However, many other disciples in Yunfeng, who are in the process of cultivation, simply can’t feel the situation. At best, they can feel that a hurricane suddenly blows in their place, but the fire energy is still abundant here, which is completely negligible.

The collision between extremely cold energy and extremely hot energy actually produced a vision, and the entanglement of fire clouds and white cold caused a sensation in the whole Chaoyang City.
A few moments later, the strong people were flying in awe, and there was a figure in the ghosting which passed, one black and one red, which made every strong person boil.
"What’s that? It seems that someone has been taken away. "
"It must be a baby."
"Do you feel that the temperature has dropped a lot?"
This sentence immediately attracted more people’s attention, and it was only when the temperature in Chaoyang City dropped to the normal standard that I became accustomed to the extreme high temperature suddenly dropping to the normal level, but I felt a little cold.
"Fuck, it must be that those two things just flew away from Chaoyang City, which led to the normal weather in Chaoyang City. So it seems that the strange weather in Chaoyang City is bound to be chased by those two things just now."
In an instant, all the strong men in Dreadwind Gate have also chased them out. It is because the two things in front are so fast that no one can follow them and chase them in the general direction according to the ghosting.
"This speed is terrible. It’s several times faster than my flying speed. Isn’t Torre saying that people who have pure yang and unique pulse body are Xuanyuan Dao owners? Then Xuanyuan Dao ran a ball? Is the old pure yang pulse body his parallel product? " Feng Yang is puzzled. He is also a well-known Xuanyuan Dao, and he can’t catch it if he doesn’t have his own soul-eating blade.
It takes a day or two for the wind to fly from Zheng Ancheng to Sunset City, and then the soul-eating blade flies more than half the distance in an hour. This experience makes the wind fly in some clouds and fog, and you can’t see things clearly unless you open your eyes and eyes.
The speed of terror produces the same terror penetration, and the terror penetration brings great wind resistance. When the wind rises, he feels that the wind will pass through his body, and he has to bite his teeth and endure the pain.
When he removed the eagle pupil, everything in his eyes became a real’ cloud’ because he couldn’t see anything clearly.
The battle between Juxian Pavilion and the main house of the Arbitration Church is a once-in-a-century battle, and the number of people in this battle determines the duration of the battle.
From noon to the late stage, the people in Juxian Pavilion poured in like a continuous river to support them. At first, the number and momentum had always been dominant, and the Lord’s House and the arbitration church gradually lost that advantage and were evenly matched with Juxian Pavilion.
At this time, the sunset has fallen from the other side of the mountain, and the light has been replaced by darkness. Both sides have consumed all the forces and reached the maximum limit. The fighting has become more and more unattractive, but at the same time it has become more and more thrilling. Without the support and defense of the forces, everyone is greeting each other with their own weapons.
A great war has gradually evolved into an endurance contest, a mental perseverance contest.
At this time, Huatian was in charge of the Hunting Hall, which was the fiercest and ferocious hunting hall. Everyone had to complete all kinds of dangers and fight with different people at all times. Everyone was trained to be bloodthirsty and cruel like a wolf and to be United as a wolf. Although there were only a few dozen people, the number of enemies who were beaten by these dozens was far more than their total number.
They are all tired and panting, and it takes a lot of effort to raise their weapons. They need to clench their teeth and support hard. The easiest way is to knock each other down because they know that they will be themselves if they don’t knock each other down.
And Hua Tian, Luo Lin, Xi Yu, Chang Ziteng and other people with high fighting capacity also fought with many other masters such as Lv Bin and Yang Xue for several hours, and they were all wounded and exhausted. Now everyone is fighting with each other with real swords and spears.
Wu Hua’s heart ached for several hours. At this time, his face turned white and he was short of breath as if he had lost his strength.
Lv Bin, who was invited to foreign aid, has been shocked by the madness in the face of fighting. It is hard for him to imagine that there is a talent with such fighting capacity and such surging fighting spirit in Juxian Pavilion. If the arbitration church is put in place, it will definitely be great.
Hua Tian can ignore each other’s thoughts, and now there is no force and physical strength. The overdraft method has a paralyzing effect, and Lei can severely cut at each other with the knife in his hand.
But Lv Bin also got him to dodge a knife and seize the opportunity to stab the Chinese medicine sideways.
Huatian’s face cried the pain and ferocious, and endured the pain. His eyes were cold and vicious, like a crazy beast. Lv Bin Lv Bin’s eyes were tightly locked with horror. Huatian’s mouth was drawn with a bloodthirsty crazy smile like a beast. Soon, he saw Huatian’s left hand suddenly grasped the sword that pierced himself, and then he chopped Lv Bin’s head with a knife regardless of the pain.
Although the speed of this knife is not fast, it can be said to be slow, but at this time, Lv Bin’s physical strength is also consumed to a limit. If he is not the arbitration church, he will exercise his perseverance and know that he is slack now, and he is likely to be killed by the other side’s madness. At this time, people seem to be relying on their own fighting spirit and willpower to dominate the serious overdraft body.
At this juncture, Lv Bin suddenly missed the chopping knife on one side of his head, but fortunately, his shoulder was hard to be severely chopped by Alex’s knife.
And huatian power is obviously consumed to the limit. If it is in a normal state, this knife is enough to cut Lv Bin’s body into two pieces. At this time, the blade is stuck in the bone for a few inches and can’t move.
Lv Bin suffered from pain and pressure. His knees cried and knelt down, but he was also forced to kneel down. At that moment, he suddenly pulled out his sword and flew Huatian out from Liao to kill God’s body and left a long wound. Blood poured out.
Both of them fell to the ground, breathing heavily, and their chest fluctuated violently. Then Huatian rolled over and propped up her body with a long knife in her hand. She climbed up slowly and stumbled up with a big knife. She just grabbed Lv Bin’s sword and left palm with bloody blood dripping, which has covered the beach with blood.
"Mom this crazy is necessary so hard? Fuck! " Lv Bin dark scold a but also have to support the broken body slowly up is also an awkward look gaunt and ferocious. He has some regrets and a woman who has been slept by others for many times * * but it is not too expensive to come here desperately.
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Chapter six hundred and sixty-nine What will heartache?
Fighting is not fatal. Huatian is not the only one in Juxian Pavilion. Everyone has left life and death at this time. In the end, willpower is not much, and blood is bound to persist until the end.
The Juxian Pavilion can still fight. Less than 100 people feel that this battle is no longer just for Juxian Pavilion, but for resisting the overlord of the Lord’s mansion and the arbitration church. They are gradually fighting by themselves, so that they can recall it after several years without regret, but they can proudly tell their grandchildren about this experience or die and regret it.
Everyone’s blood is ignited, and there is no distractions left in my heart.
This is an idea, an obsession, a belief that supports them to fall down again and again, climb up again and again, and kick each other when they are cut twice.
"Ha, ha, ha, come on. You will invite foreign aid, won’t you? Come on, that’s it. Foreign aid? Ha ha ha ha. "Hua Tian’s bloodstained mouth opened wide and laughed wildly, and he almost fell down several times. When he laughed, he exposed a mouthful of blood teeth, which was extremely ferocious, but it was also more domineering than domineering. It was a kind of domineering and ruthless wolf king.
Lv Bin, Alex’s opponent, was shocked by the madness in front of him, and his heart trembled violently. He swore that he had never met such an opponent. This was simply a beast’s madness. Perhaps it was the biggest mistake to ask that woman to do it several times.
Huatian’s bloodthirsty and arrogant infected dozens of people left, and everyone felt a surge of heroism. Everyone laughed proudly and laughed like a wild animal.