"I’m just like being blind now …" Xiao asked helplessly.

"How did you get here before?"
"Through the soul mark, of course. But I can’t see it now. "
"Forget it, I should just wait until I get back to being true."
"It can only wait."
Sure enough, in the next battle, Qing Ji became more and more calm, and finally understood that it was impossible to kill Zi Yan again this time, and she might die here if she fought again.
Qing Ji didn’t put any malicious words, and she was going to retreat when she stormed for a while in the state of soul.
However, Purple Yan is waiting for this moment, and immediately counterattacked after resisting Qing Ji’s crazy attack!
So, before Qing Ji recovered herself. Purple Yan turned out to be a cruel one for Qing Ji!
"bang! ! !”
There was a loud explosion in the air mass, and then the three Se breath quickly separated. Green Se and a part of black Se poured out quickly, and the front end was faintly condensed into a shape. With the addition of more green and black breath, the figure became more and more solid, and it was Qing Ji. However, after a heavy blow by Zi Yan, Qing Ji, who had just recovered herself, had blood in her mouth and her face was pale. Purple Yan knows that in the previous battle, Qing Ji consumed a lot, and there is not much left in a magic yuan.
Qing Ji flew into the distance without saying a word, and the purple and black breath behind her chased after her, shrinking and condensing rapidly in the process of chasing, and finally re-condensed into purple Yan.
"Can you go back? !” Purple Yan asked as soon as he recovered himself.
Xiao Wen finally saw the soul mark of Purple Yan, but he tried to exert himself, but it didn’t work at all.
"It’s a little troublesome." Xiao asked only so.
"Come on, you still don’t give me messed up! I’ll chase Qing Ji myself! " Purple Yan quickly.
"Can you do it?"
"Certainly not before, but now I may not be able to keep her!" Purple Yan invigorates J and jīng Shinto.
"Well, I’ll grope again."
Xiao asked now is actually in a very wonderful state, he felt that he was floating in the purple Yan’s mind, you can see the soul mark of purple Yan, and even gently touch the soul of purple Yan …
However, he has no actual control over this place, just a spectator, a spectator in a state of soul.
Didn’t find a way out, and temporarily dare not try, xiao asked had to focus on other places first.
At the same time, the battle outside suddenly entered a turning point!
Purple Yan has a little confidence to leave Qing Ji, because Qing Ji has been injured. She feels that she can’t catch up, and Qing Ji will slow down because of the injury, so she can fight with Qing Ji again.
However, the premise is that Qing Ji will not meet the masters of the Asian God realm in the process of fleeing, but can this be decided by Zi Yan?
Although she is now separated from Qing Ji for less than a hundred miles, it is not possible to catch up with her for a while. And this "meeting for a while", how far will they fly and how many powerful practice places will they pass by?
Just as Purple Yan was worried, a red light suddenly lit up in Qingyun on the right front high above the sky!
That’s the brilliance of shrinking yuan and blasting the mirror!
Ninety thousand!
Xiao asked the soul to leave the body in vitro, and 90,000 immediately rushed out from the blood mark, caught Xiao asked, and also took back the shrinking yuan to explode the mirror, and even took back the already smaller body of Lan Xuan.
Then, 90,000 people hid in the clouds in the distance of the chapter, unscrewed the magic streamer ring and began to inject energy into the shrinking mirror.
Heaven as evidence, the fire fairy pupil is actually the avatar of her and Xiao Wen, and she plays a leading role! Without her, Xiao Wen could never display the fire fairy pupil, but without Xiao Wen, she could still display it! However, without the blessing of Poseidon armor, her fire fairy pupil is just the power of a fairy. However, it is not a problem at all to improve the power to the realm of Asian gods after the compression of the shrinking mirror!
90 thousand is not ready to be perfect, but she is still full of three shrinking yuan blasting mirrors!
Three mirrors in unison!
Three tiny red mans passed in the air, and Qing Ji only won one, but only that one almost blew her off the dust!
"I am finally opaque." A look at the target, has been very nervous ninety thousand finally relieved, vomitted to stick out in the cloud small tongue way. (To be continued. . )