At that time, the two men gritted their teeth and said, "Be careful!" Without hesitation, he turned and rushed out to be continued

Chapter 55 Clever wisdom outweighs blood courage
The strategy is complicated, saying that it is strategizing and winning a thousand miles. It sounds really awesome, but in fact, in a simple way, it is to recognize the situation and make the right choice.
It’s as if Xie Cunguan was going to break through with a fierce knife mercenary when he just knew he was ambushed.
But at the moment, after seeing Chai Tian Yingjie’s skill, he had to change his original idea. Because Chai Tian Yingjie’s skill far exceeded his estimation, what surprised him even more was the amazing agility and speed of the other side.
Try to think about it. If Xie Cunguan broke through with Chen Hu and others and went to Yingjie, Chai Tian, with people chasing him at a horrible speed, it would be difficult for mercenaries to get rid of his pursuit. As a result, Chen Hu and others would be eaten one by one by his hand, and finally Xie Cunguan would face dozens of people alone.
Therefore, even after people around Chai Tian Yingjie have cleared the way, Xie Cunguan didn’t take people with him, but he died here with Chai Tian Yingjie.
It’s hard to be killed or injured, but at least the morale can be
And once you turn around and break through, you lose that desperate momentum in your heart, and your party is bound to be divided by one.
His eyes passed over there, and although several people were still losing ground in exchange for time, with Chen Huzhang turning in and joining, the Japanese samurai attack was contained
After just fighting more than 40 Japanese samurai and more than 20 others, it also suffered heavy losses.
And those thugs who invited Tiandao League lost less, and less than 20 people went there, and there were more than 40. These 40 people naturally didn’t try their best
This is the result of Xie Cunguan’s decisive east-west attack.
Otherwise, at that time, the Japanese surrounded these thugs of the Heaven Alliance with them, and the thugs could retreat to fight the trapped animals, and the well-trained Japanese would sneak up on them, which would definitely cause more casualties.
Of course, at this time, the knives and mercenaries have been injured by everyone, especially the physical exertion is great.
Xie Cunguan’s eyes are a quick glance. He has already seen the situation clearly, but he quickly retreated. He directly marked out the killing and pulled out the army thorn from the side neck of Yamada Qingsong. His body flashed by Chen Hu. The army thorn in their hands had flown out and passed directly after the injury, and he was limping with a leg. Liu Kunyu was fighting hard and miraculously disappeared into the chest of a warrior who pounced on Luo Youcai.
This skill immediately angered Chai Tian Yingjie. At that time, he roared at a pace and jumped in the melee, pushing his right hand and pulling his left hand. Tatsu Yamashiro flashed cold light and stabbed Xie Cunguan directly.
Xie Cunguan came to Chai Tian Yingjie with a sigh of relief.
He is afraid that he will not come.
Xie Cunguan was afraid that Chai Tian Yingjie would swim without fighting when he thought of this, but he dragged them here for a long time fearing that Chen Hu, Luo Youcai and others would suffer sharp casualties.
So he made his own reinforcements and forced Chai Tian Yingjie to find his own decisive battle
Chai Tian Yingjie’s long Dao in his hand flashed in front of Xie Cunguan.
Xie Cunguan’s knife goes up, makes a spin on his chest, and the back of the knife is twisted in Chai Tian Yingjie’s blade. As soon as it rings, the long knife in Xie Cunguan’s hand puts its back on the back of Chai Tian Yingjie’s knife and pushes the knife forward conveniently until the knife guard forces the tip of Chai Tian Yingjie’s knife.
The gun spirit is protecting the knife!
The core of the knife is in the hand guard of the knife. When the hand guard is connected to the opponent’s rear weapon, the flexibility of the cutter head is not affected, the cutter head is the most lethal, and the cutter head is closest to the opponent. The third is the least effort to take over.
Because from the lever principle, the closer the knife is to the tip, the greater the reaction to the arm when it is stressed.
Therefore, all knife experts know that the key point of a knife is the ability to respond to the hand guard part of the knife.
