Seeing Ye Han looking depressed, Lengling’s heart suddenly moved and immediately pulled his arm and smiled. "Cold son, don’t be so discouraged. If you hadn’t concentrated on practicing, even if Grandpa helped you more, there wouldn’t be that night!"

"Ha ha, well, you won’t comfort me. Now that we have reached the Nine Realms of Yuan Ling, let’s quickly condense Yuan Dan so that we can enter the ice forest faster!"
Listen to Lengling exhort Ye Han didn’t continue to be depressed to take out the condensate Dan jade liquid and ice yuan spirit liquid in Yu Pei instead.
Ye Han put Ning Dan Yu liquid in his hand, first hit the bottle cap of Bing Yuan Ling liquid, and then poured all the ice Yuan Ling liquid into his mouth to fill his hunger.
Seeing Ye Han so cold, he immediately smiled and looked at the sky with a wry smile. "It’s daytime now. Don’t you want to wait until late?"
After listening to the cold lingyan, Ye Han suddenly became one leng cold, and the practitioner’s success rate of setting Dan later was relatively high. He was white. After all, it was not until late that the cold of heaven and earth would become more intense, which was of great benefit to every cold practitioner.
However, although I know these Ye Han, I firmly shook my head and said with a wry smile, "I can’t care so much now. I will go to the ice forest to practice as soon as possible, which will be of great benefit to me!"
After listening to Ye Han’s remarks, Lengling stopped insisting on being busy and nodded slightly at Ye Han. "Since you insist on this, be careful. Let me know if you have any difficulties!"
It may be easier to upgrade when practicing, but if you use some panacea to upgrade, the risk is greater. Ye Han knows this ~
No.158 Jie yuan Dan yi Jie
Of course, in addition, he also knows that the success rate of ascension with the help of a panacea will not be too high, and of course, the success rate will be even lower without the help of a panacea.
Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, which is also a change of law. Ye Han now wants to coagulate Yuan Dan with the help of condensate, so he must be prepared for failure.
"All right, Linger, I want it!" After making all psychological preparations, Ye Hanye no longer hesitated, turned around and smiled at Lengling and laughed.
See Ye Han said and sat up, apparently to coagulate Yuan Dan. Lengling was naturally a little anxious, but in this hurry, she also secretly prayed that Ye Han hoped that his coagulation Dan would go smoothly.
At the same time, Ye Han ‘an doesn’t ignore this point. Lengling naturally knows that if Ye Han suddenly receives any attack in this period, the situation must be very bad.
This cold ling keeps waking himself up, so he must meditate and protect Ye Han. He must never be allowed to coagulate Yuan Dan. When is this dangerous?
Ye Han squatted down to hit the bottle cap of condensate Dan jade liquid, and then poured it into the mouth through the inside of it, and then silently operated the star cold tactic method to condense the condensate Dan jade liquid that had just entered the stomach.
At the same time, Ye Han, who has successfully condensed the condensate, is busy with the help of his vitality to slowly move the condensate towards a yuan ling place in the body.
Ye Han is more cautious at this time because he knows that if anything goes wrong in this period, you will declare failure this time.
Naturally, Ye Han, who is in danger outside his body, doesn’t have much meaning. After all, he relies on Lengling to get rid of it for a while.
Carefully run this condensate Dan jade liquid towards Yuanling, and soon condensate Dan jade liquid will slowly approach Yuanling and gently touch together.
At this time, Ye Han did not dare to be careless, because he knew that this time it was the most important step to complete the fusion of this Yuan Ling condensate Dan Yuye. The first lesson, Yuan Dan, was condensation success.
In addition to being cautious, he didn’t sleep in his heart, and he was worried that he would fail this time, so he would have to work hard to refine this condensate.
At the same time, Lengling is also very worried that the moment is not to note the situation of Ye Han’s body, and she is ready to make any mistakes in Ye Han’s condensate Dan, so she will immediately save it.
However, as time goes by, Ye Han’s body, Yuan Ling’s condensate, Dan Yuye, didn’t go wrong. Not only did Lengling breathe a sigh of relief, but even Ye Han’s night had some luck.
When Yuanling Ningdan Jade Liquid is blended, Ningdan condenses the original unstable Yuanling into a stable Yuandan with the help of Ningdan Jade Liquid.
Although this step is not as dangerous as it was when it was merged, it must not be sloppy at night. This Ye Han is quietly relieved and cautious.
I also feel that it is not easy for Ye Han to take this step. Lengling’s heart has once again resumed its previous cautious and single-minded attention to the situation of the other body, but also to the surrounding situation
This cold ling is not less cautious than Ye Han at the moment, and the pressure is even worse. After all, when Ye Han coagulates Dan, she should not only protect Ye Han but also protect his body.
After a long time, Ye Han condensed for that Yuan Ling and soon became a modest Yuan Dan, and Ye Han relaxed in time.
After a pause, Ye Han slowly kept his vitality, but he just sighed and opened his eyes to inform Yu Lengling of the success news.
No, Ye Han told him that when he opened his eyes, Lengling received the good news of success. He had already looked at Ye Han with a smile on his face as if he were expressing some congratulations to him.
After smiling at one another, Ye Han got up and walked quickly. In front of Lengling, he was happy, so he couldn’t help but stretch out his hand to encircle Lengling’s waist and then picked it up.
"melody nowadays!" Being attacked by Ye Han’s sudden Tathagata, LengLing couldn’t help charming songs, and soon she took a white look at Ye Han and just couldn’t forget it.
"Congratulations, Han Er, you have finally entered the realm of Yuan Dan, so it won’t be long before you can resume the realm of Yuan Ying!"
Be Ye Han put cold LingQing god just blunt Ye Han smiled to congratulate.
Congratulations from Lengling. Ye Han can show a smile on his face. He naturally knows that all this can’t be separated from Lengling.
"Linger, don’t tease me like this. It took me three or four months to restore the New Year’s Day realm. I don’t know how long it will take if I want to practice Daoyuan Baby realm!"
Slightly delighted after Ye Han face and proud look instead is a face of nai and bitter said
After listening to Ye Hanyan’s words, Lengling nodded with a wry smile. "Yes, it’s easy to cultivate the realm of Yuan soul in two years!"