For his madness after lethality Zhang Qing but know li he has not been his fracture has made him feel strange at this time but doesn’t even have a scar.

"Ah, what are you doing?" See Mr Cheung tsing step to tear his body piece of cloth Li He was seriously frightened. There are men who like men in this world, but I heard Zhang Qing say it himself, didn’t I?
Li Hejue’s hair stood on end and he stumbled backward, but he sat down on the ground.
"ah!" Li He screamed that it never rains but it pours. Flowers and plants everywhere in the courtyard. Li He’s ass is sitting in the flowerpot, but it hurts badly.
Breathing air conditioning, Zhang Qing limped back to bed and listened to Zhang Qing’s explanation that Li He wanted to cry. His ass was white.
After inspection, Li He was all wet except that he had just broken the bottom of the flowerpot.
If it weren’t for giving Li He medicine by himself, Zhang Qing couldn’t believe that Li He had been so seriously injured before, and there was no trace of normal after the wound healed.
Even Li He himself has a burst of hair. Don’t be a natural freak, right?
At lunch time, I didn’t want to admit that I was a freak, and Li He resigned himself. Just now, the flowerpot suffered both losses, and my ass could not find any evidence of injury.
The pot of flowers buried in Li He’s buttock is not as good as Li He’s buttock, but it’s worrying that Zhang Qing’s pot of flowers has been collected and sold, but it has been fostered here in Zhang Qing because the main family needs to spend it regularly to fill the holiday scenery.
At that time, there were few illiterate people in the culturally developed cities of the Song Dynasty, and it was unusual for this business to fall into a paper contract, that is, this flower business also had a special flower contract signed by both parties.
Zhang Qing’s business is that the flower-blooming date is marked by the flower contract. At this time, the flower is destroyed, and this business can be compensated according to the contract price.
"Money is money again?" After listening to Zhang Qing’s distress, Li He blurted out that he was leng "What to say again? Is it bad money before you lose your memory? "
"Money? !” Li Hejue felt a pain in his brain, and a familiar feeling made him hold his head in chagrin and lie back and wail, "What is money?"
"When money comes out, it is a matter of life and death?" Zhang Qing lay next to Li He with a sad face, and looked as if it were a day. He couldn’t help but say, "I miss the world alone and cry!"
"Hey, can’t you answer?" Looking at the milli-reaction, Li He and Zhang Qing, the literary troupe, were only a little depressed when they were born half-suspended.
Li He’s mouth was trying to talk, but suddenly his nose itched. "Ah-hoo!"
After sneezing, Li He opened his mouth and was about to speak. It was another itch in his nose. "Ah-hoo! Ah-hoo! Ah several … "
This series of sudden sneezing hit Li He’s eyes and it stopped.
"I heard that you sneezed suddenly because someone repeatedly said that you were a lover at home?" Zhang Qing has some schadenfreude.
Li He covered his head with a groan and lay back. "I want to know, too!"
Zhang Qing didn’t know that he had become fascinated by a word. At this moment, he really had that lover. He was reading that Li He was the lover. The number seems to be a little more.
Chapter 29 Hope husband
"What?" Du regrets that his red face has turned pale.
"Du Jia Xiaomei, are you okay?" Sven-wen li looked at the face changed, and Du regretted it.
He had just come back from the mountains when the earthquake happened. Everyone in the village said that he was thrilling in the mountains. This time, he just said that he saw a pair of antlers in the Dragon Valley shaking like a dragon shaking his head, and he saw Du Regret’s face crumbling. She was suddenly ill, but she didn’t want to meddle. She was hesitating about how to get out, but when she saw Du Regret’s leaving, she was relieved. She didn’t care about Du Regret’s leaving without saying hello. She quickly turned around and went on to tell a thrilling story to someone she met.
"Regret! Regret? " Du nine niang made lunch and asked her daughter to go next door and invite Li He’s mother to come over for dinner. After a long time, no one answered and she went out of the hospital to find it.
Wolong Village, however, dozens of people saw Du Regret going to the village from end to end. There were not a few people who followed the villagers’ advice. Du nine niang also went all the way to the village, but he didn’t see his daughter briefly. He thought about it and hurried to recover in the direction of Longgu.
"Regret!" Du nine niang finally met regret figure hurriedly mouth call.
"Mom!" Looking back, I saw that my mother was worried and regretted, and she called a mother and bowed her head.
"You … are you going to find a grain buddy?" Du nine niang saw Du regret slouches. Although it was a question, he already knew the answer.
"hmm!" Du regret gently nodded and stopped talking.
Du nine niang’s eyes moved but he didn’t persuade. Instead, he asked, "What if Wo Ge doesn’t see you when he comes back?"
"This ….." Du Regret was stopped when he was asked to find Wo Brother. He said that if Wo Brother came back and couldn’t see himself, Du Regret remembered that he was sinister in the mountains. A girl with a lot of experience ventured into the mountains. If Wo Brother returned to the village, she would never come back …
Seeing her daughter’s face can’t change. Du nine niang’s eyes flashed with a gentleness and stepped forward to hold her daughter in her arms.
"Mom!" Du regrets that he finally showed his age-appropriate side and leaned weakly in his mother’s arms. He has been worried for days with tears surging out.
Du nine niang is holding his daughter quietly holding …
"This is Brother Wo’s hometown?" Cloud angry little man looked at Fang Wolong Village curiously with a pair of big eyes.
"Hey, your brother Wo is so disgusting!" Fierce zhiqiu booed.
This time, the angry little man was not annoyed, but he was holding the mentality of practicing Chinese with the hot girl, Lie Zhiqiu.
Two women twittering Huang Zuer don’t smell some mouth way "wo a home will be in the face, our horse will see his mother, everyone is ready for an old man’s body is not very good, don’t appear too abrupt and frighten her old".
As soon as this was said, Angry Little Man and Fierce Zhi Qiu were talking more and more, but they stopped working immediately. Although the Seven Immortals first gave Li He seven articles, it was difficult to meet Li Mu for the first time, but some new wives met her mother-in-law, which means Angry Little Man also knows that the first impression is important.