With the torch shining outside the hut, Su Ling looked up and saw the misery of Yushu!

I saw him in a black robe like a bloody one, and he was missing, wearing a Chinese dress with no color!
And that dress is full of blood, as if it were a lotus flower, which set him off more miserable!
These are not enough to make Su Ling feel distressed. What’s more, a long scar on Yushu’s cheek spans the whole left face!
Flesh and blood dried up!
She wants to explain to Bi Rao!
Although Yushu belongs to the third genus of Huang, it hurts a little because of so many years of contact with him and a deep layer of Bi Rao Su Ling.
Even though he is a dark guard, Su Ling’s eyes are equivalent to family!
At this time, Yushu’s eyes and eyelids kept shaking, watching Su Ling’s pale lips wriggle, but there was no sound!
Su Ling took a deep breath and forced the cold breath to dispel her mood!
It’s hard to calm down. Su Ling’s eyes are shining firmly, and she doesn’t look at Yushu instantly. It seems to be encouraging him!
Yushu must hold on!
I don’t know if Yushu saw the meaning in Su Ling’s eyes. He squirmed his chapped lip angle again and then his eyelids closed slowly!
Life and death. No!
Su Ling’s heart kept twitching, but her magnificent face was calm!
At this time, she has a tiger in her heart, but she is sniffing death!
She won’t let anything happen to Yushu. Absolutely not!
Has accepted everything Su Ling slowly turned to look at the door!
A glimpse of laughter emerges!
"Su Ling for a long time-no see!"
Until I really saw Gulan appear in front of me, Su Ling’s calm eyes still didn’t cross a ripple!
She never thought that they could still see each other in this life!
Gulan didn’t personally solve whether you should make a complete break now!
Su Ling’s cool face has no emotional ups and downs, and her lips are slightly warped with bandit spirit radian. Gu Lan chuckled and sneered. "It’s been a long time! I didn’t expect you to be alive! "
Speak Su Ling has seen the grass outside the door for twenty men in black holding torches!
These people’s eyes are cold and sharp, their bodies are big and tall, and their temples are high and protruding, which shows the fact that they have strong martial arts!
Su Ling smiled gently at Gulan. I haven’t seen many new and old hatreds for many years. I was fermented in each other’s hearts. When I met Gulan for the first time after many years, it was difficult to keep my emotions!
"Su Ling didn’t expect you to be so proud and so arrogant when you were dying!"
Although Gulan’s tone is gentle, she gnashes her teeth, and her eyes are cold and vicious. Su Ling Ding didn’t miss it!