Chapter 39 Ying Chao

Zheng Changtu is nearly ten years old, even if he has achieved the black iron, his body has gone downhill at this age.
He walked slowly out of the city with a hat and a gray mule hunched over his back.
It took three steps, one breath, five steps to get out of Li Xu and was crowded into a noisy place by the crowd.
"I have to behead again!"
Excited roar is heard from time to time
This makes him still don’t understand what’s so exciting about killing people after living for decades.
Looking sideways.
Once Tianshuizhai was a hole in the eyes of people hanging from the gallows one by one, all pale.
One of them was severely dragged, and a strong man with a ghost knife opened his mouth and vomited in his palm before stepping forward.
Rub your hands, then drink a lot, hold the handle tightly and chop it hard
Blood splashes, people kneel.
Head, the body staggered, blood flowed around the neck, and then slowly fell to the ground.
"Wow …"
The crowd roared.
Applause, noise, excitement and roar are heard one after another.
They are not only excited to kill, but also make their blood boil. It should be that they once stood high above the big shots and ended up in such a field.
That’s the way it is
It’s not too heart-warming to look at people. Some people have collapsed houses and there is no shortage of fun.
Zheng Changtu shook his head and pulled up the gray mule, which seemed ordinary but easily walked out of the crowd.
The line of sight quietly swept around. In addition to a face of excited onlookers, there were some people with ferocious eyes mixed in
Nine times out of ten, it’s Tianshui village gang.
Hei Hu people should have found them, but they were unmoved. These people were hidden in the crowd and dispersed with the crowd.
"Brother Liu!"
"As usual, I’ll leave the mule cart here for you to look after it for me for a while, and I’ll take it again in a few days."
Leave the gray mule at a farmer’s house and wave goodbye to each other. Zheng Changtu walked into the jungle step by step.
Dapeng rises with the wind in one day. Wan Li!
Feipeng posture!
A figure soared dozens of feet before falling lightly on the treetops and tapping the branches to rise again.
Flying like a bird, swift and elegant.
It’s Richie.
Such a mysterious posture is almost impossible, even among the black iron masters.
Soon after
Zheng Changtu’s figure broke through the clouds and appeared in a beautiful canyon.
The valley is surrounded by flowers and fragrant, and exquisite and elegant wooden houses stand in it, and the crowds are very lively.
The outside world is chaotic and noisy. It’s peaceful here.
The dense fog isolated this place like a fairyland.
Ying Chao!
Is that famous Ying Chao.
As early as ten years ago, the population of Ying Chao has exceeded 1,000, and nearly 10,000 people practice martial arts, which is its continuous root.
"Zheng Lao!"
"Zheng Lao!"
All the way to the valley, everyone nodded with Confucianism.
They all know that Ying Chao can develop step by step with the help of this ordinary-looking old man in front of him.
It is well known that thirteen eagles.
I don’t know that there is a mysterious Zheng Lao in Thirteen Eagle.