"Hey Nan Ronghuan, did you hear what I just said?" Yang night turned to look at Nan Rong and asked, "I’m going to have a wedding and marry my dear friends together to be a housewife!" How’s it going? Why don’t you do it with me Lively! "

South glory magic force shook his head "no! I can’t afford to lose that person! " "Let’s go to Taiwan," he said, bowing his head and muttering, "Why are there seven people around you and two people around me?"
Hearing this, the baby was annoyed. "Hey! Do you have any other idea? " Talking and holding hands, I went to Nan Rong Magic and said, "I tell you! Just the two of us! If you dare to make a third woman again, I will let you die very ugly! " He turned to "Don’t you?"
This is the reconciliation of a front ally’s tone. "Yes! Death is ugly! "
"Well, well, we all went home. Nan Rong Huan also took the baby and a long time to meet my uncle Nan Rong. The ugly daughter-in-law has to meet her in-laws." Yang Ye smiled and held her arms high and stretched herself.
"What are you talking about, brother!" Glanced at Yang Ye lightly chastising.
Baby long didn’t speak, but made a gesture to strangle him at Yang night.
Yang night smiled and said, "Well, I’ll meet my father and mother." I pulled up a little girl and said, "I have to save your mother from scolding me to death." Yang night looked at "Hey? What about the scorching sun? "
Most people in the bedroom don’t know who the scorching sun is, but they all turn their heads to look for it. Soon all eyes are fixed on the sofa-the fat man in the scorching sun has fallen asleep on the sofa.
It’s no wonder that although after the World War II, Yang Ye healed everyone’s injuries, after all, such repeated battles made people very tired. Now when it’s all over, people naturally relax, and when they relax, they are easy to get sleepy, especially fat.
Yang night pie pie and then looked up "xiaoxiao gentle to tell the kitchen to prepare meals as rich as possible! Xi Shi Zheng Dan, help me drain the water. I want to take a shower! Ruyan is going to take a bath with me! Yun Xin will accompany your sister Lan to clean up and rest. "Talking, Yang Ye’s face is not beautiful." I want to enjoy my life! "
Yang Zhenkui has been uneasy these months. Everything is fine with him. Yang Xu and Yang Shan have also managed the Mu family and the Zhang family well. It is this big son Yang who left some time ago and didn’t hear from him that really worried him.
Today, I came to my room to think quietly, but I was fidgeting inexplicably, as if something had happened.
Sure enough, in a short time, the door was pushed and Bai Jingjing came in with a happy face, followed by Qiu Manager and Qian Bo.
"What’s the matter?" Yang Zhenkui some surprise to ask
"Sir! The gentleman is back! " Qiu manager respectfully bowed and said
"What? Really? " Yang Zhenkui’s eyes lit up and looked at Bai Jingjing. Seeing Bai Jingjing nodded with a smile, he was even more excited and asked earnestly, "What’s the little late son?"
"Great Master, according to the agent, reported that the gentleman is now in his bedroom with Miss Evenly Xin, Miss Xiao Gai and Miss Ru Yan." Qian Bo was also very heart-felt about Yang night’s return. At this time, he gave Yang Zhen a quiet silence.
"The bedroom? Great! " Yang Zhenkui clapped his hands happily and suddenly frowned. "I’ll go and see it first if I don’t come back first … This is not a typical case of emphasizing color over dad!" Said rubbing his hands back and forth at the high manager and said, "Come on! You go and call the gentleman for me! Horse! "
Manager Qiu and Qian Bo nodded and turned to leave the room. There was a burst of surprise screams from male and female servants, followed by the hearty voice of the Yang family gentleman, "Don’t call me!"
Yang Zhen-kui’s words about leaving shattered glass when he left at night have made Master Yang feel scared for too long, and it seems that he has done something particularly dangerous, and he hasn’t seen his eldest son for months. Now he is finally back, and he is so worried. Can Yang Zhen-kui be unhappy?
Yang Ye came in with a small arm and a big smile. First, he hugged the manager Qiu and Qian Bo at the door, then strode to Yang Zhenkui and gave his long-lost father a hug tightly!
"Little late son, you finally came back! I am really worried about you! " Yang Zhen-kui held Yang Ye’s shoulder and looked at the excitement. He turned to look at Bai Jingjing again. "Your mother is also very worried about you! I often go to the window for hours at night, you child … "
Yang night smiled and patted Yang Zhenkui’s shoulder and walked over a few steps and held Bai Jingjing in her arms.
This kind of affection, this kind of long-lost affection, made Yang night feel excited and excited. The heat wave also recalled the parallel encounter with his father and his biological mother and … Now he must be happy to hide the blade and practice together.
Bai Jingjing smiled kindly and stretched out his arm to bend and touch Yang Ye’s head. "I haven’t seen you for months. How do you look like a different person?" Look at this hair … You’ve gained a lot. "
"I can’t stay the same. I’m going to be a father, aren’t I?" Yang night smiled and gave Bai Jingjing a look at the little girl.
Bai Jingjing also smiled and deliberately tiger-faced and said, "Yang night, I told you that I gave you the little girl. If you don’t treat her well, I won’t promise."
"Don’t worry, mom, let’s have more than one layer." Yang night winked.
"Rest assured? If you don’t even give us a birthright, I don’t want to let you eat what I did with your father! " Bai Jingjing continue to tiger face but can’t stretch out a few minutes of smile.
"Who said that! I’m here to discuss marriage with you and my father! " Yang Ye glared at his eyes. "I am a responsible man!"
"get married?" Aside Yang Zhenkui one leng quickly came a few steps "small late son you say get married? You … you won’t disappear again when you come back this time, will you? "
"No, Dad, I want to be a good son and marry my wives to live a good life." Yang Ye smiled and shook his head.
"Wife … us?" Yang Zhenkui one leng "son, who are you going to marry? How many? "
"Little darling! Oh, and even Xin! " Yang Ye talked and counted with his fingers. "There are still Xiao Shi, Xiao Dan, Ru Yan, Lan, Xiao Xiao and Gentle." After counting, he looked up. "These are gone!"