第一百五十章 索伦霍芬
Chen Yi walked slowly and bought a bottle of coke cans, which almost tasted like German and Chinese.
When the coke is finished, an English signboard tour guide also comes into view.
Chen Yi threw the can in the trash can at the door and walked into it. "Is there a Chinese tour guide?"
The receptionist understood English, but shook her head blankly.
Although it is a world-famous town, China people don’t want to come to this place now.
Inconvenience is one thing and high price is another. Of course, Sorenhofen still has a certain popularity in China. It can be said that it is a small threshold for paleontology. Talking at school about how fierce Tyrannosaurus Rex was and how big Lei Long was, he didn’t spit out "slnhfen" gently, which immediately occupied a theoretical height in the debate.
Half a year ago, Chen Yi belonged to a group of people who were never satisfied with fossils. He might have been a dinosaur when he was a child, but his worship for him was definitely a robot cat.
An ordinary English guide quickly appeared in front of Chen Yi, and a girl named Lisa suggested enthusiastically, "We can go to the digging market. It’s very interesting …"
"I want to buy fossils" came for utilitarian purposes, and Chen Yigen was too lazy to go to the scene to see it.
Lu Fan, who has studied archaeology for 7 years, hates the excavation site. He once talked about outdoor research in front of Chen Yi more than once, that is, digging animal ancestral graves, and there are many rules like playing poker in the toilet.
It must be no fun to have a person playing poker in the toilet.
The German tour guide continued to actively suggest that "the fossils here are not cheap and it is very troublesome to take them away. We can go to the nearest market and see the traces of workers’ excavation two years ago …"