"I also want an egg with an inflammatory interest." Wu Ji is also very interested in this matter. "Now that the demand has exceeded the actual profit, it means that the price of the profit is underestimated, so it will enter the process of raising the price. Do you have any objections? In order to be fair, the prices of three Dan must be the same. Now Wu Mou will ask who wants 6.1 million eggs? "

As a result, even Wu Ji needs to be throbbing in four people, but he is not interested in this thing. First, he already has an advanced soul-eating shadow tiger. Second, this thing is not big. Second, this thing is so ugly that it is not as beautiful as his shadow tiger.
It’s also a relief to see that throb didn’t admire the sisters, otherwise I’m afraid the price will be raised a lot again
"Who will quit the 6.5 million spirit?" Wu Ji continued to bid
Mu sisters cast a glance at each other and shook their teeth but refused to retreat. That Chen Yun wanted to think and didn’t retreat.
"Good. Wu Mou will continue. Now, who will quit from 7.1 million pieces?"
So the price is not much different from the normal price outside. Chen Yun and Wu Ji continue to say that they don’t want to retreat. The sisters hesitated. After all, it will cost two million more than the original. When they hesitated whether to fight again, they suddenly received a thunderous voice. "You two sisters want one first, and you are guaranteed to get another one."
Mu sisters exchanged a decision and decided to believe it. The price is really high and will soon exceed their affordability. So Mu Fu first said, "I personally quit but my sister wants to fight."
"Well, now all three eggs have owners." Wu Ji also breathed a sigh of relief slightly, and then she fought for her own return. But how to calculate this egg is cost-effective. It’s still not a problem to spend resources to cultivate to the level of then. There is a hint of joy in her tone. "Then I will make up the Lingshi Chen Yun. You have to pay 3.2 million Lingmulian .."
Chen Yun got an egg, but in the back of his heart he was sneering. If it wasn’t for such an own goal as horse sacrifice after he got the egg, he wouldn’t have raised the price, because these people are all dead in his eyes.
After a phone call to raise the price, the three eggs have their own ownership. The small things will not be taken for the time being, but will be auctioned on demand after the team is over. Generally speaking, the final transaction price will be slightly lower than the outside, but it is impossible to be too much cheaper and leaking. Anyone who wants to pick himself up can make money even if he sells it. If the valuation is too low, the price base will be carried away.
While Wu Ji was giving statistics to everyone and recording the data, a charming smile giggled. "It’s so lively here. I wonder if the general can join you in the fun?"
The sound is a little sweet and reverberates back and forth in this vast cave
"who?" Wu Ji was surprised in the heart, but his expression was calm and changed into a humble face. "The elder of Yunshan Sect in Daganzhou dared to ask which clan and which elder visited, and please tell the younger generation to be polite." He also heard that the bearer should not be human, because judging from the bearing of that sound, the strength is absolutely first-class in Yuanying, and human Yuanying rarely claimed to be a general, either modest or self-conscious.
"Yunshan zong? Giggling doesn’t even have a sectarian second-rate small Sect. "When the sound giggled, a reddish figure didn’t know when it came to the front of the crowd. Ten feet were red and anticlimactic, and the bust was a enchanting and sexy one that looked like human beings." Psst ~ "Wu Ji gasped at the air conditioning. It turned out that it was a devil in the inferno snake clan, and it seemed that he had seen it somewhere. Of course, in the face of such a strong person, Wu Ji was not at all. Dare to question and neglect respectfully, "It turns out that it’s really time for the elder to come here. The younger generation has just made a small gain. There are 20 million spiritual objects. Please also ask the elder to enjoy the face and don’t refuse the younger generation’s filial piety." Wu Ji is also an expert in the Jianghu. It’s terrible because this Crimson Lotus fire snake lady wants her to be willing to finish, but she can wipe out her party without leaving any dregs.
"General Luo Luo does appreciate you, a little bit." He giggled seductively and threw a wink at him. "How about following the general?"
