Gu Chu frowned slightly. "What money didn’t punish her but was the mastermind?"

"I think it should be considered that Sioux City and Xia cherish the soft engagement." Gu Jinxi bowed his head, but now the situation can be seen. "Since that Qian is in prison, should we go and say hello?"
Gu Qian frowned. "Prison is not the place where girls should go. What do you want?"
"I won’t go to that place even if I am invited." Gu Jinxi bowed his head. "But if you dare to start work on Heng Wu Garden and dare to discredit Niang, you can’t just forget it. I heard that there are ten tortures in the prison, and those jailers will punish people the most …"
Gu Qian smell speech bowed their heads.
"This matter is left to our sister, and you don’t care." Gu Chukou’s top ten tortures others don’t know that he caught enemy prisoners when he was fighting in the border town with his own eyes, and forcing them to hand over information would also lead to punishment. That torture is that he can’t stand watching him, let alone Gu Jinxi.
Gu Jinxi pouted, "Then I’m happy."
"The day is the wedding of the Seven Emperors and the Princess Yunning." Gu Qian said with a deep voice.
Even sitting next to Gu Chu has some strength and dare not look up at Gu Jin Sunseeker.
When he left, he had a big fight with Gu Jin Sunseeker because of Qin Xiang, and then maybe she has forgotten all these years. Even though Gu Jin Sunseeker is acting like nothing to Qin Xiang, the three brothers are not very concerned about Gu Huai and Su Yi. None of them ever loved each other so deeply. If nothing important happened, it will not change. Although they don’t know what happened, they feel the same pain and are very afraid that the wedding will become another stimulus.
Gu Chu brow slightly wrinkled his thin lips gently sip "anyway, we have already told Gu Guogong mansion no now, but it’s just a common people’s wedding, so we won’t go, will we? !”
"But the Seven Emperors specially sent someone to send an invitation" Ye Zhenniang bowed her head.
"…" Gu Chu grumpily stared her one eye.
Ye Zhenniang shrugs her shoulders and stands behind Gu Jinxi.
Gu Qian also looked at Gu Jin sunseeker with some concern. "Sister, if you really don’t want to go, we won’t go. Anyway, the eldest brother and the second brother of officialdom are not sent by the seven emperors. We don’t need …"
Before Gu Qian finished Gu Jin Sunseeker, he suddenly understood why the two of them would come back overnight. They were very travel-stained and ran to this shallow pavilion to find themselves without washing. She always knew that her attitude towards Qin Xiang had changed dramatically after her rebirth. Don’t say that if they hadn’t worked hard once, they wouldn’t even believe that they would have a blind eye to Qin Xiang and Leng Mei one day.
Yes, something happened. Gu Jinxi bowed his head. "I have long thought about it and I have seen it white. The so-called love in our family is a luxury. I am grateful for it. I don’t blame the Seven Emperors. I was once attracted by him. But some things are just appearances. I have already realized that it is good to see the so-called royal wedding if I don’t go there."
What’s more, the Seven Emperors’ Mansion may have a good show to play.
Too Qin Nan wants to rob his brother’s wife, so you can’t always see the drama.
Gu Qian and Gu Chu looked at each other, but they all saw deep concern in each other’s eyes.
"Then I asked Du Ruo to prepare the gift list" Gu Qian bowed his head.
Since it’s the wedding of the Seven Emperors, even the ceremony can’t be too thin, not to mention it’s the first time they’ve attended such a public banquet since they became independent from Gu Guogong, but their stunts can’t be underestimated.
Gu Jin Sunseeker shook his head. "I’ve nearly got Zhen Niang ready for two brothers to look at the shortcomings, but I don’t want to make a single copy anymore." Then she made a wink at Ye Zhenniang, and Ye Zhenniang immediately nodded knowingly and took out a large mahogany framed gift solo exhibition from the low cabinet next to her and handed it to Gu Chu disguised terms. "Please have a look at the two young masters."
"Nanhai Night Pearl?" Gu Qian some surprisedly looked up at Gu Jin sunseeker "Jinshui jade pu? These … "
"My lady said that she didn’t need what the Seven Emperors gave her; It’s good to go back at this time. "Ye Zhenniang bowed her head and her voice was cold and seemed to be unpredictable with a little erratic taste.
Gu Chu is frowning. "Sister, you are so afraid that it is not very good."
It is well known that the emperor gave the South China Sea Night Pearl to the Seven Emperors at the end of this day. Later, by mistake, the night pearl of the South China Sea fell to Gu Jinxi’s hand, and Qin Xiang changed her mind and begged Gu Jinxi several times. In the past, Gu Jinxi was obedient to Qin Xiang, but he was very concerned about this night pearl in the South China Sea. How could he easily exchange it back as a token of love? In the long run, Qin Xiang also lost interest, but from then on, his attitude towards Gu Jin Sunseeker became worse. Now Gu Jin Sunseeker actually took the initiative to return it. If he changed his occasion, maybe there was nothing to do. Isn’t it too much?
"Isn’t this a bad gift?" Gu Jinxi looked puzzled at Gu Chu with watery eyes and looked at him. "But this is the most valuable thing in our Heng Wuyuan treasury. It’s priceless."
Gu Qian shook his head. "It’s still not right."
"Nothing wrong" Gu Jin sunseeker looked cold and turned to look at Gu Chu and Gu Qian "Second brother and third brother, you just wait and see, maybe there will be a good show tomorrow."
Gu Chu still doesn’t agree to turn to look at Gu Qian. "Third brother, you ask Du Ruo to re-create a single sister, so don’t be ridiculous." Does anyone else look at the royal wedding so impudently? The so-called deep love, the responsibility to cut Qin Xiang and Qin Nan for the last flower, whose family is still unknown? I haven’t seen that even though the harem has been filled with new people to go to the old ones, Chen Guifei has finally flourished.
The power of pillow wind can’t be underestimated
"Second brother!" Gu Jinxi has a flat mouth.
"This matter can’t depend on you." Gu Chu was very tough.
"Well," Gu Jinxi bowed his head with a flat mouth, but he still didn’t lose heart.
"Our family is not as good as it used to be, sister. You can’t be so sexual anymore." Looking at Gu Jinxi’s bow, it seems a little sad. Gu Chu sat sideways next to her and gently patted her. "Brother knows that you have a grievance against the Seven Emperors. If you really don’t want to see those things, just let people return them directly."
It’s not a good idea to respond to people in this day.