Suddenly Xiao Yueer exclaimed and turned around. I didn’t think that the three green vines had just entangled her and smashed her dress. Now she’s naked. No wonder the teenager can’t bear to move his eyes when he looks at her?

Xiao Yueer blushed and immediately called out the amethyst armor to cover her spring scenery, and then took out a white dress from Najie to wear. When she wore a new dress, she turned around and looked at the teenager and realized that the teenager had already disappeared.
Xiao Yueer gritted her teeth and stood there feeling a trace of affection deeply holding her heart! From now on, I’m afraid she will keep this abnormal teenager in her heart?
Tang Jun left the Xiao girl and was about to kill those poisonous monsters in the center. Suddenly, he sensed that there was a faint breath hundreds of meters ahead. If there was, it seemed that it would disappear at any time. And this breath, I’m afraid, is not simple. Chapter four hundred and fifty Young Heroes (149)
Tang Jun used his "God’s Escape Tactics" to shoot at the front, but it is strange that the trace of if-if breath seems to run away as it gets farther and farther away from him. And its direction is exactly the center of the city.
Tang Jun sneered and immediately chased him to the city center. Now his speed is like a ghost. He just caught up with the place where he just stood. He was holding a strange thing in his hand and looked like an ancient coin.
Release a very weak breath from that ancient coin. If yes, if yes, he just sensed it. Obviously, this ancient coin has a big problem?
Tang Jun almost jumped at the little squirrel without hesitation, but he never thought that the little squirrel was very precise and reacted faster than him. He just jumped at the other side and lost sight.
Tang Jun felt that the other party had got into a broken house one hundred meters away, but when he stepped into the broken house, his face changed and he immediately withdrew.
A powerful air vortex, Tang Jun, just stood there and had a big explosion, just like a sharp sword cutting there. If Tang Jun didn’t retreat, I’m afraid he would have been beheaded by now.
What is this thing that is so horrible? Tang Jun was startled, and a deep sense of crisis alerted him. He is now a demigod, and his hand still has the fairy "wishful gloves", which is actually a tremor in the depths of his soul.
Just when Tang Jun was in a dilemma, hundreds of golden-eyed green snakes suddenly appeared around him, and they coiled him tightly around him, and a little bit of sinister gas went up into the sky!
And not only these golden-eyed green snakes, but also hundreds of monsters are hidden on the bottom of his site. In this shabby hut in front of him, there is still the most horrible smell, and the other person is like being invisible? Does Tang Jun have a stronger sense of power than the soul, or does he find out exactly where the other party is? He felt a terrible smell coming out of this room, which made him flinch.
Tang Jun has always been fearless at this time, and his face changed slightly. I didn’t expect that I would touch so many monsters when I entered this city. Each one is equivalent to the level of the sage, and those golden-eyed green snakes are the first poison in the world. At this time, a large circle of magic has been formed around him, and the number of sinister "something congenial" and "magic" has condensed into a big net to cover the 100 meters of Fiona Fang.
Tang Jun’s escape into the sky will trigger a big explosion as soon as he touches the big net. Even if he casts out the "six-qi reincarnation", the six-qi fusion body will still be killed. After all, his practice is still too low. If he can really break through to the level of the deity, the "six-qi reincarnation" will exert even greater power. These horrible poison roots can’t stand him, but now he can’t cope with these "golden-eyed green snakes" and he has to guard against hundreds of poisonous monsters attacking the most horrible guy hiding in the dark. The sneak attack has reached a very serious situation
What should we do? What should we do now? Tang Jun clenched his teeth and hated these poisons to the extreme in front of him. He was also angry to the extreme. I didn’t think that they had sent so many horrible guys to deal with themselves. Don’t they think too highly of themselves?
As the magic of those poisonous gases spread to the middle Tang Dynasty, Fiona Fang was almost gray for hundreds of meters, and the young players nearby were all aware of the changes in the center of the city, and they rushed to the center.
The young players watched Tang Jun from a distance of several hundred meters. When they saw hundreds of monsters around Tang Jun, they all took a mouthful of air conditioning and felt their backs tingle.
I’ve never heard of a competition in which players were besieged by so many monsters. In fact, in the middle of this city, there has never been a young player who dared to step into Tang Jun’s life and dare to provoke those horrible five poisons. This time, it must be run.
