How many people in the post-modern people who are immersed in the country’s gratitude can have this persistence? What’s more, they have just come out of the cage and suffered a lot.

After hearing her words, Xie Cunguan felt his eyes moist for a while. He took a deep look at this woman, who was called Little Little Lioness. In her enchanting and charming face, she was almost affectionate on her daily life, but she had a patriotic heart.
"The country is behind the home!" Xie Cunguan gently repeated it before lifting the teacup and gently touching Yan Peihuai. "I am United with Yan Jie at this point!"
Jinliang tea in the cup reflects the light of the teahouse, and at that time some holy glow feeling is to be continued.
Tragic …
Colleagues and children held a full moon wine banquet and met two old friends whom I hadn’t seen for years, so tragedy happened. I drank too much … to be continued.
Chapter 44 Newborn calves are afraid of tigers
Shichahai is said to be the sexiest place in Beijing and Kowloon. There are water, boats and bridges, and the wind blows on the shore. Liushui reflects Tian Yue’s most touching but fashionable trend in ancient courtyards. When the night casts neon-painted antique scenery on the rippling water, it is accompanied by pedestrians laughing, and a sense of beauty but not glamour is quietly born.
Bar are receiving all kind of guests in this night full of ancient capital characteristics.
Beijing bars first rose in Sanlitun, and later they formed new bars such as Shichahai, Xingba Road and Yuandadu. I don’t know if Lu Fangtian had a soft spot for bars at the beginning, but he actually set up bars in Sanlitun, Shichahai and Xingba Road.
Later, Mr. Worm transferred these three bars and a nightclub to Xie Cun’s official name, which is a relatively clean industry in Liu Fangtian’s hands.
Xie Cunguan gave the bar and nightclub to Liu Shisan, who was grateful for kindness, but took a lot of cash when the bar just took over the cash flow, and then ignored it. It seems that these industries are gone with him.
Although every year, Liu Shisan comes there with some documents to report the business situation, he usually throws them directly in the drawer without even reading them, and there is no instruction.
After all these years, I don’t know whether it is a loss or a gain.
Walking into this bar called "the place where the clouds are floating", it is the first time to step into your own industry.
Little sister Gao Tao, who is wearing a cheongsam to welcome guests at the door, asked politely with an inarticulate quiet temperament, "How many gentlemen? Is there a positioning? "
Xie Cunguan shook his head and said, "I’m looking for Liu Wenliang!"
Liu Wenliang is the official name of Liu Thirteen. In the past, when he was in the road with Mr. Worm, it was the name of Liu Thirteen. Since he became a housekeeper for Xie Cunguan, he returned to Liu Wenliang from Liang Liu Thirteen.
Little sister couldn’t help but look at Xie Cunguan, followed by Chen Hu and Cao Xin, and immediately calmed down and said, "Please come with me!" Just turn around and lead the way
The quadrangle is very quiet, and I don’t know where the guzheng comes from. It is like running water. The scenery in the small courtyard is beautiful, and there is a garden-like care of the operator everywhere. The lighting is just right, but it is not dark. The lighting is always in the most appropriate place, just to see the things that the owner wants to impress the guests.
Although I have never seriously visited these industries, Xie Cunguan knows that this bar in Shichahai is a painting bar, and the guests here are mostly friends in the painting industry except for the lively atmosphere and beautiful women.
Liu thirteen’s father nicknamed Liu Xiucai, in addition to Tai Chi Kung Fu, is also very accomplished in painting. He has also made great achievements in this respect since he was a child. Later, after living in Beijing and Kowloon, he went to the underworld with Liao Zhi and Master Chong, and no one knew who Liu Wenliang was.
Because of this, after becoming the "housekeeper" of Xie Cunguan, Liu Thirteen set up his office in this bar, where he always lived. The other two bars and nightclubs only went to see it when needed.
As it is still early, there are not many guests in the bar and there is no sense of crowding.
But it can also be seen that guests often have long hair and beards, and they are more or less artistic. Sitting at the table one by one, the beautiful women are laughing and obviously looking for "artistic" inspiration.
There are also some women whose temperament is different from that of a string bar, and I think they are also ladies in the painting field
On both sides of the bar hall in free from worry, it is obvious that there are bags that come and go from time to time. When the doors close one by one, Xie Cunguan sees that most of those bags are full of people, but there is a bag door that doesn’t even look through the open door. Because there are people around the table, Xie Cunguan can’t see whether he is writing or painting.
However, from his shoulder, Xie Cunguan feels that painting is more likely.
Qipao sister took him to the bar and said to a woman who was talking to two students at the bar, "Sister Yun, this gentleman is looking for a boss!"
The woman looked up and thanked the officer for not being able to shine at the moment.
This is a style that is not lost to Ye Zhun-xing’s "Veteran Bar". The woman Tang Ya, dressed in a black slim skirt, reveals her concave and convex figure, but also makes her skin more white. Her chest is quite clear and rich, and a ravine is deep in it. The charm of a mature woman comes to the bar with ambiguous lights, which makes people want to lift the black dress to get a glimpse of the scenery.
Female see xie inch officer immediately reveal a charming but lovely smile "you are xie dong! The boss is waiting for you inside, please come with me! " When he turned around, he said to the students, "Everybody go back to your positions and be careful!"
Several students immediately dispersed one by one and looked at Xie Cunguan in amazement. Obviously, I can’t figure out what the background of such a young chairman is.
Xie Cunguan followed the woman inside and walked past the bar. There was a frosted glass facade and a picture of a crane returning home.
Next to the door is a picture of a blessed land where couplets are born in idle clouds; There is a hole in the sky where the wild crane returns
Xie Cunguan paused in front of the door and looked at the paintings and characters. Although he didn’t have any accomplishments in painting, he still made considerable efforts to appreciate paintings when he was "edified" in Zhu Yanchi.
"This is a couplet painted by the boss and inscribed by himself!" When the woman saw that he was watching carefully, she deliberately stopped. "Does Xie Dong also study painting?" There is some curiosity in female expression.
To be a mature woman like a peach, this expression has brought out three or five points of childishness, and the end is smart and charming.
Xie Cunguan gently shook his head and said, "I’m a clown … haven’t you asked?"
"Li Wei!" The woman smiled and introduced herself, "Being a manager here …" She pushed the door.
Xie Cunguan followed him in. When he entered the door, he couldn’t help but be stunned. A tall wooden screen was behind the door, and there was a Yin and Yang Tai Chi map. Next to the Tai Chi map, there was a vigorous body. "The circle garden is asking Tai Chi bit by bit; The detailed push is ultimately to prolong life and not to be old! "
Follow Li Yun turned the screen is a hall.