Twenty of his gunmen want to come from outside the village, and they have already taken care of themselves. Where are the other twenty guns?

Did she get the wrong information and get 20 more guns?
At this time, Zhuo Qiang smiled at Love and said, "Miss Luo, his twenty guns may have been gone long ago."
Love zheng "Mr Zhuo what did you say?"
Zhuo Qiang made a haha and said, "Haha, will you return these guns when King Harry comes tonight?"
"What do you mean?" Love is still not white.
"If you send someone to search around the village, there may be unexpected surprises."
Love heard this, and Ma told her young villagers to go to the neighborhood and see what happened.
Harry realized that this love seems to be not the real protagonist tonight, but this young man called Mr. Zhuo.
He originally included this Mr. Zhuo, and these three people were all helped by Love to deal with him. It seems that this is not the case.
Soon there was a burst of exclamation from outside the village. It seems that the villagers found the bodies of the gunmen.
It is not difficult for these villagers to find the bodies of the gunmen with torches in their hands. Soon, the bodies were dragged to the village, and the villagers could not hide their excitement with shiny k47 rifles on their shoulders.
The management of guns in Malaysia is very strict, and it is very difficult to buy guns because of the poor channels. Every gun is extremely valuable to people in these remote and disorderly areas.
With these guns, Love’s strength in several villages can definitely dominate one party.
And those who have no guns, Harry, can’t do anything to face the villagers who are holding guns.
Love turned white when she saw these bodies and guns.
How did these hands of Harry who ambushed outside the village die?
If these gunmen hadn’t been blindsided, she and these villagers wouldn’t have been able to confront Harry with a small dish.
These people besides Zhuo Jiang may have the strength to handle these gunmen. Love can’t think of anyone else who can have this strength.
However, Zhuo Qiang has never been out in the village. How did these gunmen get killed quietly?
Love suddenly remembered Zhuo Qiang’s three honest and honest boatmen who moored the cargo ship at the dock.
Did those three hidden boatmen sneak off the boat and kill those gunmen outside the village?
More to 159 Love
159 Luofu
By this time, both love and Harry have lost one thing, and all the accidents have settled tonight.
Or what happened tonight was directed by Zhuo Qiang.
Harry regretted that he couldn’t throw a brick at his head at this time. He didn’t come early or late, but this time he just bumped into Zhuo Qiang’s iron plate.
He’s a good man. With this action tonight, Zhuo Qiang suffered this incident temporarily, and he broke his perfect game in a hurry.
Harry has no need to think about how the gunmen outside the village were assassinated.
He lost a card, and his result has changed.
Love’s admiration for Zhuo Qiang has reached a new level at this time. No wonder his two hands are so loyal to him. It turns out that he really has some means
And these means are suspected of building strong strength.
It seems that the fast cargo ship really hides a lot of things, and it is not something that ordinary people can do to kill 20 gunmen ambushing outside the village in a sad breath.
This Zhuo Qiang is definitely not a simple person.
With guns in his hand, Rofuma distributed these guns and sent some people to patrol around the village to keep watch in case Harry’s hands came to make trouble.
For the culprit, Harry Love waved to two hands and asked them to take him.
Harry knew that his death was approaching, and when he didn’t come, he was arrogant and tried to make his expression look calm to maintain his dignity before he died.
Like heroes, Zhuo Qiang was surrounded by the villagers and walked to a bigger house in the village.
The women and girls who have been afraid to show up in the village have also knocked on the door to join the people celebrating the victory
Harry, Xiao Wang, has always been the overlord of this neighborhood with dozens of guns, and the villagers can live a stable life for a few days after getting the guns.