There’s still midnight. Chapter 43 I don’t know. Let it go by myself.

Feng gave him a shallow oblique look and raised her voice. "I believed you, okay?"
Last night, when she first heard the words "the dragon species may not survive", she was really surprised and afraid, but the word "believe" before the man left miraculously calmed her heart.
She should believe him.
Long, long ago, he told her that he hadn’t touched Princess Yee’s pregnancy since the first day she learned that Princess Yee was pregnant. At most, he guessed what medicine the child was taking to "fake pregnancy".
She always thought that Princess Yee liked Jun Mo Ying. Besides, although the man was sharp, he was not without a bottom line. He should not be looking for someone to "borrow seeds". When he heard that such a child really appeared, he really startled her.
But in the end, fortunately, she chose to believe.
Jun Moying nodded with a sharp eyebrow. "But I thought I told you to believe when I said I was going to tell you something?"
Phoenix shallow suddenly stare big eyes looked at him in disbelief "you …"
How can there be such a person!
It seems that she was so happy with her expression that Jun Moying smiled a few big hands and gently pushed her forehead. Finally, she said with a positive color, "Red flowers made her not pregnant, and then I deliberately made people say that. Satisfied?"
In just three sentences, I understand the doubts in Feng’s shallow heart, but the smile at his eyes stagnates for a moment.
He has already suspected that Yee Fei has already given Yee Fei a hand.
Then who will it be?
A few days later
General Yunluo was scheduled to return to Beijing a month ago, but he finally arrived in Beijing today because of the unexpected situation in the South China Sea.
The emperor personally went out of the city to meet the officials waiting for the final farewell.
At lunch time, a banquet was held in Zhenghe Hall, and General Yun Luo, a hundred officials, welcomed the guests.
Fung-shallow recently fell in love with the cobblestone path in the imperial garden. She must go there once every afternoon, and she has to go backwards to Dongyang several times to say that she is so upset, but she can’t say anything about her.
Feng shallow feel nothing uneasy about this kind of thing, she plays much more in modern times. It is said that walking backwards is good for physical and mental health-although she doesn’t know where the scientific basis is.
Let dongyang wait for her to walk alone in the gazebo in the distance. The red flowers, green willows, warm wind and faint flowers are all around the cobblestone surface. Is it pleasant?
In the first two days, Feng Shao would carefully look back from time to time for fear that he might accidentally bump into something.
However, these days, she has understood the road here. In other words, she can know where she is with her eyes closed. Although she walks slowly, she has lost the habit of looking back from time to time.
Anyway, nothing will happen if you walk slowly.
It was with this psychological body that she was startled when she suddenly hit a hard "wall"
Consciously lift your feet but step on something for a second …
A gust of wind blew the phoenix shallow and suddenly it was messy.
Suddenly shrank two steps forward, turned around and looked at the man with shock and strangeness.
She’s walking backwards, and she can’t see the road behind her. Can’t this man see her backing away?
I don’t know myself. Let go. General Zhangyun, he was just like you.
But when she looked at those eyes as deep as a deep pool and as cold as ice, her heartbeat seemed to have missed a beat, and her brain was completely white and she forgot all about the rude words.
This person is so cold
Knife-shaped eyebrows, eyes, edges and corners are divided into five senses. All lines are like knives, which are somewhat resolute and sharp.
If Nangong Che is a light cloud, the shadow of ink is indifferent like water, and this person is cold and cold in front of him.
For several seconds, Feng Shao frowned. "I’m such a big man. I’m walking well here. Didn’t you see me? Why did you hit me! "
When telling the truth, Feng was a little humbled.
Because she hit this man and stepped on somebody else’s foot-although she felt that anyone with long eyes should stay out of the way, it was really scared by this man’s air conditioning that she couldn’t help but shrink back after saying that.
There is a flash in a man’s eyes that is complicated and fleeting.
Soon, I stopped looking at her and walked directly past her, striding forward without leaving a word.
Phoenix dazed for a while and then turned supercilious look, and his lungs ached with anger.
This is really bad!
It’s better to scold her than to look at her like that!
"Didn’t you hear me?" Phoenix shallow shouted at his back.
The man is still a slight meal without looking back.
It’s only half a ring before he talks again, and the front sound finally comes slowly. "It’s not like everyone can walk this way. I’m fine there, but you hit me. Is this my fault?"
His voice is just like him, as if it were quenched with a thin layer of frost, and it was cold and indifferent.
When the man said that he didn’t give her a response, he went straight away.