At present, I see that the progress is that the fisherman has reached the third level, and the fisherman’s costume is Dolan, two red rings, not the usual crystal bottle, three red.

Opposite Yasuo is a long sword and three reds are also three levels.
In the third level, the fisherman seems to have been crushed by Yasuo, and the number of small fish reinforcements has not exceeded five. It seems that this small fish is paying great attention to the consumption of Yasuo opposite.
Generally speaking, if the little fisherman dares to make up for the soldiers, he will be much more compensated by Yasuo, and he will also be much more compensated by Q. Moreover, if the little fish doesn’t bring a crystal bottle, if he hides from Yasuo at random, Q may be short of blue, so the SOLO game will be declared a collapse directly.
It is normal for all small fish to make up Serenade during this period.
The two sides have arrived five times in succession. During this period, the small fish has been under pressure. At this moment, although the blood volume and blue volume are full, two bottles of red medicine have also been consumed, and Yasuo still has two reds in his hand.
Xiaoyu used to eat in the tower and reached the fifth level. At this moment, the line of battle just returned to the middle of the road. The fisherman pretended to make up for a soldier, but in fact, he pressed the S key and immediately withdrew to the side when he raised his hand. This routine cheated Yasuo Q skills. At this time, Xiaoyu started WQ to light Yasuo.
Yasuo is also very cunning. Fang Xiaobing, a small fish, temporarily pulled the fighting distance and waited for a Q skill CD, and then reflexively Q the small fish. A small fish jumped in the E and was run by Yasuo E Xiaobing, but the effect was not obvious. Because the speed of E skill’s sudden movement was slower than Yasuo’s own, the small fish directly hit Yasuo with a second E.
However, the two sides of this wave are not going to continue to fight for mutual consumption. After the opposite wave, it belongs to small fish and small profits. Yasuo knocked it. In his second bottle of red, it seems that both of them are waiting to reach level 6.
Chapter 146 A trip to muddy water
Small fish have entered the CD due to a wave of previous skills, and the supply of small fish is gone, so they have to be discouraged.
If you rob CET-6 in this way, Yasuo will beat you to it.
Sure enough, as I expected, the Yasuo pressure line successfully reached the sixth level. Now it is very dangerous for small fish to be unfortunately blown by the Yasuo wind. E skills are even more afraid to mess around.
The little fish ate the tower soldiers and successfully reached the sixth grade. The little fish took advantage of Yasuo’s Q skills and immediately went to fight with each other. The same is true for Yasuo, who is half blood and half blue.
Just when the little fish handed in E and wanted to consume Yasuo, Yasuo had once again accumulated a wind. As soon as E landed, Yasuo flashed and hid, and then a Q blew towards the place where the little fish landed.
I didn’t expect this little fish to react very quickly, and immediately pressed the flash to hide Yasuo, the wind WQ Yasuo, and released a big move in the process of W.
“Firs blood!”
Birth of one blood
"I’m so quick to go to this little fish," I sighed at a side.
"Of course, I mean the fish in the north," Aishi said.
I want to stand on tiptoe to see what the northern fish looks like. I can see the head of Brother Northern Fish.
"Please get ready for player No.24. Please get ready for player No.24."
The lobby of the Internet cafe played this sound.
"How can I hold a SOLO competition and wake up on the radio just like the sports meeting …" I was amazed at this SOLO way.
Zhong Yi also smiled. "Can’t the way of waking up here be more humane, such as QQ notification?"
I smiled and shook my head. Maybe it’s because of the unique customs here. It’s a little something.
At this time, seeing the original face smiling, Ai Shi suddenly became stiff and said, "Oh, I seem to be number 24."
Now Aishi is looking for a place everywhere, but the Internet cafe is full. How can she find it?
Aishi hurriedly pleaded with a player who has not yet entered the League of Legends. "Brother, please lend me your machine, and my horse will have a race, which will delay you for half an hour."
I don’t think a normal man can refuse a girl with such a tone and appearance, and now Aishi is really in a hurry, otherwise Ki will have to shout and threaten to get the opportunity.
The man sitting in the Internet cafe turned his head slightly and said, "No, I have a game in ten minutes."
"Brother Feng?"
I was surprised when I saw that human face. Isn’t this the male blade that impressed me deeply?
Feng Shanze looked back at me and said, "How come it’s you again? I meet you every time I take part in some competitions."
I laughed and said, "Fate is fate."
Feng Shanze’s expression was dull and he said to Ai Shi, "Please call me."
Aishi’s expression was a little dumbfounded. For a moment, her head didn’t bend and she said, "What … What?"
Feng Shanze went on to say, "Isn’t there no chance now? You give me your account number and I’ll help you and SOLO. I’m afraid I won’t wait long enough to delay my own game. "
Ai Shi felt a little uncomfortable and said, "Ah? Then isn’t this equivalent to breaking the rules on behalf of others? This how line "
Feng Shanze went on to say, "There’s nothing wrong with this game. No one will tell you to hurry up. I have an average of five minutes each."
Aishi quickly typed his account password, and then Feng Shanze was added as a friend by an unknown person and pulled into a custom SOLO competition, which officially became BO3.
There is a hard requirement for the registration of this SOLO contest, that is, one drill and three drills in other areas, and the venue of the competition is unified. It is stipulated that when an Aishi asks her to register, she will leave her ID and someone will naturally pull her.
"My stomach is a little uncomfortable. Go to the toilet," I said to Zhong Yi.
Zhong Yi nodded and said, "Go quickly. We will wait for you here."
After I answered, I strode to the toilet and lit a cigarette.
When I go out again and come to Zhong Yi and Ai Shi’s place, Feng Shanze’s screen has already appeared on the opposite side, typing GG.
Then Feng Shanze quit the game and boarded his own number.
"This is finished?" I said, pointing to the screen with a face of surprise.
Ai Shi looked dull and nodded his head.
It took a long time to hear Aishikou say, "I think it’s better for me to abandon this SOLO contest. I promised too early because I was too young, so I’d better be a bystander."
I asked Zhong Yi, "What did this Feng Ge do just now?"
Zhong Yi’s expression didn’t change much. She said softly, "The first time I robbed him of the second level, I killed the opposite male blade. The second time I killed him of the third level, the opposite robbery was always fierce."
"Okay," I touched my nose.
"Thank you, Brother Feng." This Feng Shanze helped Aishi play the first SOLO game. It is also appropriate for him to say a few words of thanks.
Feng Shanze smiled shyly and said, "It’s nothing to wait for the competition girl to find a machine quickly."
Aishi nodded. At this time, I heard the other side shouting and saying, "Wonderful! It is worthy of being the city’s first Dreven!"
My heart moved. Aishi and Zhong Yi also noticed this sentence. Look at my face.
"There seems to be the city’s number one Draven over there. Do you want to see it?" Aishi’s face reveal a gloating expression again.
Zhong Yi is also secretly laughing at a side.
"Let’s go and have a look." I’m also a little curious. I want to see what it’s like to be the first in a city.
But unfortunately, in the past, I saw Obama die tragically on the opposite side of the Devon meat grinder, and the other side typed GG with a huge axe on the screen.
I haven’t seen this game, but isn’t it a death wish to dare to let Dreven out in this ADCSOLO competition?
There is still a set of ADCSOLO rules in this Internet cafe. Both sides are allowed to say BAN an ADC to the referee, and then they can’t choose after they enter the game. Generally, it is BAN Levin, Obama Quinn, and occasionally someone BAN a male gun.