Ye Han thinks a lot and thinks very well. It is not difficult for him to arrange a four-star array, and he is willing to do so. It is not difficult to exchange everyone’s sincere disloyalty. If they quit, it will be fine, but if they choose to perfunctory, it will be a big deal. Who will be responsible if the Xingyuan Gate collapses in the future?

See Ye Han moved Lengling and others also dare not neglect their respective display to help Ye Han know four-star defense array, and this so-called four-star is including Ye Han Ling Jia Yan Xin Ye Rou, which is also the four-star established when Ye Han was married.
Xiaoli and others knew that Ye Han’s ideas didn’t help, and the more they helped, the more they broke Ye Han’s good things, while Ye Han and others had already cast a seemingly weak array of stars at this time, thus forming.
However, this large array looks weak, but it is not. It seems that the array is nothing, but it is not simple to cultivate it to a certain extent.
"Beaver son you said cold brother he what don’t let us together? Is our star power not as good as their four stars? " Looking at the four men cast law aside Ye Ping suddenly asked.
Listen to Ye Rou’s question about Xiaoli, and immediately she smiled and laughed. "The reason is very simple. They need our protection when they decorate the law. What happens?"
Xiaoli’s explanation is far-fetched, and even he feels something to avoid accidents. This is sheer nonsense. How many stars can you shake if you don’t count them? Even if it’s a sneak attack, it should be normal. Isn’t this embarrassing when others launch a large array of stars?
The real reason for nature is that she knows that although it is barely feasible to arrange a large array of stars in a star field now, the conditions for really playing a large array of stars are lacking. You know, nine planets is connected with each other, unless all departments can agree with Ye Han, otherwise it will be possible to really play a star power.
And this is mixed array Ye Han and others have satisfied this point, which makes Xiaoli somewhat dissatisfied with what? Why can’t you just finish it yourself? A hundred years ago, it was like that. A hundred years later, it’s still like that. Are you really destined to hold nine planets back?
Naturally, she didn’t dare to say it casually. Even though she was dissatisfied with Ye Han, it was only a little bit. But she really wondered why Ye Han was reluctant to contact those herself. Is it just because you are a yuan beast? But a hundred years ago, I didn’t have the taxiing method. It’s understandable to agree with Qingyun, but now I have a person. How can it be the same?
At this moment, Ye Han’s light drink instantly dispelled Xiaoli’s meditation. He looked up at the sky and saw Ye Han’s body flying towards his side, followed by Lengling and others, and the palace that had just started to be built also had a star enchantment.
"Oh, if only nine planets were all here, so that we can display the nine planets array!" Back to the grassland, Ye Han also came without rest and sighed.
It’s Ye Han’s simple sigh, but the meaning is not simple. Maybe Ye Ping and others can’t hear it, but Lengling and others are just white. Even nine planets Yard, if you accept nine planets!
Seems to feel the cold ling and others that hot eyes Ye Han heart suddenly a fiercely busy way "why are you looking at me like this? I’m not a monster. Go and stop looking at me like that. Look carefully again. I’m not welcome to you! "
Said Ye Han seems to have noticed the reason why the daughters looked at themselves like this. Because of looking at themselves, several of these people were full of confusion, that is, they were cold and cheerless Ye Ping Laner, and so Ye Han soon realized that there was a hidden ambiguity in his words just now, and some people were confused.
[63] 【 Pretending to be an elder 】
The attic of a brand-new palace in Yanyunshan will soon have a figure, but now there is a shadow of this figure that has not yet formed 【
Family elites are still serious. They are not worried because there are four enchantments to protect them. Ye Han and others inadvertently give birth to a little bit of worry at the moment, and the source of this little bit of worry is just the smell hidden in the distant mountains.
Judging from this breath, it is not difficult to know each other’s repair situation, and what Ye Han and others are worried about is not that they are repairing. After all, they are also some people who can’t repair the Yuanyi realm, but they are just lacking in fear.
However, these people are not afraid, but Ye Han can’t be careless. Although he knows the hiding place of those people, he can’t act rashly at the moment. If he leaves here, it will be a trap for the enemy to come here. That’s not good.
Don’t be afraid that he is afraid that there will be strong people coming here. If he really leaves here, although the enchantment can ensure that the people inside will be safe for a while, it is not a long-term policy after all. He is not sure that his visit will not attract most experts to pester him. If someone comes here to make trouble, it will be bad. After all, the enchantment defense ability is still limited and can’t stand a long-term toss.
"Tell you what, Xiaoli, when it’s dark, you guys stay here in case someone comes to mess with me. Linger, they’ll go and have a look first!" Meditation for a long time to see it’s getting late, and a day will soon pass. Ye Han made up his mind that Xiaoli and others were divided into two ways to solve the hidden eye crisis.
Knowing Ye Han’s thoughts, my daughters have no objection. Waiting for the moment of night arrival, I will solve all this with the help of darkness. The so-called darkness is so. Don’t enemies like to hide? Then hide yourself and the law will be defeated.
The night is coming. Ye Han took advantage of the night arrival and took Leng Lingyan, Xin Ye Ruan, three people and four people to show the flying tactic of the wind, half covered and half covered, and fled in the direction of the hidden enemy mountains.
In a short time, they had already arrived at another mountain not far from the mountain. Looking at the mountain not far away, Ye Han suddenly flashed a playful idea. When Cold Forest sent mountains to save Laner, the scene suddenly came back to his mind.
"Xin-er, when I secretly helped you scare people, is it your turn to secretly help me scare people this time?" Thought of here, Ye Han immediately made up his mind that it is not the way to be pestered like this all the time. It is necessary to find an effective way to scare them away. After all, killing people is not the best way to solve the problem.
After listening to Ye Han’s remarks, not only Yan Xin, but even Leng Ling’s soft leaves can’t help but be one leng. These people’s soft leaves have not experienced the scene when Cold Forest sent people to save people. Naturally, they can’t guess Ye Han’s liking, but Yan Xin Leng Ling really experienced it, so they quickly understood Ye Han’s meaning and both nodded their heads at Ye Han in agreement.
Ye Han suddenly felt happy when he saw it. At first, he cast a few seals at will and scared people to death. Unfortunately, he didn’t get a close look at those human beings, but now he finally has a chance to enjoy them.
See the three of them mysteriously don’t know what to say aside leaf soft immediately asked "what are you talking about? Come on, have you thought of any bad ideas? "
Ye Han’s face was asked by Ye Rou, and immediately a bit of embarrassment floated out. How could this Ye Rou guess so accurately? But the mouth smiled and explained, "Look at Rou Er, what do you say? Do you think I can do some trick work with Ye Han?"
"Who knows what you think? I don’t believe it if I don’t want to kill the whole person this time! " Although Ye Han tried to hide himself, for Ye Rou, she saw Ye Han’s evil face. Where can she not know what this Ye Han must have thought of? The trick is preparing those hidden people to give it a try!
"Hey hey, it seems that everything can’t be hidden from you. This is terrible. If I want you to move any bad thoughts later, wouldn’t you see through it at a glance?" Ye Han thinks that people who can see their own thoughts are definitely not easy to mess with, and soon he will soften the leaves into dangerous people, so everything should be cautious.
But even so, Ye Han didn’t really feel the danger at the moment, and he didn’t know that it was the tie, and Ye Ruan’s chest couldn’t stop wandering and seemed fascinated.
Ye Rou naturally saw Ye Han’s bad eyes, but he didn’t say anything, but Yan Xin suddenly smiled and laughed. "Sister Rou, you can be miserable. You can have a good fruit after being remembered by brother Han!"