Those magic things smell the strong breath here and come from all directions in succession, but for a moment, hundreds of all kinds of magic things have gathered around those golden-eyed green snakes, all of which are equivalent to the level of human saints, and those magic things have kept coming. This appearance has frightened the young players who are watching from a distance and retreated back about 200 meters.
Naturally, the three sisters in Chu’s family looked a little unnatural when they saw that Tang Jun was surrounded by so many magical things. But the three sisters had received a lot of benefits from their youth, and their current master was killed, but it was really unreasonable for them to be bystanders in the distance, right? But if the three sisters go in to help the teenagers and wait for them, they must be dead? Now the three sisters are in a dilemma and don’t know what to do.
Xiao Yueer, who had just been saved by Tang Jun, also flew to the side of the junior player who followed closely in the middle school. When she saw that Tang Jun had fallen into such a terrible desperate situation, her heart was also full of waves. What did she do?
At this time, the audience sitting outside the competition square saw that Tang Jun, a perverted teenager in the middle of the "Magic City", had fallen into such a terrible desperate situation? One by one, the face is dim and the heart is even more nerve-racking! Those beauties have red eyes and almost shed tears.
Phoenix Queen looked at the horror scene that happened in the "Magic City" and looked a little ugly. Her heart was heavier than that of her husband, Chu Ba Tian Dao. "I’m afraid Juner can crush the’ Life Soul Beads’ and escape this time, otherwise he will be run. Once those magic spirits really start the magic array, I’m afraid even the’ Life Soul Beads’ can’t save him? You still advise Juner to crush’ Life Soul Beads and escape quickly? "
Chu bully days is also a tree-lined nodded, "Well, now you have a way to go."
At this time, six girls from Nanliang appeared among the young players watching in the distance.
When Liner’s sister Liang Lili saw that Tang Jun was surrounded by so many horrible monsters, they were both surprised and screamed at the same time, almost without hesitation, and shot at him.
Tang Jun screamed loudly, and his thin cheeks died instantly. He gave a shudder and almost fainted. Chapter four hundred and fifty-nine Young Heroes (15)
Two beautiful images are like two colorful clouds floating away from the sky to the teenagers.
Oh, my god These two silly girls Don’t die?
Tang Jun felt a stabbing pain in his heart, and several poisonous gases were shot at the two beauties. He immediately cast out the "God’s escape tactic" and rushed at the two beauties, but he was dumbfounded that he broke through the net above the hood and cast out the "Six Qi’s Great Samsara" several times or was shocked back to the ground. So many monsters are eyeing up and waiting for him to get into the net.
As the two screams Tang Jun stood on the spot, protruding eyes stared at the sky and never turned again.
There’s nothing in the sky except those creepy terrorist gas. Two girls who have reached the level of the most sacred person have disappeared forever.
Seeing such a horrible scene, the young players couldn’t help but draw a mouthful of air conditioning, and their faces were all showing fear.
Chu three sisters stared at the two girls who disappeared in the middle of the class, and their faces showed strange expressions. If the three sisters just rushed over, this would be the scene? I can’t believe that the most horrible monsters in this city are so powerful. Even the powerful "life soul bead" can let them escape? No wonder the elders repeatedly told me not to touch the monsters in the middle part of the city before coming in? The monster in this is really extraordinary?
"elder sister"
Tang Jun finally woke up from his grief and screamed. He knelt down and looked at the sky. His face was covered with tears, but his eyes shot a fire more than hatred.
Oh, my god? You torture me like this?
Tang Jun sent the most angry roar to heaven. Sister Shier, Sister Liner and Sister Lili, the three most cherished women in his heart, left him like this. Following their thoughts, they caught two dying souls without a trace of consciousness. There is almost no hope for them to be resurrected unless they are immortal. I wonder if they can be saved?
Killing feelings
Suddenly, these three words came to Tang Jun’s mind. Is this the cruel way to kill love?
Kill and lose?
"Kill? Love? "
Tang Jun muttered something to himself. Suddenly, a small round bead invisible to the naked eye floated out of Tang Jun’s eyes. Now this little bead is completely different from the original one. It turned out to be illusory, but now it is very clear and turned into a blue bead. And the breath released from the bead has also increased several times. The expert of God can almost kill it.