Xie Cunguan pushed the knife past Chai Tian Yingjie’s blade for a third, then turned his wrist and turned his arm, and then turned his left hand forward to wipe the back of the knife. The long knife in his hand changed from the back to the prone edge, and as he pushed the knife, he went straight to Chai Tian Yingjie’s throat.
Chai Tian Yingjie saw that when he entered with his hands, he immediately provoked and swung to the right to stab Xie Cunguan’s knife to the outside.
When Xie Cunguan’s blade was stressed, the handle was not centrifugal at that time, and the knife was raised horizontally to force the other blade.
The rule of knife is that the blade can be entangled and not centrifugal! Because the blade attacks the knife and guards it, it will occupy the middle! It’s the same as boxing, where hands never leave your arms and elbows never leave your ribs.
After the horizontal knife sealed the door, Xie Cunguan stepped on a locust’s foot and pushed in, so the kid stepped in with his boots and legs.
But his legs together, Chai Tian Yingjie started at almost the same time.
The two men collided with each other again and took a step back at the same time.
At that time, Xie Cunguan’s potential work was a surprise to him. It was calculated by his predecessors and played by surprise! And Chai Tian Yingjie’s defense should not be slower than him at all, which means that the other side’s reaction is stronger than his own.
The two men came and went several times, and Chai Tian Yingjie not only blocked Xie Cunguan’s offensive, but also came back again and again. This is the first time that Xie Cunguan has met such a strong opponent since he debuted.
Xie Cunguan couldn’t help but worry!
Because the current situation is that Chai Tian Yingjie is dragging him down! Every minute, Chen Hu and others are in danger. He must take Chai Tian Yingjie’s life as soon as possible!
But the opponent’s strength, reaction and speed are amazing.
The spark in Xie Cunguan’s mind flashed and he remembered that Huang Shihong had told him some Jianghu killing tactics. When his eyes swept away the surrounding environment, he had a plan in his heart.
At that time, when the body suddenly turned back two steps, it picked up a pair of Tatsu Yamashiro double knives from the ground and immediately rushed in.
Chai Tian Yingjie’s eyes flashed a mocking look. Based on his years of experience in kendo, I saw two Tatsu Yamashiro in hand. No! That is to say, Xie Cunguan’s brawn is superior to others. He can wield a knife with one hand, but it is not as fast as a knife with two hands.
Therefore, he did not hesitate to make progress and welcome him into his hands. He raised his long knife and chopped it hard to see if Xie Cunguan could catch him.
Xie Cunguan’s right-hand knife straddled the vicious knife.
With the zither choking, the long Dao in his hand trembled violently, and Xie Cunguan had to take a step back to unload the strength of the other side.
Sure enough! Chai Tian Yingjie reveals a sneer at the corner of his mouth. At that time, he took the long knife into his hand and provoked it again.
When! When! When! Three times in a row, Chai Tian Yingjie chopped out three knives, Xie Cunguan stepped back three steps and was obviously outnumbered by his hands. The whole right arm trembled, and Chai Tian Yingjie took a deep breath and drank a fourth knife fiercely.
Xie Cunguan tried his best to raise his right arm to catch this knife.
Just listen to the sound of choking, and the long Dao in his hand finally failed to stop the other side from getting rid of it with a fierce blow.
Chai Tian Yingjie’s eyes flashed a trace of victory, and he looked contemptuous and stepped into his hands again. He split out again like a long knife and took the opportunity to collect Xie Cunguan’s life.
Xie inch officer at this time no longer retreat with a cold light in his eyes.
He almost took the knife in his left hand in his right hand when he sold the long knife. He raised his hands with a knife and split the long knife at Chai Tian Yingjie.
At the same time, his right foot stepped forward and stepped on the handle of the long knife that had just landed.
Because he knew that the knife in Chai Tian Yingjie’s last blow was not completely shot down by the other side, but that he was unloading the other side’s power and immediately dropped it on the ground.
In the process, half of his attention has been focused on this knife.
When the knife falls to the ground, it bounces a blade to face where it belongs. When his foot steps on it, he rubs the blade to the other foot with a gentle rub. When he steps on it, the blade falls up at the fulcrum of the hand guard.
As Chai Tian Yingjie’s front foot falls to the ground, the long knife in his hand collides with Xie Cunguan’s knife and sparks.