Xin Yu stopped the car and drew a nice radian at the door of’ Purple Charm’.

The sunglasses with red border cover most of the face.
I was suddenly stopped by one hand when I was about to go in.
Xin Yu’s good-looking arch eyebrows are wrinkled, which shows her displeasure.
See the man with a smile and respectfully said, "Miss, you can’t go in there."
Can’t go in? There’s no place where I can’t get in except that I don’t want to, and this is my territory. Why can’t you let me in?
Xin Yu evoked a playful smile and asked falsely, "Then why can’t I enter?"
Still have a good face and a good tone and return to "because someone inside has packed the whole bar and told Xiao not to let anyone in, miss, don’t make it difficult for me."
Someone packed it? Purple charm doesn’t have this regulation.
Because this bar was built by Yaoyao, she likes lavender, which is’ Purple Charm’, and it is stipulated that no one is allowed to package the whole bar, because Yaoyao doesn’t like it, she likes excitement and everyone is equal.
Thought of here, Xin Yu was angry. Who is so ignorant of the rules? Do I look like a decoration? You disobey my words.
Xin Yu took a step forward and said with an expression, "What if I have to go in? Can you stop me? "
All the falsehood is gone, revealing the true face. "If you don’t know the rules, don’t blame us for being rude." Then you appeared behind you and took a bunch of men in black.
Just you people and I are going to be blessed, but won’t you be too much?
Xin Yu’s heart is already ready to shoot, and it’s hard to put out the fire in his heart.
But at this moment, a cold female voice suddenly sounded behind her. "Stop it. Are you so bold to make trouble in the snow?"
Xin Yu turned around and turned out to be den and them.
When they saw Leng Zun, they were slightly stunned. The word "Leng-"had been shouted out, but it was swallowed alive because Xin Yu gestured that he could not say it.
Restore calm and look at the picture in front of you, thinking that offending Leng Zun will be a dead end, and there is no room for it.
Zimeige ②
Xin Yu in the gang, they are respected brothers and respected from the bottom of their hearts. Although they are seventeen years old, their strength is not ignored.
I remember that a small gang came to smash a field and accidentally injured several people’ Ji Xue’.’ Just because of this great anger in Xin Yu, I was not prepared to kill them directly.
If you dare to provoke Lengzun this time, even if she lets you go, the brothers in the gang will not let you go.
Xin Yu returned to his original expression and played with a hint of evil spirits. The mandala ring was particularly dazzling in the sun and black, but what he meant was that there would be no light forever.
"Do you know what is the result of the trouble in the’ snow’ place?" The cold voice rang again.
When den, the leader, saw that he was wearing a reverse cross mask, he knew that the situation was not good, so he ran to the leader’s ear and muttered, "Boss, let’s go. This is a snow-killing site after all." He was a little scared.
The leader wants to leave. He knows this person is not easy to mess with, but is it too demeaning to leave like this? How can you get along with your brother?
So he gritted his teeth and said to den, "We are also under orders. As the saying goes,’ Take people’s money to eliminate disasters’" and said to him, "Follow me".
The people behind are soft and weak.
All this was ridiculed by Xin Yu. Are you afraid to laugh?
Although I am afraid, I can’t help but listen to the leader’s words. Even if I don’t die now and disobey orders, I’d rather die now, and then a group of people ran forward.
Just when den wanted to go, he was stopped by Xin Yu’s slender hand and winked. den Ma Hui was sorry and didn’t make a move.
Xin Yu stopped touching the ring and flew a dozen silver needles from the bottom of his hand. "Swish swish swish-"Dozens of people collapsed.
Xin Yu low call 1 "overreached".
When the leader saw it, he was so scared that he quickly knelt down and begged for mercy. "I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It’s not Deng Ge and Ge’s friends who let me go."
The leader knelt to kowtow while begging for mercy.
Den came to Xin Yu and said to Yu Xin, "What should I do with Lengzun?"
Still keep smiling. "This is a very interesting game. You should know the rules of the game."
Den got the message, nodded and had him taken.
Xin Yu put away her smiling face and walked into the bar. She wanted to see who dared to break my rules.
The hand ring is still shining, Datura