Sadness to the extreme, you can eat to vent your emotions!

"Empress you …"
However, dongyang’s words haven’t finished yet, but the figurine who made them all fall into a haze suddenly appeared.
Outside, the little eunuch came in and reported that the beauty of Xique came to see the queen and pay her respects.
Feng shallow smell speech was almost choked by the pill in his mouth, waving his hand at everyone and saying, "Hurry, hurry, hurry, get rid of all these things, clean up here and let people in!"
Dongyang looked at her lovingly. It’s time for the Lord to smile!
"Hurry up," she said to several others with a sigh.
As soon as they were busy, they wandered around for two laps and quickly sat down in front of the dressing table. Dongyang seemed to see her intention and hesitated. "Does the empress want a handmaiden to fix your makeup?"
Phoenix shallow side of the bronze mirror left and right research at the same time with a way "no, you just go to clean up, I’ll do it myself."
Make it beautiful, she won’t make it ugly, she will still.
Such a simple thing is not such a good craft. 1337. 1337 overtones
When dongyang and the imperial secretary finished cleaning up the temple, the phoenix light makeup was almost the same.
Dong Yang was the last one to go out and see Feng Shao’s face. She almost didn’t scare her to death and exclaimed, "Empress handmaiden has long said that it is good for handmaiden to do these things. How did you make yourself like this …"
Look at this bun mess. It’s still normal. Now, although I’m wearing more gold hairpin beads, it’s particularly cumbersome … And that face, although the main body is born with beauty, can’t stand such a toss. It’s not a little bit different from the craftsmanship. It looks like heavy makeup and can’t cover the gaunt appearance.
She even suspects that the Lord is deliberately trying to make herself like this, otherwise, she will be beautiful and elegant in her light makeup, which is somewhat refined, though not luxurious and aggressive, but also elegant in temperament!
But now it’s just … What a loveless dissatisfied housewife!
Feng Shao gave her a panoramic view and gave her an eyebrow look. It seems that her makeup effect is still quite good.
I didn’t say much about the faint tunnel, "Well, go out first and let people in. It’s time to wait."
"Empress, why don’t you let the handmaiden dress you up again?"
How embarrassing it would be if the stone beauty who came to the well saw it like this!
Feng Shao shook his head. "No, that’s it. That’s good."
Dong Yang inhaled and breathed several times, endured and endured, and finally Feng Shao insisted on retreating from his eyes.
Phoenix shallow ShiRan rose from the dressing table stool gracefully and went out to sit outside the temple. Looking at the woman who looks like Jun Mo Ying, his mother came in. Although she was mentally prepared, her eyes were difficult and there were some fluctuations.
She took a gentle breath and spit it out slowly, then looked at the woman in front of her calmly.
The fallen petal Yingying came home with a bow to statecraft and smiled and said, "See Empress Wan Fu Jin An."
"Well," Phoenix raised her hand lightly. "Sit down," but she didn’t even glance at her eyes, showing her arrogance in words and deeds.
The fallen petal secretly keeps in mind that there is no change in the expression of the face, and it is still a respectful appearance after taking a seat.
It coincides with the fact that Dongyang came in to send tea and put it aside heavily, which is obviously dissatisfied with her, but she also laughed it off.
However, after the winter sun withdrew, the red lips gently said, "It’s a shame that so many talents came to visit the Empress in the palace. I hope the Empress will forgive me."
"Nothing. You’re an emissary sent by Xique. It’s normal even if you don’t come to visit the palace."
It’s necessary for ladies-in-waiting to pay their respects to the queen, but this status is not enough at present.
"Empress’s generosity makes the fallen petal admire. It seems that the empress doesn’t look very good. The emperor didn’t play with the fallen petal, otherwise the fallen petal must be …"
"Must be how? Come to see the palace early? " Phoenix interrupted her lightly, and a ray of loneliness and sadness flashed across her brow. "Don’t say that the palace body is not serious, even if there is anything, it is not suitable to receive messengers."
The fallen petal chuckled, "What the Empress said is not only a visit, but also a visit. After all, the Empress is not unable to see people … Isn’t the Emperor with the Empress every day?"
The last sentence seems to have an overtone. Chapter 1338 What on earth are you thinking!
The fallen petal chuckled, "What the Empress said is not only a visit, but also a visit. After all, the Empress is not unable to see people … Isn’t the Emperor with the Empress every day?"
The last sentence seems to have an overtone.
Phoenix shallow slightly narrowed eyes corners of the mouth radian a few cannot be examined to move.
She combed her hand and her hair fell down inadvertently, covering her eyes and passing away. "The emperor doesn’t always go to the palace together, especially in recent days. Sometimes he comes back for dinner, and sometimes he goes straight to sleep after dinner. It really won’t disturb the rest of the palace."