Jinyang stood up, but his body flashed, and he went out of the hall, turned into a streamer, and flew in the direction of heaven. It was very fast. Within a few minutes, he rushed to the Jade Emperor Mountain, and when he saw Jinyang wearing the embroidered robe, no one dared to stop questioning, but he sent Jinyang to the top of the mountain with a respectful expression.

After passing through the transmission array, he went to the worse gate, and the garrison commander was the confidant of that Yi. When he saw Jinyang’s figure, he immediately recognized it, and did not dare to neglect it at all. He sent someone to the Lingxiao Hall to inform him, and at the same time directly led Jinyang into the worse gate, regardless of the rules.
Soon, I got a reply from the Jade Emperor and invited Jinyang Yaochi to dinner.
Jinyang frowned at once. He didn’t like the place in heaven, because this mountain was the seat of the imperial palace tens of thousands of years ago. Although Jinyang is not really the imperial emperor, it is also inextricably linked. Seeing that the sacred mountain is occupied, I always feel a little uncomfortable, and he has something to ask about in heaven today, and he is not coming to any banquet.
Moreover, Yaochi is the site of the Queen Mother. Although Jinyang doesn’t feel anything, he finally gets part of the memory of Vulcan Zhu Rong, and he also knows something about some interesting things before the big war. He always feels that it is strange to be with the Jade Empress.
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Celestial volume Chapter 411, head.
Celestial volume Chapter 411, head.
The misunderstanding was personally caused by Vulcan Zhu Rong tens of thousands of years ago, and it has little to do with Jinyang. If you deliberately avoid it, it will turn out to be somewhat unattractive, and perhaps the jade emperor will be embarrassed. This is absolutely not acceptable. After some thinking, Jinyang will definitely go to Yaochi for dinner, and the guards are familiar with it. No one will stop him along the way, so he will soon bring Jinyang into Yaochi.
At the moment of entering the Yaochi, Jinyang suddenly felt refreshed. Zhong Lu Shen Guan was personally leading the team, and many musical instruments took turns to play a wonderful voice in the world. Many beautiful girls, dressed in colorful brocade, were dancing in the pool with beautiful and natural dance, and the sky was full of wonderful shadows, which made people lose their souls and erode their souls.
There are many immortals around the dance floor, and the four celestial emperors are all there. The two founders of Wudang Mountain, Xuanwu Emperor and Xuantian God, are also there. The new chaotic emperor is smiling and nodding at him. In addition to the seven celestial emperors, there are many immortals who are gods, as well as many immortal sects and famous immortal masters.
Jinyang slowly looked around, only to be surprised to find that there were no fewer than 1,000 people sitting in the whole Yaochi. The four princesses of the Jade Emperor who were waiting to be married, and the founders of several top schools in Xiandao, such as Yu Xuzi, the founder of Kunlun Mountain, Zhang Tianshi, the dragon and tiger mountain, and the white-browed bodhi old zu of Shushan, were all sitting on the same seats as the seven emperors. Every fairy sat on the jade table, with a mature flat peach, big or small.
Seeing that the Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother were sitting on the high platform, Jinyang didn’t mean to salute, just nodded gently, and the Queen Mother smiled back. Look is very natural, there is no embarrassment, to reassure Jinyang a lot, the jade emperor didn’t care, turned to look at his side of the jade platform, motioned Jinyang sit in the past, Jinyang also not melodramatic. Fly directly to the jade platform, then sit down.
After sitting on the jade platform. Jinyang discovered that it was wrong. This jade platform was even with the jade emperor’s mother. Compared with the other seven emperors, it was even higher. Seven emperors all knew the details of Jinyang, and no one had any opinions, but other immortals who were not familiar with Jinyang. They all looked weird and looked at Jinyang in succession.
From the moment Jinyang entered the Yaochi, many people were displeased with him. Even the heavenly emperor, who was guarding the square, had to bow down to greet the jade emperor’s mother, but Jinyang just nodded slightly, completely ignoring the jade emperor, the highest representative of Xiandao, and then sat on the same seat as the jade emperor for no reason. Such an honor has made many masters of scattered immortals hold back their anger.
From time to time, golden lux comes in the clouds and presents the best nectar and jade liquid in heaven. After a while, several heavenly daughters present top-grade flat peaches. There are many rare treasures in heaven. While enjoying the singing and dancing, the Jade Emperor raised his glass to signal that Jinyang was dry. Jinyang didn’t want to drink, but under the eyes of the public, it didn’t make the Jade Emperor lose face. He calmly raised his glass and drank it off.
At this time, a Bigfoot fairy stood up. Angered at Jinyang, saying, "Emperor Honghuang. What a big shelf you are, the once-in-a-thousand flat peach festival of the Queen Mother. You dare to come late. As the emperor of heaven, you should understand the rules of heaven. Although this crime of neglect does not die, you have to be punished. Otherwise, what are the rules of heaven? "
"Flat Peach Festival?"
