Warm current accounted for a slap on the spot and slapped it in the past, saying "abrasive things! It was my fault that your father gave you to me! Let your vision become so inferior! "

"You show me a dumb luck! Since people can sit in the four continents of Hebei, they have other things to do! "
The young man bowed his head and said nothing.
Wen Liu sighed and said, "Hey, go do something! Don’t mess with Ji Fan. He’s a general now, and he’s protecting his emperor! Plus the five senses corps commander! Seven thousand double armies outside the palace! You don’t give me confused provoke him. "
The young man just woke up and nodded and said, "Uncle, don’t worry, I won’t mess with him."
Warm current this just with a sigh.
The old man looked at the information in his hand and said with interest, "Oh, come on, get in touch with him!" "
The middle-aged man bowed out.
October twelfth in the morning
JiFan with Dian Wei rare good interest to the restaurant to drink tea.
One of them, Xiao Er, took a long look and backed away.
JiFan shook his head and said to Dian Wei, "I haven’t been at home for a day since I arrived in Beijing! Fortunately, I have arranged my back road in Jia Xu, and I can plan it in a few days! "
Dian Wei was confused and nodded. In fact, he didn’t know what JiFan was talking about, but he knew that he would nod now.
JiFan smiled and poured himself a pot of good wine to drink.
At this time, a hearty voice came over and said, "Oh, General Ji is so elegant today!"
JiFan smile said "can be bitter master wen to accompany me around! It took a lot of money to buy eyeliner! "
Wen Liu smiled kindly and walked away from the second floor. Silk didn’t mind Jifan’s sarcastic remarks.
"Ah, it’s a pity that General Ji and the two armies can’t buy it at any price!"
JiFan smiled and said, "but I do know that several double armies have been bought! Kill them for your own life! You have to pay me back! "
Wen Liu smiled and then said, "I won’t hide it from General Ji today. I do have one thing to trouble General Ji."
Ji Fan said, "If it weren’t for Wen Wan ‘er, the rest could be discussed."
Wen Liu’s face was embarrassed and asked, "Isn’t the little waitress thoughtful enough? Wait for me. "
"It’s not that it’s really unreasonable for a big lady of hers to wait on me!"
At this time, the young man who has not spoken around Wenliu interjected, "Uncle, since General Ji said so."
Wen Liu’ s face was fierce and screaming "Get out!"
The young man looked at JiFan bitterly and turned away.
JiFan shook his head and said in his heart
What can I do for you? A slut!
Warm current continued to restore the affinity smile. I just wanted to say something, and the building was shouting.
"Master! This is not good! The twelve old men died. "
Chapter 11 Warm and dry bad breath
Ps was crazy yesterday. Both arms were weak. The code words were shaking. Sorry for coming late!
"Master! This is not good! The twelve old men died, eleven of them died, and the last one breathed a sigh of relief! " A double army hurriedly ran around the restaurant on the second floor and saw JiFan hurriedly come running to JiFan said
Ji Fan just took a sip of wine and sprayed it on Wen Liu’s puffy face.
Ji Fan wiped her warm face with some flustered sleeves and said, "I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I have to leave in advance!" " Say that finish hurriedly followed the man upstairs.
How can you be like this?
I finally found an opportunity. How could you?