Shinohara snow was thinking of refuting the second burn, but she didn’t think of herself. This bite suddenly burst into nausea. She hurriedly turned around and kept retching while covering her mouth!

In this case, Lou Zhan’s face turned completely green before striding!
"Xia Xiaoxue, do you hate me so much?"
….. Hate to throw up? !
This is so fucking hurtful!
Shinohara snow and Lou Zhan are both one leng, but no one has an explanation!
Anyway, he wants to think so, so think so. If they can get rid of this trouble, they can see it!
Sure enough, the top of the head smoked with a green light on his face, and the second child twisted his eyebrows. Seeing that she still kept retching, she even reached out and waved her hand in his direction. She was so cold-eyed and proud that the second child always couldn’t stand the cold hum, so she flew a window and suddenly disappeared into the bedroom!
As luck would have it, as the window slowly entered the cool breeze room, the hot and dry atmosphere eased a lot, and the retching of Shinohara snow also stopped instantly!
The second child burned by the window outside the Tibetan door suddenly became bad!
His grandmother really hates him to the point of throwing up at the sight!
Fundus resentment flashes, and the second child is leaving!
The auricle of the bedroom building Zhan moved his lips and dyed a smile. "He’s gone!"
"shout! I can’t believe that the guards in the palace of Nanxia Kingdom are getting more and more lax! Can let him in and out freely!
I don’t know what those guards do every day! "
Shinohara snow eyebrows looked at the broken window lattice scattered all over the floor and my heart burst with nai!
"He has great martial arts walls and walked in Jianghu for many years. If he doesn’t even have this ability, I’m afraid he would have died a long time ago!
It is not difficult for him to enter and leave the palace freely! "
LouZhan objective analysis let shinohara snow eyebrows "you also help him to speak? Don’t forget that he just called you a pretty boy! "
"Cough! If you are all right, go and lie down for a while! Recently, I have been playing a lot. I am going to the room! "
Louzhan looked embarrassed and said, then he flew away from the bedroom!
And staying alone in the bedroom, Shinohara Snow, looking at the sight of swinging in the temple, burst into my heart!
Now her life seems calm and turbulent, but hiding it is the ambition of counting wolves!
Even she knows that she is pregnant now. Even the mother emperor values this very much, but she can’t resist the thoughts of those people!
From being pregnant with * to marrying someone else now, I feel that my life is like a bad drama that has deviated from the track!
The children in her belly are the only thoughts of her generation. Since they can’t love each other, it may be the best arrangement for them to forget about the Jianghu like this!
Time goes by day by day, and he hasn’t been here for months since that day when the second child appeared!
Shinohara snow is also rare at leisure!
In this way, day after day, she feels that she and Lou Zhan have become more and more tacit!
It turns out that Lou Zhan is a complete villain, and even if she joins hands, she is often wary of him!
But after such a long time of contact, she felt that what Lou Zhan had done might really be involuntary!
And she has to admit that Lou Zhan is really a rare talent!
She just protects her baby every day!
And so many memorials and court affairs, she had secretly handed them over to Lou Zhan to deal with!
This matter is naturally going to be kept from everyone!
Nothing in her world is more important than her child at the moment!
Of course, it is precisely because Shinohara Snow is so cautious that she has prevented many little tricks!
But there is always a thin one!
At that time, seven months passed after the news of Xiao Xue’s pregnancy came out!
Outsiders naturally don’t know, but Shinohara Snow knows very well that she is pregnant for nine months!
According to what she learned from the doctor’s mouth, she is likely to give birth at any time in the next month!
But in the eyes of outsiders, she is only seven months pregnant at this time!
On this day, Xiao Xue, a paunchy woman, is sitting in the slant hall window of Tainvdian, looking at the budding scenery of spring outside!
It’s been seven months since I went to Qiu Lai in spring, and the solar terms in Nanxia have changed from midsummer to early spring!
She doesn’t know what’s wrong with herself. During these seven months, she felt irritable every day and always thought something was going to happen!
But time turns, every day is relatively stable!
Perhaps I am too worried and happy, and Xiao Xue is pregnant, but the whole person has lost a big circle!
Except for her protruding belly, her little face is as thin as a razor!