Duan Qingyun also made a gesture of humility and then entered the door.

However, before Duan Qingyun appeared, it was not a grotesque laboratory full of glass instruments, but a long tunnel.
Duan Qingyun turned his head and looked at Duan Qingyun’s face with a strange smile. He stretched out his hand and continued to make a gesture of please, but he didn’t speak.
The two of them walked along the long road on the smooth shiny floor and made a clear step of "dadada". Because of the extreme silence, Duan Qingyun felt that his steps were very strange
The "shemale elder sister" turned to look at Duan Qingyun’s face and said, "This is our hospital laboratory. Our hospital’s projects are not very developed, but this laboratory belongs to the first-class level in East Asia!"
"Oh, so developed!" Duan Qingyun deliberately put on a look of amazement, but his eyes watched the facilities around him from time to time. There were no facilities at all around them, but there were smooth walls and bright and clean floors.
After about a few minutes, the two of them have passed a section of more than 100 meters, and a tall and thick iron gate reappeared in front of Duan Qingyun.
Duan Qingyun secretly wondered that it was incredible that a laboratory was like a dungeon.
However, when the "shemale" hits the second door, it is still a long passage.
See "shemale" eventually don’t talk Duan Qingyun also followed him to continue walking forward.
Finally, when they walked along the long passage for more than 100 meters, the third iron gate blocked their eyes.
The "shemale elder sister" who didn’t talk for a long time finally turned around and smiled and said to Duan Qingyun, "Our hospital laboratory has arrived."
Then he took out the key card and wiped the big iron door lock.
Suddenly Duan Qingyun saw a magnificent scene, full of dazzling experimental equipment and colorful light.
"Elder sister, this lab is really luxurious!" Duan Qingyun laughed
The "shemale" face is indifferent and the expression is cold. "There is no one else here and there is no shit leadership. We can talk about it …"
"Ah-"Duan Qingyun was surprised. "Elder sister, what do you mean …"
The "shemale" just laughed. "No offense. I mean, where did this deer whip come from?"
Duan Qingyun shook his head and said, "I don’t know this. I didn’t recognize it when I saw it!"
After a pause, Qingyun added, "Elder sister, you have a good eye. You can recognize this as a deer whip at a glance!"
The "shemale elder sister" didn’t smile because of Duan Qingyun’s praise. She turned her head and focused her eyes on this bloody deer whip in a plastic bag. She looked at it very carefully and seemed to appreciate a beautiful art.
Duan Qingyun looked at the transvestite that was filled with obsession. "Elder sister, let’s test it now and see if it is poisonous …"
Before Duan Qingyun finished, "shemale" interrupted Duan Qingyun with a wave of his hand. "Poisonous?" Hum, can’t you see that this deer whip root is not poisonous? This is a very pure deer whip. Tell me why you want the director to test this deer whip? "
Duan Qingyun laughed. "I think there is something wrong with the color of this deer whip, otherwise I wouldn’t come out to test it. After all, the director wants to have an aphrodisiac!"
As soon as the word "aphrodisiac" was used, the eyes of "shemale elder sister" lit up and gently waved the plastic bag containing deer whip. "Yes, this deer whip can really play an aphrodisiac role and it is very big!"
After a pause, the director of the "shemale" added, "If it is sold in the market, it can be worth 100,000 yuan at least!"
"ah!" Duan Qingyun deliberately pretended to be surprised and deliberately adjusted his voice to a trembling state. "Is this deer whip really worth so much money?"
"Sister transvestite" looked at Duan Qingyun and said, "Of course, this is not an ordinary male deer whip! Generally, the deer whip is reddish all over, but this deer whip is dark red and the blood is pure. I think it must be a great effort to get this deer whip! "
For the "shemale elder sister", Duan Qingyun naturally considered that killing a deer is a very powerful thing after all, but she said that the value of this deer whip is so high that Duan Qingyun really never thought of it!
After listening to the "shemale elder sister", she continued, "So I bet this is definitely not an ordinary deer whip!"
Then he put the white plastic bag with deer whip on the experimental platform. "If you don’t believe me, let’s try it now!"
Duan Qingyun slightly sideways gave way to the "shemale" and looked at the shemale with wide eyes, such as testing this deer whip.
See "shemale" took a pair of transparent plastic gloves, put a plastic bag with deer whip in a transparent tray, and then put this tray on an instrument surface like an astronomical telescope. At the same time, she knocked on a brain keyboard next to the "telescope" for a while. After a while, she saw that the brain screen flashed a green cursor. After a few seconds, she saw that a group of green data appeared in the brain shield.
Duan Qingyun don’t understand the brain is very blankly watching "shemale" with this list of programs.
After three minutes, I saw the "shemale" turned my head and looked at Duan Qingyun proudly. "Do you understand? This deer whip is worth 100 thousand! "
Duan Qingyun remained calm and said, "Come on, sister, how much can this deer whip be worth?"
The "shemale" laughed and put the deer whip back in the white plastic bag while saying to Duan Qingyun, "How much is it? How much money is not sold! "
"what!" Duan Qingyun puzzled to ask
"Based on my decades of research, I can conclude that this deer whip comes from a male deer king!"
"Ah?" Duan Qingyun once again marveled that this "shemale" would not be fooling me!
See "shemale" once again put his eyes on the deer whip in his hand. "This deer whip comes from the king of deer, from the king of deer! The Millennium deer king! Who is this fool? It’s really fucking blind to give away such a treasure … "
Extremely excited, this "shemale" actually spit out dirty words.
Duan Qingyun looked at the "shemale" with a look of excitement. "Elder sister, tell me if this deer whip is as mysterious as you say!"
The "shemale" looked at Duan Qingyun’s face with a strange look. "Yes, I have already said that this deer whip comes from the Millennium deer king!"
"Millennium deer king?" Duan Qingyun stared at the "shemale" with a deer whip in his hand, and there were too many incredible eyes! At the same time, there are too many regrets in his heart because he didn’t learn ancestral medicine from his father since he was a child! If you take this deer whip to your father, he will definitely argue about its value!
Suddenly, the "shemale elder sister" grabbed Duan Qingyun’s arm and said, "Brother Duan, would you like to join me?"
Duan Qingyun felt that the "shemale elder sister" was so strong and strong that he didn’t worry about the tunnel "Big sister, what do you want?"
Listening to the "shemale" with an unusually proud tone, "Do you know what the value of this deer whip is?"
Duan Qingyun shook his head and said, "Sister, come on, I’ve confused you!"