Jinyang muttered in his heart, there are too many strange things in it. Today, he just went to heaven on a whim and had something to negotiate with the Jade Emperor. How could he bump into this flat peach festival?
Besides, as the emperor of the universe officially sealed by heaven, the Queen Mother has no reason not to send herself an invitation. Thought of here, Jinyang suddenly woke up, and he closed himself for three years in a row. As soon as he went through customs, he appeared in Xiniu Hezhou, and the road flyover who controlled the temple of Yan Yang was still unaware of it. It is estimated that the invitation is in his hand and he hasn’t had time to give it to himself.
Hearing the whirring sound, Jinyang knew that the fairy in front of him was called Barefoot Big Fairy, and he was a famous master of scattered immortals in heaven. Jinyang smiled to himself. Why not call him Red-billed Big Fairy? Wouldn’t that be better? Seeing that the jade emperor and mother were all putting on airs, Jinyang knew that they wanted to embarrass themselves, and then he replied faintly, "In your opinion, how should we punish this emperor?"
"Haha, the emperor said that the word’ punishment’ was just a joke." Barefoot Daxian is also a wonderful person. He said with a smile, "Since the Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother don’t blame me, I am not qualified to set out as an emperor. However, all previous flat peach festivals have used tricks to add fun. Today, it is better for Xiaoxian to make a fool of himself and compare a few tricks with the emperor. What do you think of the emperor?"
Not only him, but at least 90% of the immortals present refused to accept Jinyang’s position. They all thought that he relied on the nepotism of the Princess Purple Orchid Fairy, which made him stand the position of the Emperor of the Universe. Although I have heard that Jinyang has the cultivation of Xuanxian, it is just a rumor. No one knows how much credibility it has.
Besides, no one believes that a monk who has been practicing since the beginning of the world, but in 70 or 80 years, can have the cultivation of Xuanxian. Then these immortals who have been practicing for tens of thousands of years might as well commit suicide by hitting a wall, and it is also a shame to live in this world.
Jinyang usually acts in a low-key manner, and rarely makes moves in person. Whenever he does, Jinyang will definitely make a malicious move, and 90% of his opponents will be wiped out. Except for some reclusive experts who have seen Jinyang’s means, they have basically disappeared in this world. Most of the experts are not talkative people, so not many people know Jinyang’s true strength.
Most immortals who haven’t been in contact with Jinyang don’t believe that Jinyang has the cultivation of Xuanxian, and they all speculate that this may be a rumor released by the Jade Emperor, especially Jinyang’s arrogant behavior on earth. The suppression of the middle-earth door can only be settled in Kyushu, the Central Plains, and the whole world is basically controlled in the hands of the Yanyang Temple, so many people want to give Jinyang an ugly look.
Seeing that the Jade Emperor didn’t object, Jinyang said faintly, "Well, this Emperor is sitting on this jade platform, and he doesn’t use magic weapons. No matter what method you use, it’s better to gather his disciples Wan Jian to make a concerted attack. As long as you have a way to go to the table, it’s your victory. No matter where you go in the future, this Emperor will stay away."
When this was said, the whole audience was surprised. The table was the top of the jade platform, and all of them were Xuanxian masters and the princess of heaven. Within the scope of Li Fangyuan, Jinyang did not put a magic weapon, but just wanted to keep out the barefoot immortal who had almost been cultivated by Xuanxian. I am afraid that only the Jade Emperor can have this ability.
Even the seven heavenly emperors felt that Jinyang was a bit of a big help. Although everyone knew that Jinyang had a jade immortal cultivation, no one believed that he could be equal to the jade emperor at the moment. The grandfathers of the Sendao Sect were all smiling and silent, waiting to see Jinyang’s jokes.
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Celestial Volume Chapter 412 The shadow is emerging.
Celestial Volume Chapter 412 The shadow is emerging.
The Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother were silent. They knew all the ins and outs of Jinyang. Although they didn’t know how much Jinyang had cultivated, at least it was no longer under the Jade Emperor, and they also knew that Jinyang was just an incarnation at the moment, and the ontology was still in the temple.
Many masters of Xuanxian in the banquet and the four precious princesses of the Jade Emperor, although all of them have doubts in their hearts, are basically masters, and they will keep their words in their hearts, maintaining the dignity of the superior, and basically choose silence, waiting for the beginning of fighting.
But it’s different when I sit down. Many immortals suddenly explode the pot. Many people think that Jinyang is superficial and has no real ability. Seeing Jinyang so much at the moment makes my lungs explode, but Jinyang still has the position of the Emperor of Heaven, and everyone can only look at him and blow his beard and stare.
Barefoot Daxian’s face is red. As a famous master of scattered immortals in heaven, he hasn’t broken through Xuanxian’s territory yet, but because of the strange mana of practice, the body is extremely strong, and the ancestral innate treasure, whether it is attack or defense, it is superior to the masters of the same order. Even if Xuanxian meets with the masters of the next order, it may not be certain that he can win.
