With another wry smile, Lengling continued, "Besides, your cultivation speed is extremely fast now. I’m afraid you can’t find many of them in the mainland, so you have to work hard?"

After listening to Lengling’s remarks, Ye Han knew that he was indefensible, so he smiled awkwardly. "I know that I did this and I have my difficulties. You know this, Linger."
Smiling and nodding, Lengling didn’t deny Ye Han’s statement that he was silent for a long time and then continued, "I know this is because you can’t pay attention to it completely now, otherwise you will lose the meaning of experience!"
After listening to the cold lingyan, Ye Han suddenly patted the back of his head and said with a look of joy, "Before I knew it, I always knew that I would make slow progress if I didn’t meet a real opponent!"
After listening to Ye Han’s words, Lengling couldn’t help but burst into a supercilious look. It’s understandable that she didn’t meet a real opponent, but the progress was slow. If she went out, wouldn’t she explode a large group of practitioners’ lungs?
Ye Han, who was destined to accept the fate of death, has now cultivated to the realm of Yuan Dan in just three or four months, which is a miracle for many practitioners.
But now Ye Han regards this kind of practice as a miracle in the eyes of the public, saying that the progress is slow. How many practitioners have to be mad?
Lengling thought like this, but Ye Han didn’t move very much. The idea in this regard is still said with a wry smile, "It seems that I have to find some powerful opponents to practice my hands!"
Ye Han hesitated for a moment, just like saying to himself, "By the way, there are only some yuan beasts left here except Linger. I can’t beat Linger, so go find some yuan beasts to practice!"
After listening to Ye Han talking to himself alone, Lengling’s face turned embarrassed and immediately smiled bitterly. "You actually regard the Yuan beast here as a training object?"
Noncommittally, Ye Han nodded and smiled. "It’s natural, but don’t worry about my object, which is at most a second-order beast. I’m not stupid enough to do things that are impossible!"
What is the impossible thing in Ye Han’s mouth? Lengling knows it clearly because he was most worried about it before.
If Ye Han wants to challenge some third-order yuan beasts regardless of his life, it is suspected that he is dying. This wife and half-master Lengling naturally has no reason to go back and oppose it.
But now Ye Han is clearly awake and knows that he can deal with some second-order beast Lengling. Naturally, there is no reason to oppose this. She can also secretly accept the idea of Ye Han.
However, Ye Han’s idea is obviously not so simple. If he doesn’t meet the more powerful Yuan beast in his plan, he will find some second-order Yuan beasts to practice his hand.
However, if he meets a more powerful yuan beast, he will never back down. If he wants to return the range of the third-order yuan beast, he will have a little confidence to face it. Naturally, this little confidence still comes from Lengling because he knows that he will be in danger, and Lengling will definitely help him.
Although I don’t know much about Lengling’s current Ye Han, I also know that he will never be lower than Yuan’s soul, and this beast will not exceed the sixth order. She still has the strength to deal with it.
I’m higher than the sixth-order beast. Although there are many ice forests again, Ye Han thinks that it’s absolutely impossible to meet again if you don’t enter the depths of the ice forest outside this ice forest.
This firm deal with the third-order yuan beast at the same time, Ye Han has already prepared himself and is confident that there will never be any mistakes from now on.
Well-planned Ye Han couldn’t restrain his joy in his heart and didn’t wait for Lengling to say any objection reasons, so he took the initiative to head for the depths of the ice forest.
Naturally, he doesn’t really want to go deep into the ice forest. This behavior is mainly because there is no yuan beast anywhere at present.
The only beast that appears is probably from the deeper ice forest. This Ye Han has to enter the deeper ice forest to find his own training target.
See Ye Han line toward the depths of the ice forest LengLing naturally dare not careless busy closely followed to silently behind him.
Going deeper into the ice forest, the surrounding cold becomes more intense, and Ye Han can also use the star cold tactic to resist the whole body cold when walking.
At the same time, his eyes are constantly looking around. Although he is determined to find his opponent, he is also worried that he will be knocked down by his opponent before he finds it.
Sneak attack is not a proper means, but sometimes it is often the best means of attack.
If you are accidentally ambushed by an equal Yuan Xiu beast, it will be a great loss for the poacher. Now, before the outbreak of the war, this kind of loss must be carefully guarded against.
Ye Han doesn’t want to be the target of sneak attack. He wants to treat others as the target of sneak attack, so he can be extra careful and be changed.
After a while, I finally moved away from the previous cultivation place. Ye Hanhuan looked around but didn’t see too many anomalies.
The only difference is to hide the biting cold in this almost two scenes.
For Ye Han, although there is a star cold tactic to help resist the cold, the cold is still particularly strong. There is absolutely no way for him to resist the cold in his confidence.
This cold Yuan beast ambushed the middle of the double crisis, and it was even more cautious to avoid being attacked by cold, and at the same time being attacked by a certain time.
Perhaps it is because of Ye Han’s caution that he wants to find the first beast and his first object to practice.
Yuan beast roar to shake off some is not solid’ leaves’ fall to give out a ringing sound.
It is this kind of sound that the roar of the Yuan beast is extremely insignificant. This Ye Han listened to the roar of the Yuan beast but did not hear the sound of the’ leaves’ landing.
Lengling and Ye Han are behind him because they are a guard role and naturally want to help Ye Han.