Xiaoxiao blushed and scolded, but her mouth said so, but her body did not resist. Zhouyi put her arms around her waist.

"Xiaoxiao last night, we did sth over and over again, but we didn’t get to the key. So we should continue to make out during the day."
Zhouyi smiled and hugged Xiaoxiao’s waist with a bad smile, and got close to Xiaoxiao’s face. Xiaoxiao said that he had covered up the night party a few days ago, and Xiao Taimei also drove a car to help the headquarters fight a good thing to change the subject.
If not, Xiaoxiao’s face is flushed, and there is no further questioning about Zhouyi’s stubborn things about speeding to help Wang Francisco.
Xiao Xiao came to be a great beauty, but it was a little cold, but now she is not like this in front of Zhouyi. After a period of Zhouyi, Xiao Xiao became more and more feminine, and her skin color was better than before, and she could pinch water.
To Xiao Xiao, I can’t help but sigh that love is really a wonderful thing, which really proves the sentence that’ a woman in love is the most beautiful and her IQ will be low’
If you go to Xiaoxiao, you will certainly see through Zhouyi. This is a deliberate change of subject, but Xiaoxiao is oblivious to being hugged by Zhouyi at this time.
Of course, Xiaoxiao changed her attitude towards Zhouyi. She is still the aloof, aloof, aloof and sexy but not close to the gun king in front of others.
Zhouyi Xiaoxiao kissed his forehead gently and then bit Xiaoxiao’s earlobe.
The earlobe is a place neglected by ordinary men, but in fact, 10% of girls’ earlobes are their sensitive areas. If you gently tease them, they will be in flight and surrender.
Zhouyi was a romantic at an early age, but he knew a lot about women. He was not long when he was with Xiaoxiao, but he knew Xiaoxiao’s sexuality thoroughly, and Zhouyi knew where Xiaoxiao was the most sensitive.
"Sensitive zone"?
That’s where excitement comes from contact.
Xiaoxiao being teased by Zhouyi seems to be unable to stand this stimulus, and he got into Zhouyi’s arms more than shyness.
Zhouyi knew that this little tease had aroused Xiaoxiao, and he would never spoil the fun at this time and then ask him about Francisco, so his heart secretly breathed a sigh of relief and his hands swam along Xiaoxiao’s waist.
Waist is very important for women, and all beautiful women, with the exception of them, have small waists. It is very beautiful to hold them, even if they are beautiful in other parts, it will be beautiful if they grow a bucket waist.
Women who exercise regularly often have small waists that feel good for men.
Xiao Xiao is a model. Her waist is not only small but also tight, which makes people feel excellent. Every time, Zhouyi lingers.
But Zhouyi’s hands will not be satisfied with touching Xiaoxiao’s waist, and soon his hands will reach Xiaoxiao’s chest.
So there was an intoxicating gasp in the bedroom.
Fortunately, there are three people living in this small building, Zhouyi Xiaoxiao and Chen Hu, while Zhouyi Xiaoxiao and Chen Hu Lou, plus the bedroom, are soundproof, so that no one can hear them.
Xiao Xiao seems a little excited today, and it’s hard to take the initiative to hug Zhouyi. At this moment, her clothes have become very messy, and some key parts are even more spring, which makes Zhouyi cry.
Zhouyi made out with Xiaoxiao every time, but in the last step Xiaoxiao calmly controlled her mind. A woman’s body needs a wedding night to give it to her husband.
Xiao Xiao has never let Zhouyi succeed. Of course, this is also the reason why Zhouyi respects Xiao Xiao. Otherwise, any woman will not be fixed by Zhouyi when she gets to bed.
"Xiao Xiao, why don’t we cook raw rice into mature rice and become a good thing?"
Xiao Xiao whispered in Zhouyi’s ear, seducing Xiao Xiao because he felt that Xiao Xiao was very excited today, and her body became hot with her hands wandering and caressing. Zhouyi wanted to strike while the iron was hot and Xiao Xiao achieved good things. After all, it is necessary to levy a woman not only to levy her heart but also to levy her body.
To recruit a woman’s heart and body is to recruit two keys to a woman.
Xiaoxiao didn’t speak, but kissed Zhouyi and warmly responded to Zhouyi’s intimacy.
Silence equals acquiescence!
By this time, Zhouyi would be a fool if he didn’t mean it in vain.
Zhouyi suddenly rolled over and pressed Xiaoxiao to solve Xiaoxiao’s skill, so he took off most of his clothes.
In less than a moment, a beautiful body appeared in Zhouyi. The beauty in front of me is dazzling, because every part of Xiaoxiao’s body is perfect and the most outstanding in the sky, which makes women envious.
Zhouyi felt a little dry in his mouth when he saw Xiaoxiao’s beautiful body, and then he began to take off his clothes. Chapter 3 The bad news struck.
It’s finally time to recruit the beauty gun king’s body, and Zhouyi feels very excited []
"I would like to incarnate a butterfly and live with you forever …"
At this key, Zhouyi’s mobile phone rang and his pocket kept shaking.
When I heard this bell, I knew that it was my own child bride Kexin Yu, because this unique "Butterfly Lovers" bell was recorded by Kexin Yu himself.