"Moer, bring me the milk in my drawer." Ann said to Liu Ximo.

Now she’s in the front row
It’s also more convenient to ask Moer to pass things.
Don’t let Mo Er turn around.
"…" NingZiXuan language.
This sister is really …
There are milk drawers in the classroom.
The teacher didn’t speak. She couldn’t speak …
"Amber, come and get it yourself," Liu Ximo said casually.
It really pissed him off! !
If you have a sister, don’t want him.
And he wants to sit with this annoying rival, Ling Xi! !
used to express displeasure or annoyance
God forbid
Glanced at Yan Lingxi in disgust, by the way.
"Is that your attitude towards Anwar?" Yan Lingxi is dissatisfied.
Don’t say that you hate him.
Just look at his attitude-
He can’t give Anwar to him! !
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N86 Only those eyes
He can’t give Anwar to him! !
Well, he is one-sided to see Liu Ximo to Ning Anan …
Solid Liu Ximo is still very good for An An.
He was angry …
"Cut yourself to get it, then get it yourself," murmured Ann discontentedly.
She is more emboldened now that she doesn’t go to his house at night
Ning Zi Xuan is depressed again …
If you’re not afraid, why don’t you get it?
"Elder sister, forget it" Ning Zi Xuan Lala An Sleeve.
"Xuan, you turned out when you saw the handsome boy’s elbow?" Be calm and not angry
I’m a beauty myself.
Is this sister jealousy?
Ann got a fright! !
Impossible impossible
Xuan Xuan is so simple and kind and so kind to herself.
How can you be jealous of yourself?
"… no, I don’t want to see the two of them quarreling." I also motioned to see Yan Lingxi and Liu Ximo in peace.
"Oh, then you’d better not get it."
Ann said quietly.