If she is herself, there can be no trace!

But if there is an accident in her own East Palace, it will not be so simple!
Burn old LengLi eyes dark mans flash across even by guan qing so sarcastic his face still without any hesitation!
The wing looked around again solemnly and then suddenly said, "Go and find it!"
"It’s the leader!"
Leader? !
If Su Ling can hear at this time, she will be suspicious! After all, no matter what she knew five years ago or five years later, the third place was just the king of dust in Qi and Chu countries!
And what exactly is this leader will soon make Su Ling tremble in a grand occasion!
When Huang Lao also turned away from the back wing, the breeze slowly blew from the door, which seemed to blow away the dust all over the floor!
Even burn old couldn’t think of the next two hours. He and Guan Qing both received an invitation at the same time, and the invitation almost made the two men argue again!
At this time, several people have stopped to wait and see at the entrance of a high-end luxury house on the street, accompanied by whispers!
There are two words clearly written on the front door of the house: Su Fu!
This is a more two more wait! There is overtime today! Xinwen is almost in the bowl. Let’s take it!
And Chu Yi and Yu Su sat in front of a door, and the console table was placed in front of the door. When the people were talking about it, Chu Yi didn’t know when it was covered with a beard and forced to put on a pair of physical decline over the years. Slowly raising his hand and lowering his voice as if he were lacking in confidence, he said, "Dear girls in the neighborhood, if you want to compete, register in front of the door today!
This is a portrait of a little girl! "
When Chu Yi slowly unfolded his portrait in front of everyone, all the men in the street went hand in hand and rushed to the console table where Yu Su was seated!
This portrait girl is so beautiful!
At that time, the quaint wing in the deep courtyard of this house smelled of age, and there were ten men and women standing outside the door, each with a bitter look!
I can’t help it. This time, they teamed up with the young master to calculate the leader’s affairs. It is estimated that they will have a hard time!
And the May sound will come in the room soon!
"Mom, don’t look at me like that! I’ve said that I’m sorry for you adults. To be honest, you should thank me! "
Eyes in May, hands around the chest, a face of pride, looking at sitting on a soft couch and unable to move, Su Ling smiled all the more!
Seeing Su Ling’s eyes seems to be getting more and more dangerous. In May, there was still no remorse. The first two steps continued to say, "Mom, you saw my dad last night, right?"
Suddenly heard May burn old Su Ling heart is refused!
She doesn’t care what kind of thoughts she has on Huang Lao, but after so many years, she doesn’t want to wander about the past day by day!
Even though she knows that their biggest problem with each other is probably not Gulan, but the concealment and unbelief of both of them, Su Ling doesn’t want to let herself be too obsessed after some things have passed!
"Mom, who would you choose if I asked your uncle beauty and my father to make a choice?" May stared at a pair of bright black and white eyes and carefully observed Su Ling’s expression.
Until her words behind to see Su Ling slightly puzzled look couldn’t help pouting eyes clever turned two laps, "niang you who won’t choose right? But you can’t do this. I’m still so young. You’ve left me without a father for five years. Now we’re all out of Pearl Island. What should I say if I meet a new friend?
Shall I say that my father died young? But mom, you know I’m kind by nature and I never lie! Although I like uncle beauty very much, don’t you think you two look alike, mother? Even the mouth shape is the same. Every time I see uncle beauty, I feel that it is too wronged for me to let my mother and father treat him as my father! "
In May, it was as if being without her father was the worst humanitarian thing in the world!
At this time, no matter what May said, Su Ling was almost smoking!