"Eat mother, we are secretly here. I know mother is here." Zhen Hao said with a smile.

"Is it HaoEr HaoCong come and call mother kiss" Sue cotton bent down with a smile.
Zhen Hao rushed over to kiss his mother like a small shell.
Su Mian was very pregnant with these two at this time and was afraid of having a baby. They felt neglected.
"Royal son want to kiss?" Sue cotton funny looking at eyeful is full of envy also reserved to read the royal.
"Mother ….." Read the royal came over and hee hee smile obviously not bashful but mother kiss how can you miss it?
Su Mian hugged him and kissed him several times. "Are you all grown up and shy?"
"Today’s homework? Are you naughty? " Yan asked before sitting on a stone table.
"We are all very clever without dad! My brother says we are clever! " Zhenhao busy way
Su Mian looked at her son’s eyes going round and round and turned her heart way, which was deceiving.
Among these children, Zhenhao is the most cunning.
Ming ‘an is also cunning, but people are always in charge, which is not good. Cunning is too simple …
"oh? Really? Yesterday, your teacher personally said that you were dishonest in class. Is this true? " Yangui avenue
"… dad … dad … I’m just naughty at the moment …" Sure enough, Zhen Hao can’t put it on. This boy Cong is there but just not serious.
"Learn something today and write three more articles for me." Yan Gui said with a straight face.
"Dad …" Zhen Hao doesn’t?
"Say that you want to ask Dad to be punished together with Yu?" Yan Gui raises eyebrows.
"No, I’ll write it … but I want to go back with my mother for a while, okay?" Vibration Hao coquetry way
"Ok, go" Yan Gui waved his hand.
I don’t think I can punish that one. You’ll have to write together to fool me later, but the child is still young and not too harsh.
Su Mian smiled and saw that their father’s fighting capacity against Zhen Hao was still weak. She didn’t have to worry about Kuang Yangui at all. Most of the time, she was a loving father. She really looked at it.
"Mother ….." Zhen Hao came to bark.
"What’s the matter? Want your mother to plead for you? Don’t have a good class. How dare you ask me to plead? Mother hasn’t punished you? "Su Miandao
"No, it means that your mother is so beautiful. Hey, hey, your mother is so beautiful!" Vibration Hao dog leg busy changed to
Su Mian laughed at him. "You are very cunning. Go home and write well. If you are dishonest in class, your mother will not spare you."
"Well, mother … we went back. Mother, dad, we left." The two children went back step by step.
"Who does this child really follow?" Sue cotton good laughs
"Nobody likes" Yan Gui also smiled.
I’m really not like them, but I’m good at everything.
The emperor and queen in the palace are still living like the past ten years.
Someone outside the palace can’t sleep all night.
Su Su’s third incident came to an end on the surface, but the parties did not all disappear in the incident.
However, ten days later, it came to the news that Su Eucalyptus died and Su Bai was terminally ill during the escort.
Su Laosan didn’t respond when he learned that it was paralyzed, but Hu vomited one mouthful blood and fainted.
After waking up, I went to Sue’s home crying again.
"Please, please! My son is dead. I want bones. Please! " Hu is no longer a Sue’s wife, but who else can she ask for?
"Well, don’t cry. I’ll do it for you. Go home." Su Wen was also ten years older by this matter.
Dear nephews, if you say it’s gone, it’s gone
Say it’s terminally ill, then … Guess it’s going to be gone.
"Father, this matter … when we were escorted from Funan County, it was said that there was no problem. Although the prison suffered, it was not subjected to any cruel punishment …" It’s not that the prisoner who was escorted in the cold winter will freeze to death.
In particular, I brought a lot of silver with me. Exile is different from going to exile or working. Although these two people are guilty, they are not the kind of crimes that must be covered up. How can they die?
"I also think it’s strange that you don’t have to go yourself. You’re dead. You’re dead. At least you can’t get into the ancestral grave of Yezhou. At least there’s a place where Amber doesn’t know what’s going on." Su Wen said.
Su Zhen had not breathed his last breath when he reached the place where Eucalyptus urophylla died on the way to the northeast.
Seeing Su Zhen, he was so turbid that his eyes almost lost focus.
It took a long time to see "Big Brother …"
"You … if you will … what’s the matter with you?" Su Zhen got a fright. She was a good boy at first, but now …
Covered with a broken bed, the wrist was exposed and there were traces of rope strangulation.
Su Zhen’s eyes will be lifted despite his prayer for a huge earthquake in his heart.
"This ….." Su Zhen got a fright and stepped back several steps.