Wu Ji’s face is pale, but he is still quick to say, "The elder joked that the younger generation is the elder of Yunshan Sect … Poof ~" Before the words were finished, he was hit in the chest and was beaten with blood, but he was so beaten that he didn’t even dare to strike back.
"Small face you don’t want to" red eyes revealed a trace of lost face.
Everyone shivered, one by one, their feet trembled, and even the atmosphere dared not breathe more.
(To be continued)
Chapter five hundred and seventeen "people fish"
? Chapter five hundred and seventeen "people fish"
This Yuan Baby Red Fire Snake isn’t the one that was killed just now. It’s a real Yuan Baby. Don’t mention these early stages of then, even the peak of then stage is dead in front of Yuan Baby, that is, it can last for more than ten rounds.
Every big class has a qualitative change, which represents a qualitative leap of life. It is true that sometimes the number is very important. If the number reaches a certain level, it may not be able to overthrow the Yuan baby level, but it is only an elixir level. The number is too small. If the red devil is willing, she can easily slaughter it in the place without any effort. Of course, someone is not there before.
In particular, those monks who were directly oppressed by that huge and suffocating force were a little breathless, but their heels were in a soft and powerful state, and they were occupied by deep fear in their hearts. Although it sounds a little shameful, it is really difficult to be afraid when you meet a hostile person who can slap you to death.
Red expression seems to be very satisfied with the performance of all smiles, especially charming and confident. A pair of charming eyes turned to throb. "What about you? Would you like to hang out with the general? General, you are guaranteed enough cultivation resources to give you a chance to advance to the Yuan infant period. "
Willy didn’t answer when there are two figures mixed with huge momentum suddenly appeared the red armor fire wings with a full of barbed tail purgatory magic will burst of strange laughs "don’t patronize yourself to play and run so fast"
"Hum, you two perverts, hurry up and get things over with so that you can go back," said another giant urn with a thin flame burning all over his body like a red rock.
After that, a group of teams all showed despair. Previously, if everyone fled together, there might be a chance to escape one or two people, but now there are two powerful terrorists who directly annihilate the last glimmer of hope.
"Well, as you wish," Chi Yan suddenly smiled and ticked his finger at Chen Yun. "Why don’t you come and visit the master?"
In the gaping crowd, Chen Yun immediately posed as a nervous slave and walked over. Poof, he knelt on the ground. "Slave Chen Yun visited his master" and knelt down, but he was still partial to clinging to the red mouse-tail, kissing a face and showing obsession in his eyes.
Disgusting, everyone saw the scene when they were surprised, and they couldn’t help but think of it.
"Giggling slave" laughed and turned to the other two magic generals. "You two follow the breath left by Canada all the way. When you know that something is in this slave’s body, you haven’t played games for a long time. It’s better to have a good time first. I’ve been doing this all these days, which is killing me."
Willy is also a talk. These guys are really chatting. He’d like to leave while Chen Yun takes things out. After all, Willy knows that Chen Yunshen doesn’t know where it is hidden. There may be any special objects and equipment. Even if he is killed, it is difficult to search.
"It’s not easy for the general for a long time, too." Campal, a purgatory inferno, also showed light in his cold eyes. First, Li Xianxian swept away the other side’s panic, but he barely smiled and made a heady move, which provoked the Campal to frown and spat, "How dare I seduce the general with such obsequiousness? Don’t you know that the general is right and wrong? "
Li Xianxian was on the verge of collapse, and he was so scared by this Pei that he sat down on the ground and smelled an unpleasant smell.
Campal directly looked at Li Xianxian and turned his attention to the same pale light. He was terrified and longed for a little satisfaction in his sister’s eyes. "Well, it’s quite rare for the sisters to grow up in Jane’s twins, and they are also so-so worthy of your dedication once."
Mu sisters were scared to regress repeatedly and almost fell to the ground. Thanks to helping each other with their eyes, the color of fear and despair was revealed. After casting a glance at each other, they all saw the color of rejection in each other’s eyes. Obviously, they thought that even if they were dead, they would not be defiled by the inferno in purgatory of Warcraft. At the same time, they were charming and reprimanded for spitting out a flying sword and turning it into two rays to shoot at the purgatory magic general.