Barefoot Daxian immediately turned to look at the jade emperor’s mother. Although he was proud, Jinyang was not only the emperor of heaven, but also the fifth son-in-law of the jade emperor. This relationship was here, and he had to consider the jade emperor’s face. It was Japanese to lose Jinyang’s face, but if it offended the jade emperor’s mother, it would be a bit of a loss.
"Very good. . . It’s worthy to be the emperor of the universe sealed by your majesty, so the little fairy is overreaching. Let’s see the great power and magical power of the emperor. " Barefoot Daxian has felt that he has nothing to say, and the only thing he has to do is to defeat Jinyang, which can relieve the sulking in his heart.
Jinyang smiled and didn’t pay any attention to everyone. He said lightly, "You can cast spells by yourself, and this emperor will take care of it. If you can’t pick it up, it’s that the emperor lost. "
Barefoot fairy also no longer nonsense. I flew directly onto the jade stone steps and walked step by step to the upper seat. The steps were steady, neither fast nor slow, and I didn’t see any urgent noise. I was a master of dispersing immortals, and I was really first-class in keeping my breath. Just that raging anger disappeared in a blink of an eye, and all the thoughts in my heart were eliminated, leaving only the determination to fight.
Soon, the hundred steps from the next seat to the upper seat will be completed. As long as you take the next step, you will be on the upper seat, which means Jinyang will be defeated. In the future, if you see the barefoot immortal, you must stay out of the house, open the heavenly emperor, and Jinyang will never have the face to go out and walk again.
Even when everyone was impatient, the barefoot fairy suddenly burst into cold sweat on his forehead, and his heart was cold and cold, with a strange murderous look. Is presented in front of us, just ambition suddenly disappeared, leaving only fear and panic, he didn’t know where this murderous look came from, others seemed to be less than induction, completely focused on him alone.
But the barefoot fairy has come here, where is she willing to give up? After a little thought in my heart, I immediately found an absurd reason to comfort myself and muttered in my heart: "This is definitely an illusion, and it can’t be true. This young man began to practice even when he was born. It’s only 70 or 80 years, even if you eat flat peaches every day. It is impossible to have the jade emperor’s cultivation, so I don’t believe it can’t be broken. "
Immortals and mortals all like to comfort themselves. Anyone who has not seen anything with his own eyes will doubt that it is false. It is good to have the spirit of doubt, but it is also necessary to seek truth from facts, instead of making random estimates based on feelings. As a result, there is often no good result, and the common things are just returned. If you make such random estimates, you will often die miserably.
Sure enough, the barefoot fairy suddenly stepped forward, but the foot had just been raised, and before it could fall, she felt that the foot lost consciousness, and all the physiological functions were instantly destroyed by an inexplicable murderous look. The body was like being pressed down by a mountain, flying directly and smashing hundreds of immortals, which stopped.
Jinyang wanted to stop there. For the ignorant immortal, it’s just a lesson. He will still stand on the same front in the future. There is no need to make the relationship too stiff. Moreover, this is just an episode for Jinyang. He came to heaven today for other purposes, so he doesn’t have much time to waste on it. He has to talk to the Jade Emperor as soon as possible.
But the barefoot immortal suffered a big loss and lost his face in front of all the immortals in heaven, so he was willing to stop there. Moreover, his life has not been released yet. For him, it was just some underestimation. It is still too early to say if he tries his best to sacrifice the innate treasure and exert his greatest power.
Scold! ! !
As the barefoot daxian flew up, he slammed his forehead, and a brown shirt flashed out, suddenly turning into a giant hammer. The barefoot daxian himself, in the roar, expanded constantly, and in a blink of an eye, he was as high as a hundred feet, his muscles bulged high, his hands clenched the giant hammer, and he swung fiercely in the direction of the seat.
Looking at this hammer, Jinyang can feel it. This hammer obviously belongs to the category of innate Lingbao, and its damage will not be small, but it’s just an ordinary innate Lingbao. Jinyang doesn’t even care about such a decision baby, and naturally he won’t put this hammer in the eye, but his momentum has increased by ten percent in an instant.
Hammer mixed with brown lightning, momentum wham, with a thunderous strength, fiercely hit, people imagine that didn’t happen, heaven and earth is like a sudden freeze, barefoot fairy so straight in the air, still no breakthrough on the half step.
Jinyang fiercely raised his right hand, and a Zijin Zhenyuan blaster came out. Zhenyuan was full of cold gas, which directly hit the sledgehammer. The sledgehammer even had room for resistance, and it was suddenly hit thousands of miles away, and the barefoot fairy was also hit by an inexplicable force. One mouthful blood flew out and the body slowly fell.
Jinyang didn’t do it hard, just taught him a lesson, but before the barefoot fairy landed, Jinyang suddenly shouted, "Since you don’t believe in this emperor, let’s try it together and see if this emperor is qualified to sit in this position."