"A few grandfathers are very unfamiliar. Is there a old frame?" A few girls, either watery, enchanting, charming or pure, came swaying and struggled in romantic places for several years. They could tell at a glance who was the real uncle. These young people were generous at first sight.

"It’s so dangerous. All the people here are hideous but quite easy to get along with." Looking around at the sexy and enchanting clothes, the girls Wu Hua felt deeply.
He and Rowling stared at the woman’s throat and showed peristalsis. Both of them looked at each other’s eyes with excitement, but when the eyes fell, Youcher and Yunrou felt the cold skull eyeing their eyes, the two hearts were resistant to the wind. * * Suddenly faded like the tide and immediately became a serious avenue. "Uber, give me a flash to find a tiger to help people come over and our boss find something for them."
Several girls are used to this kind of thing. They disdain the pie mouth and go back to their mouths. They despise whispering, "It’s another group of poor people who want to find a tiger to help the bosses eat and drink, and don’t come if they have no money."
"Let’s call you whatever you want." In front of Yunrou, she showed her disdain for romantic women. She was very domineering and said that her face was angry, but in fact, her heart was bleeding. How can this attitude be reassuring to such a lovely woman who made me a gentle man?
The girls were scared when they saw each other being so strong, but they insisted, "What do you mean, you didn’t spend money? Why should I call you?"
"Holy shit" Rowling should have expected these girls to be unrestrained.
Moments later, dozens of people rushed to the second floor of Yichun Building, each of whom was fierce, as if violating their interests here was a heinous crime and must be killed.
"Who are you?" People are all tiger heads. First of all, tiger heads help a team of ten people. There are also dozens of people who are obedient and have a unique style when they talk.
Wu Huadao, a "Juxian", is a man with a very strong sense of belonging. If he controls his own territory, he will feel like home in a short time, and then he will learn to work hard to build this home rather than fight for his life to make his home magnificent and firm.
"Juxian?" Hua Yang, a long sentence of the ten-member squad, murmured thoughtfully, but he didn’t find any information about Juxian in his impression. After all, Juxian was just founded yesterday, and although it had some conflicts with Xiao’s mercenary group, it made a threat, but the news didn’t seem to reach Hua Yang’s ear. He asked, "What can I do for you?"
Hand-written novels
Chapter four hundred and fifty-one Kicking field
Welcome you to come.
"I’ve come to borrow some territory from you [w w w]" Wu Hua, a spokesperson for Juxian, felt it necessary to come out and answer all questions.
"I depend on you, he niang can really joke" sentence Huayang smiled don’t be sarcastic. He thought that these people came to rely on * *
I thought about them very much * * I wanted to take refuge in my tiger’s help, but I didn’t expect this guy to joke with me so cold.
"Do I look like a joke?" Wu Hua asked.
Hua Yang and others froze for a long time and gave a guffaw. "Ha ha ha what did he say? Borrow territory from our Tiger Head Gang? buddies
Is that clear? ? "
"Yes, they mean to pick up the site, or we’ll lend them a toilet. Let’s help the family with a tiger’s head and not be too stingy.
"Toilets can also collect 50 yuan for urinating, and a gold stool can also earn a lot of money a day."
Dozens of people have been brazenly sneering and carrying a lot of swearing with female reproductive organs.
"Do you believe this street will belong to our Juxian in a few days?" Wu Hua continued to make arrogant remarks that hurt people.
This arrogance is more suspicious than words, which aroused the anger of all the people, more than 30 members of the Tiger Head Gang, and accompanied them to chat here because they talked about them.
Say such an unpleasant thing, it seems that we can’t talk about it any more
"I see that you are newborn calves who are not afraid of tigers. We have seen a lot of Together Brothers people like you, and there is nothing good in the end.
If you want to get ahead, it’s better to be down-to-earth or find a solid backer. It’s better to get rid of the idea. "
Hua Yang said earnestly that the gesture is obviously that of an old Jianghu person and then teach a group of younger generations a lesson.
Wu Huanai shook his head and said, "In this case, let’s see the truth."
"I don’t know if there is a real chapter at the bottom of your hand, but if those beautiful women behind you let us go to Yi Chunlou, I believe you will not worry about development.
"Hua Yang disdain said with a smile.
"Noisy" Hua Tian grunted coldly. The voice fell and people rushed out like a flash. When Hua Tian didn’t blink, there was already a sentence of Hua Yang.
Huayang has the strength of the Second Emperor Wu, but compared with the thunder element and reaching the level of the Fourth Emperor Wu Huatian, his strength is still too tender.
Days to speed is several times that of him, he just gave birth to dodge consciousness, but he already felt a terrible pain in his chest at the same time.