Others are equally tense and will take the opportunity to surround the spaceship Wu Hua and others. The sea light is that everyone spits at Wu Hua, and they can drown them all, but they can also be sick to death.

Wu Hua, Hua Tian, Luo Lin and others instantly entered the combat state and looked alert and guarded against it.
When Xiao Tingwei, Suojun and others were about to attack, Liu Zhe took out a piece of black stuff in an understatement and held up his head proudly and said, "Open your eyes and see clearly what this is for?"
"* * How long have you been wearing boots so smelly?" Wu Hua and others are covering their noses with Liu Zhela at some distance.
"boots?" Liu Zhe’s eyes moved to his boots and suddenly he looked embarrassed. He wryly said, "I’m sorry to take it out and start over."
Finally, I quickly changed something and said, "Open your eyes and see clearly what this is about?"
"Dreadwind Order?" Xiao Tingwei and others are obviously discerning people. When they see the black token in Liu Zhe’s hand, they suddenly look horrified and look at Liu Zhe again with deep fear.
"It turned out that the sharp brother YanZhuo didn’t recognize it, but he still looked at Haihan." Xiao Tingwei, Tian Hui Suojun and Ling Fengmen Tengxiong, the Xiao mercenary group, respectfully bowed their hands at Liu Zhe, just like Sun.
Although they are the three major forces of Zheng Ancheng, Zheng Ancheng’s troubles are rampant, and he is forbidden to dominate the country. However, compared with Dreadwind, they are suspected to be shrimp, while Dreadwind is equivalent to a great white shark. No amount of shrimp is worth a bite of it.
Xiao Tingwei’s heart is full of criticisms now. Zheng Ancheng has come to some empires all the year round, or some business businessmen have no big power and super strong people to take care of them. It is precisely because of this that the three major forces can dominate Zheng Ancheng, but Dreadwind teaches people to come here and join in the fun. Damn it!
Tianhui Suojun and Lingfengmen Tengxiong also have Xiao Tingwei’s tangled face. Although they are all smiling at Liu Zhe, they have already scolded Zheng Ancheng for such a small place. How can they get such a big Buddha?
"Even Brother Sharp, you dare to move. We want to go in now. Just forget it happened and don’t let it happen?" Compared with arrogance, Liu Zhe is as arrogant as 250 thousand
"Misunderstandings are misunderstandings. We don’t know if Brother Sharp is still looking at Haihan." Xiao Tingwei and others continued to pretend that Sun made a way for Liu Zhe and others to pass.
Liu Zhe took Wu Hua and others to be overbearing. Everyone stared in amazement as Xiao Tingwei and others passed by. Liu Zhenai said, "I want to keep a low profile, but they have to force me to be high-profile. I am very contradictory." He then secretly glanced at Xi Yu and other girls.
In his fantasy, girls such as Xi Yu, Liu Man, You Xueer and Han Lei should show surprise and admiration for themselves at this time, and then give a kiss and a wick fragrance, by the way, and then offer a body surge.
However, the cruel facts made Liu Zhe see that several girls were listening to Wu Hua and Rowling’s comments about their dog fighting strength, Smith and tiger, and they also nodded their heads in agreement with Wu Hua and Rowling’s two animals. This made Brother Sharp, who is low-key, very sad, sigh in his heart and sigh how sad it is to know each other and know each other all over the world.
Hand-written novels
Chapter four hundred and ten Public outrage
Welcome you to come.
Wu Hua, Rowling, Liu Zhe and others entered Helen Jedi one after another, suspecting that Zheng Ancheng’s three major forces’ faces were severely fanned for a few times. They just boasted about their heroism, and when they were close to the ship of the three major forces, they were shot and killed. At this moment, they were just walked in by several young people. This kind of thing made the heads of the three major forces feel embarrassed.
However, Liu Zhe took people in, and the three major forces respectfully smiled at each other, which made people feel that it was a shame. After all, the third brother of the mainland is well known.