"Rice beads also dare to shine. Haha, it’s really interesting." How do you say Campal is that the class strength of Yuanying is stronger than that of the sisters? I don’t know how many times I leaned out with a muscular arm of the earth, so I copied two flying swords in my hand.
Those two flying swords seem to be quite spiritual, and they are caught by people, and they are still struggling to escape. However, Campal, the magic general, laughed wildly and directly put the two flying swords into his mouth and chewed them out a few times, making a series of crunchy.
"poof" and "poof"
The soul was refined, the flying sword was destroyed, and the two women were shocked. They couldn’t help but spit out blood in the wound and provoked their white clothes.
They all looked at each other in horror. For Brother then, the Yuan baby-level strong ones are of course dragons. It’s more powerful than seeing their prowess. Only after seeing their prowess can we know how different the two sides are. Everyone here has seen Mu Sisters’ two life-flying swords. They are very powerful in dealing with inflammatory beasts, but in the eyes of the Yuan baby-level strong ones, they are still like children playing house.
"Ha-ha, delicious, delicious." Campal burst into laughter. "Two little girls seem to have a special liking for the general. They also eagerly sent such a delicious flying sword. The general reported how much she could repay the kindness of the two girls later."
Mu sisters almost fell to the ground in horror, and their faces showed a thick color of despair. I’m afraid they all thought of a dead word, but when they were cruel again, there came a familiar but if there was a sound, "You two talk quietly and wait and see, and this group of foreign demons will be punished."
This trace of sound made Mu Sisters like grasping a last straw, like smelling a fairy sound. Although they didn’t know it was a sound, this sound elder claimed to be able to recognize that he was also a strong man in his infancy, and it was very likely that the two sisters of the human race could cultivate into the middle class of the elixir. It didn’t seem to rely solely on people like Li Xianxian. Of course, they were not idiots. Even after hearing this sound, their faces didn’t show any strange expressions. The two sisters looked at each other, making one sister understand each other’s expressions, and they held hands together.
At the same time, they seem to be vaguely worried. I don’t know the strength of the predecessors hiding in the dark. You know, there are more than three enemies present, and they are all Yuan Ying-class. Is that elder particularly fierce? Or is he not alone?
At that time, the two sisters speculated repeatedly about the elder who was hidden in the dark, and a pair of youthful looks appeared in their minds.
"Giggle Campal, you are really a funny pervert. You like to play around. It is estimated that these two little girls will be killed by you in less than half an hour?" Red expression is also a giggle. "In that case, I’m welcome to the old lady. How’s it going to look down on you with a knife?" Being an old lady can not only survive, but also have the opportunity and resources to practice to Yuan Ying level. "
Willy haven’t mouth that prostrate Chen Yun is looked up at willy to cast a look of resentment, apparently willy appeared as if affected his position.
Looked at throb is indifferently sneer at a way "first? Hehe, what is this surname Chen Xiao? "
Reluctantly indifferent and indifferent, it makes a few purgatory strong people rarely encounter such a situation, but they can still calm down the low-ranking monks. Even the red expression can’t help but smile. "You are quite bold. Is it true that I have a bodhisattva face in your eyes?"
"It’s not bad." The little fire giant suddenly said, "Just now, although he was fighting, his overall strength was generally very spiritual. He was a martial artist and Miao Chiwei gave me this little man."
"Hey? So you don’t like women, but you like men? Luo Luo Luo "red smile cuttlefish disorderly fibrillation rippling extremely and the knight errant door Chen Yun as if what is bewitched by her and showed a face of obsession with her appearance provoked red expression before the tail a jilt to sweep the garbage generally photographed one side disdain way" roll no gigolo even just infatuation charm can resist this weak-willed generation can be a slave and a dog ".
All races are powerful, but at present, these three magic generals are full of perverseness and rage, but which one was not killed in a sea of blood? Even this red expression has gone through a lot of killing and being killed to get to its present position step by step.