Stepping into Lin Xuefang, Zeng Feiyang looked around at the almost unchanged decorations and couldn’t help but think of the past when Lin Xue was together, but those happy memories have become a law to save the past …

Lin Xue sat down at the piano and gently played a beautiful song, just as naturally and casually as he had played before. However, everything is different now. No matter how Lin Xue plays, neither of them can go back to the past. At least now, they can’t …
At the end of the song, Lin Xue took a deep breath and said, "Feiyang, what can I do for you?"
Zeng Feiyang deeply stared at the photo of Lin Xue in his hand and said, "I’ve come to take you to the sea for treatment! Treat your heart disease. "
Hearing this, Lin Xue’s charming body trembled slightly, and then she smiled Nai and said, "It seems that you really know everything …"
"… is …"
Silence or silence seems that both of them can’t find anything to say. Let’s not talk about it before. Neither of them seems to know how to communicate next.
"I’m sorry" for a long time. Zeng Feiyang finally spit out these three words. I’m sorry. Zeng Feiyang really felt very sorry. Lin Xue knew Lin Xue very well. He knew that Lin Xue left himself because of his heart disease. It was also because Lin Xue was kind and unwilling to make himself difficult that he didn’t come to him after he became rich. Lin Xue had done too much to repay Zeng Feiyang by law. However, Zeng Feiyang tried to make up for his mistakes with his own physical and mental love. Because there were also two girls around him who made several sacrifices ..
Lin Xue shed tears when she heard Zeng Feiyang’s words. She knew what Zeng Feiyang wanted to apologize to her. She also knew that Zeng Feiyang’s return this time was not a special trip to save her feelings-no matter what Lin Xue did, she still loved Zeng Feiyang and expected Zeng Feiyang to find her and hug her again. However, Zeng Feiyang’s "sorry" has broken her fantasy …
Lin Xue showed that beautiful but sad smile and said, "You have nothing to be sorry for. I’ve been running away from you, avoiding you and hurting you very much!"! I’m the one who should really say I’m sorry … "Speaking of which, Lin Xue has bowed his head and silently shed tears of sadness.
Zeng Feiyang saw Lin Xue look like a burst of colic in his heart. Suddenly, he felt that he seemed to have returned to that stormy afternoon-that Lin Xue asked him to break up.
At that time, Zeng Feiyang didn’t have the courage to save Lin Xue, and he didn’t have the courage to hug Lin Xue. Still can’t he?
More than half a year’s NBA career has made Zeng Feiyang white, and he must not hesitate to do something. Once he hesitates, he will lose a lot! Whether in the game or in real life …
Ceng Feiyang suddenly stepped forward and hugged Lin Xue gently from behind, and gave him a hug after missing him …
Lin Xue body rigidity, she closed her eyes and felt that Zeng Feiyang had given her warmth and always felt …
For a long time, Zeng Feiyang slowly said, "Light snow, I’m sorry. Now I can’t feel myself and make a final decision. Give me a while!" No matter who I choose, I hope you can get healthy, so can you go to the sea with me for treatment now? "
"Good" Lin Xue gently responded with a tear, and once again, she was moved, lost, disappointed, hopeful and afraid in her tears …
On this night, Zeng Feiyang took Lin Xue’s family to his home for a long-delayed reunion dinner. On this night, Zeng Feiyang also told everyone that he would take Lin Xue to the maritime affairs, and both families agreed with Zeng Feiyang’s practice. Of course, Lin Xue’s mother will also go to the sea with Lin Xue. After all, Lin Xue needs a familiar person to take care of her during the treatment period.
The second day early in the morning, Zeng Feiyang took Lin Xue’s mother and daughter to the sea together and arrived at the sea at noon.
Finally, I finally met that one of my biggest rivals!
When Xia Na and Meng Tianxue saw Lin Xue, they all knew that Zeng Feiyang would never forget Lin Xue.
Lin Xue has a piano standard that is no worse than the two of them. Moreover, in Lin Xue, the weak body has a strong and kind heart. This girl is simply the perfect product forged by the emperor. Perhaps it is because she is so perfect that the emperor will make this girl suffer so much pain.
The rejection and hostility that Zeng Feiyang was worried about did not appear. Soon after meeting, Xia Na and two women dreamed of snow, and Lin Xue, the biggest enemy, became good friends. Lin Xue discussed Zeng Feiyang’s incident, and from time to time, she giggled because of something embarrassing that Zeng Feiyang had-all three girls were trapped by three feelings!
During the conversation, Lin Xue told the two women that she wanted to take part in this month’s piano competition at the last stage of her life and burn all her happiness in the splendor. But ever Feiyang found her and missed and moved Lin Xue, which made Lin Xue realize the preciousness of life and her selfishness again-how many people would she be sad when she died?
Because of this, Lin Xue regained his desire to survive and agreed to receive treatment …
A few days later, Lin Xue received a heart transplant. Because Liu Tianlong collected the best equipment and invited the best surgeon, the operation was very successful. After the operation, the transplanted heart was completely anastomosed in Lin Xue, and there was no rejection, which also made everyone happy. After all, this result is the most perfect result!