The elder brother Chang Ziteng, the elder brother Chang Ziteng, the second brother Liu Zhe, and the third brother Lan Long are famous in the Jianghu. These three brothers all have their own characteristics and personalities. At this time, these three brothers have all been upgraded to three grandfathers, and they have to pretend to be grandchildren wherever they go.
First, it is naturally because of the detached forces behind them, and second, because their own strength has their own unique skills to save lives, so that ordinary people dare not touch them.
Although the three major forces feel their faces burning, they can give a cordial greeting to the relatives of Brother Sharp Liu Zhejia in their hearts. No one dares to jump out and confront him.
It is the heads of the three major forces who tacitly send a message to the people who have entered Helen Jedi. If there is no interest dispute with Brother Sharp, forget it. If there is interest dispute, they will kill their department. Anyway, Helen Jedi will not leak if he kills people. No one will know.
"Xiao Tingwei, isn’t this no different from bullying the good and fearing the evil?" See Xiao Tingwei, Suojun and others let several people in Liu Zhe enter Helen Jedi, but they are still tough to prevent Zheng Ancheng from entering. Let Zheng Ancheng’s forces come out after the three major forces, Peng Shuai, the head of the Diablo mercenary group, and be fearless.
"Colonel Peng, if you have the ability and courage, you can try to make a break. If you can get the ship, Helen Jedi resources will naturally have your share, but if you are less skilled, you can’t blame us for not waking you up." Lingfengmen Tengxiong’s eyes disdain to look at Peng Shuai alone. Lingfengmen, a dark mercenary group in Peng Shuai, is also superior. At this time, the three major forces have joined forces to be so luxurious. I really won’t be afraid of Zheng Ancheng’s side.
"On weekdays, we have to be polite to you. If you really want a piece of it, just grab it. Anyway, the sea area is no longer under the jurisdiction of the arbitration church. If you want to do it, you will directly say something. Don’t say that our three major forces are arrogant. We don’t need to be polite to you, do we?" Temper SuoJun cold hum a way
What he said also makes people refute that although Zheng Ancheng and various resource areas are under the jurisdiction of the arbitration church on weekdays, there are no fewer incidents of fighting and bloodshed. The three forces are fighting for resources and fighting to the death. The three forces unite to enjoy Helen Jedi. His forces can also verbally say a few words. Because of the root, there is no right or wrong, and whoever has a big fist is right.
Peng Shuai, the head of the Diablo mercenary group, couldn’t put a fart when Tengxiong and Suojun spoke. Hundreds of people in the Diablo mercenary group saw each other so arrogant and arrogant that they didn’t even look at the Diablo mercenary group. They were also angry and angry. If the seawater erupted, it would boil, but if there was no image in seeing the boss, they would hold their hearts and wait and see, and change others’ emotions, that is, gloating and wandering in solidarity.
"With you, the Diablo mercenary group also wants to compete with our three major forces, or that sentence, it is better to take advantage of our three major forces to compete for his resources when they are not in time. I know that you are all here with luck, which is bitter." Xiao Tingwei’s arrogance is self-evident and he has made no secret of his naked contempt for his forces.
His intention is to stimulate other forces to attack. The three major forces of Zheng Ancheng will join hands to increase the advantages of the sea area. They can easily weaken Zheng Ancheng. The scale of his forces will be able to give them a pain when they return from Helen Jedi.
After all, the advantages of the three major forces can’t be more obvious now. The three major forces are like a hemp rope twisted together with more than a dozen ships connected to form a vast terrain, which is organized and disciplined, while other forces are scattered in their own battles. Even if they barely condense into a rope, they will not twist as much as possible. When fighting hard, each force will try to let others take the lead, so that the roots of Uzbekistan are just a little more people. Therefore, Xiao Tingwei and others are not afraid of them, but hope that those forces will attack one by one so that they can break them one by one.