second time. This time, the Taoism was profound, and everyone was fascinated and had a deeper understanding of Taoism.
In this sermon, most people have reached the level of quasi-holiness, and all of them have a small stove. The rest of the people, or individuals with painful faces or smiling faces, have different colors of faces. It is life that is full of people, and some people who don’t understand at all feel that their magic power has increased greatly after eating a lotus flower, so they absorb the refined golden lotus there.
After three thousand years, Hongjun stopped speaking.
The people present were still intoxicated between enlightenment and non-enlightenment, and even Hongjun didn’t know to leave. When everyone wakes up, they leave in succession.
Many people have learned from this sermon that Di Jun Taiyi and Er are the great gods who command the demon race. This sermon reminds them of the establishment of the demon dynasty, and now they want to invite it to join.
Kun Peng saw Di Jun Taiyi blocking his way outside Zixiao Palace and thought of what Zhang Wen had explained to himself. "I don’t know why two Taoist friends stopped being original?"
Di Jun said, "Kunpeng Daoyou and my brothers want to invite Daoyou to join our demon clan and contribute to our people. What do you think?"
"Friends kindness being original how can you turn away. Being original is preparing to bother you recently. I don’t want to invite you today. Go together. "
"Great goodness. Go together. " Di Jun TaiYiEr people pull KunPeng to the demon race.
Kun Peng asked Di Jun Taiyiyier to set up a heaven according to Zhang Wen’s teaching, and enfeoffed the 365-star God Heaven, the top ten demon saints and various official positions. All the demon families in the wild are gathered in the heaven. After the establishment of the heaven, those who like power and practice can serve in the heaven. I don’t know how much faster the stars on Sunday provide the power of the stars to practice.
So all the forces of the demon race are gathered in heaven, and Kun Peng is instructing the two of them to forge a demon to frighten the group of demons. Since then, the demon clan has been in charge of the Tianwu clan, and there has been no big friction between the two clans.
Kunpeng asked Di Jun to build a large array of stars on Sunday by adding 365 demon clan demons to the book of He Tuluo. The strength of such a demon clan is so high that the witch clan can’t match at all. It’s just that the robbery has not yet reached the two families, and there will be no war. After all, the three clans were born only after a million years of war, and the creatures in the flood haven’t recovered to the original hundreds of millions.
After the establishment of Heaven, Di Jun was the demon emperor Taiyi, the eastern emperor Kunpeng, and the demon teacher, and the demon emperor paid him a half-teacher ceremony. The demon race will not fail when it is transported to the East Emperor’s Bell and the stars on Sunday. After the establishment of heaven, Kunpeng won three floors, and the rest of the people shared the remaining seven floors. After all, Kun Peng said the idea, and he got much more merit by participating in it.

Chapter 9: People are counted by nature.
The establishment of heaven immediately attracted the attention of various forces and came to congratulate them. Only the Zuwu didn’t come because of the gap with the demon family, but it deepened the cause and effect of the two families and prepared for the future war.
People who heard the word in Zixiao Palace came to Chaohe in succession, and Di Jun Taiyilian repeatedly replied, but they were also secretly calculating. As an emperor, we must know who are friends and enemies in the future.
So after a hundred years, the strength of heaven was temporarily consolidated, and Di Jun Dao Kunpeng pointed out that he didn’t go to war with the witches. Only when the big array of stars is completed on Sunday will the two tribes go to war.
The shaman Houdi went to Zixiao Palace twice to listen to Daoism. He wanted to ask the shaman if he didn’t cultivate the Yuan God, but Hongjun left after speaking twice. This time I went back to the witch family and thought about the witch family all day.
On this day, I came to Buzhoushan to relax and saw someone writing a song in the distance:
Early enlightenment in chaos.
See the road pregnant with god.
Pangu opened the heavens and transformed everything.
Drop the spirit root gourd.
Houtu didn’t like it when he heard it: "Do you dare to bet me that Taoist is so confused?"
Road flyover Hulu came to the front of Houtu and rushed into Houtu’s brain with a clear light. Countless information poured out of that clear light melted into Houtu’s brain, which recorded the whole process of Pangu’s opening the sky in detail. Hou Tu unconsciously shed two lines of clear tears when he saw this scene of Pangu opening the sky.
The clear light was the mark of Pangu Yuanshen in the ancient axe collected by Zhang Wen, and now it has been given to Houtu Zhang Wen, and there is no Pangu Yuanshen anymore. It’s just that there are a lot of Zhang Wen’s things in the Yuan God, including the method of practicing body.
When Houdi woke up, the Taoist priest had already left and only heard the Taoist priest’s song from a distance.
Everything is pregnant at the beginning of heaven and earth.
The demon is in charge of heaven and earth.
Once upon a time, Pangu was a god.
Been no longer a witch.
After being listened to, I immediately chased the Taoist priest, but I couldn’t find it for a long time and had to drop it. Go back to the clan and tell the ancestors and witches the whole story.
Di Jiang listened and said, "I’ve heard of the man my sister met. He should be the master of the gourd. This man preached early and preached in the wild before the three clans came out. It’s not impossible to think that the Taoist priest got the Tao in chaos, otherwise he wouldn’t have the Yuan God of the Father. This is the blessing of my sister. "
After hearing this, all the ancestors congratulated Houtu.
"Brother, when I got the Yuan God, I also got a skill of exercising. Now I will give it to my brothers." Been to also didn’t forget the ancestors wizard immediately gave him the science of uniting the achievement method to the people, including the twelve days god evil spirit array. With the help of gourd-to-man, the witch tribe immediately rose to the same level as heaven.
Soon after Sanqing returned to Kunlun to practice, the old man felt something and went to the wild to look for opportunities. At this time, the Xuanqing also felt something, and the two men came towards the island. The gourd vines and banana fans on the mountain are predestined friends with Laozi and Xuanqing naturally. In this way, just in time.
Taoist Hulu, who is concerned about Xuanqing, immediately threw something at him.
Xuanqing was about to find the gourd and didn’t want the teacher’s Fu Zhao to fly after collecting banana leaves in Buzhoushan. It turned out that Zhang Wen wanted him to go back.
Zhang Wen on Penglai Island said bitterly, "I didn’t expect to be calculated by you, but I have a lot of successors."
Lao Tzu is looking for opportunities on that mountain, and he doesn’t want to see a piece of wood in a ravine. Lao Tzu stepped forward and took the wood away.
"Let’s make a pole when this thing arrives." Then the wood turned into a pole. I was about to leave on a pole when I saw a gourd attached to the mountain wall and seven gourds on the vine, which were about to mature. Seeing this, Lao Tzu sat down and waited for the gourd to ripen.
Soon Hongyun came too, but the gourd was not ripe, so they waited together.
Soon the East Emperor Taiyi came, still waiting. Nu Wa is here, or wait. Soon Zhu Rong, a witch, came, only to see four people waiting for the gourd to ripen.
Zhu Rong can’t wait to go up and pick the gourd. Lao Tzu said, "I’ll wait for five people, and you can pick the fifth one."