On the night of June 2nd, the night before CUBA final, I used to sit on the dock, silently watching the dark ocean and remembering the road I had been walking.
The first dribble, the first shot, the first dunk, the first one-on-one hit, the first competition, the first CUBA game, the first NBA game, the first Kobe decisive battle …
A number of first times flashed through Zeng Feiyang’s mind one by one, as if it were yesterday, when things were generally so real and clear.
"Ah, there you are!" Suddenly a familiar and casual voice sounded from behind him.
"Are you here? Sit down! " Zeng Feiyang patted the side panel without looking back.
Liu Yang ha ha smiled and sat down beside Zeng Feiyang and asked, "What are you thinking?"
"think about the past"
"Oh yeah?" Liu Yang looked up at the night. "In the flying days, we are going to take part in the CUBA final together with the partners of HKUST. Will it make people think that we are deliberately funny if I take a super player with 6 points in NCAA and an NBA super rookie like you to take part in the CUBA competition and it is the final?"
"Who knows? He! " Zeng Feiyang shrugged his shoulders. "We still have a degree in Chengkeda. Why can’t we take part in the competition? And our participation in the competition is just to fulfill our’ dream’! It is right to win on the court! "
"Ha really suits your personality." Liu Yang smiled lightly and then asked meaningfully. "So what are you going to do about that?"
"eh? What is it? " Zeng Feiyang revealed a vacant expression.
Liu Yang caught a glimpse of Zeng Feiyang and said, "Don’t play dumb with me. You know what I’m talking about."
Zeng Feiyang said with a wry smile after listening, "Is it the three girls? Oh, to tell you the truth, I don’t know what to do with the three of them … "
"But you have to deal with it!" Liu Yang Shen said, "I asked you Feiyang, which one of them do you like best? Xiaoxue? Dream? Still na? "
Ceng Feiyang thought for a moment and opened his mouth to say a few words …
Liu Yang’s face was shocked after hearing this, and then he said with a quick laugh, "Oh, yeah?" Yes, I would probably do the same if I were you … "
Speaking of which, Liu Yang rushed Zeng Feiyang and held out his hand. "Since you are going to do this in an emotional matter, let’s talk about basketball!"! This year, 1% of me will be selected as the No.1 scholar in the NBA. At that time, I will definitely meet you in the Eastern Conference, so let’s meet in the finals! "
Ceng Feiyang looked at Liu Yangxiao and took Liu Yang’s hand and said, "That’s good! I want you to lead the team to the finals. "
"Oh, pull each other, and don’t be eliminated by others for winning four games in a row. That would be really shameful." Liu Yang contended for the wind.
Zeng Feiyang laughed and suddenly became stiff. "Hehe, just put 12 hearts at ease. We will never lose again, but don’t even make it to the playoffs."
"Ha, let’s see who didn’t make it to the finals!" Liu Yang chuckled.
There was a silence, and the two teenagers burst out laughing at the same time, and their friendship broke out. They competed for their future …
The dream pursuit of two people is endless …
Final chapter dream
"Hello, CCTV, Taichung, CCTV audience. We are now broadcasting the annual China CUBA League Finals. Today, this game has attracted the attention of China fans because it is not only the CUBA Finals, but also because a player who has just returned to China and scored 6 points in the NCAA also participated in the game! And they are also on the Chengke University basketball team! According to reliable information, Zeng Feiyang, another team, also had a degree in Chengke University, and they were all members of Chengke University basketball team before they left China! So they all have the qualification to participate in the CUBA competition, and they will participate in this CUBA competition because they have the dream of recruiting CUBA! This time, I want to fulfill their CUBA dream! It is precisely because of this that this game can attract the attention of several fans-everyone wants to see what wonderful performances these two teenagers who are already famous in the United States will play! "
At 2: 30 p.m., the final of CUBA contest is official.
No accident came to watch the game. Most of the fans supported Chengke University. There are two super players in Chengke University who have just returned from America!
The whole stadium echoed with fans cheering for the two teams. Of course, most of them were for Chengke University and Zeng Feiyang-Zeng Feiyang has been recognized by China fans!
Yang Tian looked at the stadium and the fans blew a whistle and said, "Wow, isn’t that terrible?" It’ s so loud before the game. Isn’ t the whole stadium going to collapse after the game? "
Zeng Feiyang patted Yang Tian’s shoulder. "So you feel horrible?" What a dish! Fans in the NBA are much more powerful than this. "
"Even in NCAA, it’s worse than this," Liu Yang also said.
After listening to Yang Tian, he jokingly said, "Yes, yes, yes, two big bosses. I know your situation in the United States! So don’t care about me as a farmer, OK? "
"Tell you to talk nonsense" once Feiyang lamented Yang Tian’s chest and then frolicked with Yang Tian-the two brothers are still close.
Li Leiqi was very excited when he looked at these familiar faces in front of him-there is nothing more gratifying for a coach than leading a strong United team to win the championship.