"Keep working hard!" Lin Yu closed his eyes and rested for half an hour. When his spirit recovered less than one tenth, he dug again.

This time, Lin Yu dug for half an hour and was already too tired to lie prone again.
Tired, Lin Yuyuan wanted to lie down and rest for a while, but at the thought of inflammation and coagulation, he was likely to come back soon, so he started to dig again.
When the same half-hour recovery, Lin Yu insisted on it for four minutes and three hours this time.
Rest for half an hour and get up again and again …
Even Lin Yu himself didn’t know that Iceland had been dug for several days. He knew that he was doing the same movement mechanically-digging the roots.
Lin Yu has been working tirelessly and thirsty, so he sweeps the snow from the sky and melts it into water to drink; If you are hungry, just eat some dry food in your food at random.
Even if he is trapped again, he will never rest for more than half an hour when he closes his eyes.
It was also a rest for half an hour. Lin Yu insisted on it for half an hour from the beginning to three hours later without even realizing it.
Day after day, it was not until Lin Yu was turned into a snowman and his beard looked like a savage that he finally heard a loud bang.
The huge ice tree finally fell down!
Boom-At the moment when the ice tree fell, the whole Iceland shook violently, and the raging ice and snow instantly flooded Lin Yu like a volcanic eruption!
"It’s so cold and tired …" Exhausted, Lin Yu was trapped in a snowdrift. He wanted to move, but he had no strength.
Even in this cold and snowy world, he wants to have a good sleep
"Lin Yu, get up!" Yuan Lan’s angry voice suddenly sounded in Lin Yu’s mind, making Lin Yu, who had been sleepy, finally have a sense of sobriety.
"Laner, I’m so sleepy. Let me have a good sleep, okay?" Lin Yu said vaguely that the cold around him made him depressed.
But then Yuan Lan instantly made Lin Yu wake up as if his head had been blown up. "I have a child. You don’t want us to become orphans and widows?"
"What? !” Lin Yu, a clever heart, rejoices in words. "Ha ha ha ha ha …"
Lin Yu laughed wildly from the bottom of an iceberg, and then he heard an iceberg explode suddenly, and Lin Yu emerged from it.
"Ha ha, I have a baby …" Long-haired Lin Yu kept muttering this sentence like a madman. Fortunately, there are no acquaintances here, otherwise no one would recognize this madness as Lin Yu.
"Laner will come back when I dig the fire!" Lin Yu pulled himself together and went to the place where the giant tree fell, once again urging Yuan soul to dig underground.
Without the giant tree to stop Lin Yu, he soon dug up something like a golden egg.
"This is Cangyu Shenhuoli!" Put the fire in the palm of your hand, and the golden light stung Lin Yu’s eyes. The strong vitality is surrounded by Lin Yu, and Lin Yutai’s vitality and vitality are mobilized at the same time
There is no sign that Lin Yuti’s abdomen suddenly broke out, and the realm rose again and again, and rose to the sixth place of Yuan Soul!
Lin Yu collected this fire and could not help secretly praising, "It’s really a good thing. If you just smell it, you will gain a great strength. If you swallow it or refine your strength, you will surely advance by leaps and bounds. Cangyu God also said that you can reach Cangyu High Land!"
Lin Yu couldn’t help exulting at the thought of this possibility.
He is happy not because he has this opportunity, but because he has this opportunity.
Inflammation will come back if it coagulates.
If Ning returns, Lan ‘er will have another baby, and it’s really one happy event after another!
Forced to hold back his joy, Lin Yu was ready to return to Yun He City.
But Lin Yu discovered that he had dug Wang Haoxuan. Why haven’t he dug it yet?