After flicker, Si Hao launched a new round of attack, and several red and yellow lightsabers haunted him. As his body moved and changed direction, he approached Yang night, and those lightsabers were assassinated again and again.

The lightsaber is dazzling and fast.
Yang night can really see every lightsaber track, and the left and right arms will eventually wave the light emitted by the hidden blade’s red refining and soul-stirring. He waved it to form a red and black light phase, and a rapidly rotating whirlwind wrapped Yang night in France and France.
It is when the hidden blade is red-tempered and the ghost spirit cuts off the lightsabers emitted by the Lord Sihao again and again, and those lightsabers can be quickly linked again to form a light method that shows the protoss ability.
However, the red smelting of the hidden blade and the radiant spirit of the soul are also a series of sharp blades that force the Lord Sihao not only to be close to the law, but also to dodge carefully.
Both sides don’t know each other’s strength yet, and they are trying to attack and defend, but in this temptation, they are freaky, fierce and deadly.
This is the peak level of the domain.
The battle has just decided the fate of the whole domain.
Let the Lord sihao didn’t think that Yang Ye was stronger than he thought.
Even if Yang Ye got the ghost power and the god power now, he also made a black dagger blade with the name of Si Hao, but Si Hao already admitted that there could be no rival in the domain, even if he got the red dagger of God power and ghost power, it was no exception. After all, Si Hao assimilated the powerful protoss three owls! How many times has the reality turned over than in the past?
At the beginning, it was a tie. The holy family’s floating life and Hong Hua Dou Tai were defeated by the current Sihao like a game. At this moment, it drove him to be a little flustered. ! This makes sihao feel a little annoyed!
Yang night didn’t have so many thoughts. At the moment, the protoss red devil came to the main side of the big domain. He no longer worried about tying up the lives of the stone pillars, Lan Yaojian, Nan Rong Magic and Mrs. Yang Lao. Yang night was now a warrior who was burned by anger and hatred and attacked the Lord Sihao.
Sihao’s offensive speed is unfavorable and he is not dominant. He can try his best to defend against the red dagger attack. He hopes that the big domain master will disturb Yang Ye’s mind and make him unable to go to Sihao. However, he has been upset because of the unexpected appearance of protoss red refining.
How can Chilian still be alive? Why didn’t I think that Chilian might still be alive!
Sihao was annoyed and depressed, and fought and retreated to control himself.
Red devil is alive, of course, and his strength is undiminished.
Because of anger and hatred, even though the reality of the big domain master has been greatly improved, the red devil can continue to attack and still suppress the big domain master
However, the inexplicably guilty conscience and latent slave-like fear of the big domain master also greatly influenced him to play the role of water power and high ability. At this time, the big domain master has been injured in several places by red refining and his breathing is becoming more and more urgent
Several times, the Lord of the big domain made a feint to sell a flaw and fled, trying to take a hostage to the nearest stone pillar to save his life, but every time Red Lian could see through his tricks and stop him, it made the Lord of the big domain impatient and on the verge of madness.
White when there is a dead end, Dayu took the initiative to try his best.
The most powerful aquarium is water energy, but this domain is surrounded by water, big domain and high ability. The main domain can’t be close to others’ bodies. The main domain is red-eyed and crazy. He raises his hand and puts his finger into his chest. The finger is almost submerged!
"Hey hey red devil is you force me! You forced me! " The big domain master also shouted and suddenly pulled out the finger. Suddenly, the scar on the chest was like a spring eye, and blood gushed out and then bleed profusely!
Big domain Lord put his hands to collect the blood flowing out of his chest into the palm of his hand to form a ball, and the blood is spherical and scattered with scarlet light. The expression has been distorted and left with crazy and cold smiles.
"Kill you! !” Big domain Lord shouted a hand to liquid spherical quickly throw straight to the red smelting.
Red refined one leng horse lifted his hands to form a red and yellow light barrier in front of him, but his body kept moving forward close to the big domain master!
I didn’t expect this aquarium blood mixed water to move with extraordinary strength! The blood was cast into a ball at an extremely fast speed, and the red and yellow barrier was smashed to pieces, but the blood ball did not slow down and continued to run red.
Red refining a surprised flicker to hide but didn’t finish it was hit by the blood ball on one side of the shoulder!
Suddenly, Chilian felt a limp and numb sensation in one arm, and then he lost consciousness. In front of him, the big domain owner laughed more and more crazily, and his hands continued to suck blood from his chest wound to prepare for the same trick.
Red devil’s expression was painful, and his eyes were suffused with a cold light. The other arm suddenly raised, and with a wave of his hand, his arm suddenly shone with red and yellow light and quickly shot at the big domain master!
The big domain master laughed wildly, sucked his own blood and refined his own high tricks. It seemed that he had completely forgotten life and death, completely lost his mind and generally wanted to kill the red devil!
The red and yellow light instantly enveloped the large-area main cloud, gradually narrowing the scope to form a dazzling halo and increasing the brightness, so that everyone around the stone pillars turned their heads and closed their eyes and dared not look straight.
The big domain master’s palm with a grimace of a grin has once again condensed into a blood sphere much bigger than just now, but suddenly his eyes widened with a quiver.
The blood in the palm of your hand shrinks rapidly and plumes of white smoke rise as if the blood had evaporated rapidly!
At the same time, the scar on the main chest of the big domain is also pouring out more blood! And that gushing blood is not flowing, but rising and gradually turning into white smoke!